Job:Chapter 23


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約伯傳 Job
1約伯回答說: 1Then Job answered, and said:
2直到今天,我還是痛苦的哀訴,他沉重的手掌,使我不得不呻吟。 2Now also my words are in bitterness, and the hand of my scourge is more grievous than my mourning.
3惟願我知道怎樣能尋到天主,能到達他的寶座前, 3Who will grant me that I might know and find him, and come even to his throne?
4好將我的案情向他陳訴,因為我口中滿了證詞! 4I would set judgment before him, and would fill my mouth with complaints.
5唯願我知道他答覆我的話,明瞭他向我說什麼! 5That I might know the words that he would answer me, and understand what he would say to me.
6他豈能靠強力同我爭辯?決不,他必留神聽我。 6I would not that he should contend with me with much strength, nor overwhelm me with the weight of his greatness.
7如此,他會分辨出同他爭論的是個正直人,也許我可永久不再受裁判! 7Let him propose equity against me, and let my judgment come to victory.
8可是我往東行,他不在那裏;我往西行,也找不到他; 8But if I go to the east, he appeareth not; if to the west, I shall not understand him.
9往北找,也看不見他;往南去,也見不到他。 9If to the left hand, what shall I do? I shall not take hold on him: if I turn myself to the right hand, I shall not see him.
10他洞悉我所有的行動。他若試驗我,我必如純金出現。 10But he knoweth my way, and has tried me as gold that passeth through the fire:
11我的腳緊隨着他的足跡,謹守他的道,總沒有偏離。 11My foot hath followed his steps, I have kept his way, and have not declined from it.
12他所發的命令,我總沒有違背;他口中的訓言,我常保存在心中。 12I have not departed from the commandments of his lips, and the words of his mouth I have hid in my bosom.
13但他所決定的,誰能變更?他所樂意的,必要實行。 13For he is alone, and no man can turn away his thought: and whatsoever is soul hath desired, that hath he done.
14他為我注定的,必要完成;類似的事,還有很多。 14And when he shall have fulfilled his will in me, many other like things are also at hand with him.
15因此,為了他,我很驚慌,一想起來就害怕。 15And therefore I am troubled at his presence, and when I consider him I am made pensive with fear.
16天主使我的心沮喪,全能者使我恐怖。 16God hath softened my heart, and the Almighty hath troubled me.
17因為我雖面臨黑暗,幽暗雖遮蓋我的面,我仍不喪氣。 17For I have not perished because of the darkness that hangs over me, neither hath the mist covered my face.




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