Job:Chapter 16


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約伯傳 Job
1約伯回答說: 1Then Job answered, and said:
2像這樣的話,我聽了許多;你們的安慰反使人煩惱。 2I have often heard such things as these: you are all troublesome comforters.
3這些風涼話何時了?或者有什麼事迫你非說不可? 3Shall windy words have no end? or is it any trouble to thee to speak?
4若是你們處在我的境遇中,我也會說像你們所說的話,也會花言巧語譏笑你們,向你們搖頭。 4I also could speak like you: and would God your soul were for my soul.
5我也會以口舌寬慰你們,搖唇鼓舌來減輕你們的痛苦。 5I would comfort you also with words, and would wag my head over you.
6我若講話,痛苦並不停止;我若閉口不言,難道痛苦就離開我? 6I would strengthen you with my mouth, and would move my lips, as sparing you.
7現今天主的確叫我厭倦,使我每個親人都遠離了我; 7But what shall I do? If I speak, my pain will not rest: and if I hold my peace, it will not depart from me.
8使我憔悴,以指證我;使我消瘦,當面非難我。 8But now my sorrow hath oppressed me, and all my limbs are brought to nothing.
9他在憤怒中撕裂我,窘迫我,向我咬牙切齒;我仇人鋒利的眼睛常盯着我。 9My wrinkles bear witness against me, and a false speaker riseth up against my face, contradicting me.
10他們張開大口想吞噬我,責罵着打我的面頰,一起擁上前來攻擊我。 10He hath gathered together his fury against me, and threatening me he hath gnashed with his teeth upon me: my enemy hath beheld me with terrible eyes.
11天主將我交於不義之人,將我丟在惡人手中。 11They have opened their mouths upon me, and reproaching me they have struck me on the cheek, they are filled with my pains.
12我原來安寧,他卻折磨我,抓住我的脖子,粉碎我,又拿我當作他的箭靶。 12God hath shut me up with the unjust man, and hath delivered me into the hands of the wicked.
13他的箭矢四面射擊我,射穿我的腰,毫不留情,使我的膽傾流於地。 13I that was formerly so wealthy, am all on a sudden broken to pieces: he hath taken me by my neck, he hath broken me, and hath set me up to be his mark.
14他將我撕裂粉碎,有如武士向我跑來。 14He hath compassed me round about with his lances, he hath wounded my loins, he hath not spared, and hath poured out my bowels on the earth.
15我縫麻衣包裏我的皮膚,使我額角插入塵土。 15He hath torn me with wound upon wound, he hath rushed in upon me like a giant.
16我的臉因哭泣發紅,我睫眉間滿是暗影; 16I have sowed sackcloth upon my skin, and have covered my flesh with ashes.
17我的手雖沒有行過殘暴的事,而我的祈禱又往往純正。 17My face is swollen with weeping, and my eyelids are dim.
18地啊!不要掩蓋我的血。願我的呼聲無休息的餘地! 18These things have I suffered without the iniquity of my hand, when I offered pure prayers to God.
19看啊!連現今在天上有我的見證,在高處有我的中保。 19O earth, cover not thou my blood, neither let my cry find a hiding place in thee.
20我的哀號上徹於天,在天主前我的雙目流淚不止。 20For behold my witness is in heaven, and he that knoweth my conscience is on high.
21惟願人與天主之間有一中人,猶如人與人之間一樣! 21My friends are full of words: my eye poureth out tears to God.
22因為我的年數將盡,快要走上那條一去不返的路途。 22And O that a man might so be judged with God, as the son of man is judged with his companion!
23 23For behold short years pass away and I am walking in a path by which I shall not return.




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