Job:Chapter 15


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約伯傳 Job
1特曼人厄里法次又發言說: 1And Eliphaz the Themanite, answered, and said:
2智者豈能以虛言作答?豈能以東風果腹? 2Will a wise man answer as if he were speaking in the wind, and fill his stomach with burning heat?
3豈能以無益的廢話,無濟於事的言詞來辯護? 3Thou reprovest him by words, who is not equal to thee, and thou speakest that which is not good for thee.
4不但如此,而且你還廢除了敬畏天主之情,斷絕了在他面前的默禱。 4As much as is in thee, thou hast made void fear, and hast taken away prayers from before God.
5其實,是你的罪惡教導你說話,叫你的口舌詭辯。 5For thy iniquity hath taught thy mouth, and thou imitatest the tongue of blasphemers.
6定你罪的,是你的口而不是我,是你的口唇作證控告你。 6Thy own mouth shall condemn thee, and not I: and thy own lips shall answer thee.
7你豈是第一個出生的人?在山嶽未有之前,你豈已誕生? 7Art thou the first man that was born, or wast thou made before the hills?
8難道你聽見了天主的秘旨,把持着智慧? 8Hast thou heard God's counsel, and shall his wisdom be inferior to thee?
9有什麼事,只有你知,而我們不知;只有你明瞭,而我們不明瞭? 9What knowest thou that we are ignorant of? what dost thou understand that we know not?
10我們之中也有白頭老人,年紀比你父親還大。 10There are with us also aged and ancient men, much elder than thy fathers.
11天主的安慰,和向你說的溫和的話,你以為還太少嗎? 11Is it a great matter that God should comfort thee? but thy wicked words hinder this.
12你為何讓你的感情控制着你?你的眼為何冒火, 12Why doth thy heart elevate thee, and why dost thou stare with thy eyes, as if they were thinking great things?
13竟向天主發怒,開口說出這樣的話? 13Why doth thy spirit swell against God, to utter such words out of thy mouth?
14人算什麼而敢自稱潔淨,婦女所生的敢自稱正直? 14What is man that he should be without spot, and he that is born of a woman that he should appear just?
15他連自己的聖者,還不信賴;在他眼中,連蒼天也不純潔, 15Behold among his saints none is unchangeable, and the heavens are not pure in his sight.
16何況一個墮落可憎,飲惡如水的人! 16How much more is man abominable, and unprofitable, who drinketh iniquity like water?
17我要告訴你,你且聽我說;我要說明我的經驗, 17I will shew thee, hear me: and I will tell thee what I have seen.
18即賢哲所傳授,和祖先未曾隱瞞的事:─ 18Wise men confess and hide not their fathers.
19這地方原只賜給了他們,尚無一個外方人從他們中間經過。─ 19To whom alone the earth was given, and no stranger hath passed among them.
20惡人一生飽受苦惱,壽數已給暴君限定; 20The wicked man is proud all his days, and the number of the years of his tyranny is uncertain.
21恐怖之聲常在他耳中,平靜時匪徒也來侵擾。 21The sound of dread is always in his ears: and when there is peace, he always suspecteth treason.
22他不相信還能脫離黑暗,只等待遭受刀劍之害, 22He believeth not that he may return from darkness to light, looking round about for the sword on every side.
23注定作為鷹鳥的食物,自知大難業已臨頭。 23When he moveth himself to seek bread, he knoweth that the day of darkness is ready at his hand.
24黑暗的日子使他恐怖,困苦艱難跟隨着他,好像準備廝殺的君王。 24Tribulation shall terrify him, and distress shall surround him, as a king that is prepared for the battle.
25因為他曾伸手反抗過天主,向全能者傲慢逞強過; 25For he hath stretched out his hand against God, and hath strengthened himself against the Almighty.
26以伸直的頸項,以堅厚的盾背攻擊過天主。 26He hath run against him with his neck raised up, and is armed with a fat neck.
27他的臉蓋滿了脂油,他的腰積滿了肥肉。 27Fatness hath covered his face, and the fat hangeth down on his sides.
28他住在荒涼的城內,住在無人居留,行將化為廢墟的屋中。 28He hath dwelt in desolate cities, and in desert houses that are reduced into heaps.
29他不能富有,所有的財富也不能久存,也決不能向地下生根。 29He shall not be enriched, neither shall his substance continue, neither shall he push his root in the earth.
30他脫離不了黑暗,火燄要灼乾他的嫩芽,暴風要吹去他的花朵。 30He shall not depart out of darkness: the flame shall dry up his branches, and he shall be taken away by the breath of his own month.
31別依恃枝椏已長大,應知這都是空虛; 31He shall not believe, being vainly deceived by error, that he may be redeemed with any price.
32未到時日,已經凋謝,枝葉再不發綠。 32Before his days be full he shall perish: and his hands shall wither away.
33有如葡萄未熟即被打下,橄欖開花即被搖落, 33He shall be blasted as a vine when its grapes are in the first flower, and as an olive tree that casteth its flower.
34因為惡人的家室必要絕嗣,火要燒盡受賄者的帳幕。 34For the congregation of the hypocrite is barren, and fire shall devour their tabernacles, who love to take bribes.
35他們所懷的是邪惡,所生的是罪孽;心胸懷念的,無非是欺詐。 35He hath conceived sorrow, and hath brought forth iniquity, and his womb prepareth deceits.




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