Job:Chapter 11


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約伯傳 Job
1納阿瑪人左法爾發言說: 1Then Sophar the Naamathite answered, and said:
2難道喋喋不休,就不需要答覆?難道多嘴多舌的人,就證明有理? 2Shall not he that speaketh much, hear also? or shall a man full of talk be justified?
3你的空談,豈能叫人緘默?你如此謾罵,難道無人使你羞愧? 3Shall men hold their peace to thee only? and when thou hast mocked others, shall no man confute thee?
4你說過:「我的品行是純潔的,我在你眼中是清白的。」 4For thou hast said: My word is pure, and I am clean in thy sight.
5但願天主講話,開口答覆你! 5And I wish that God would speak with thee, and would open his lips to thee,
6將智慧的秘密,─ 即那難以理解的事 ─ 啟示給你,那麼你便知道,天主還忽略了你的一些罪過。 6That he might shew thee the secrets of wisdom, and that his law is manifold, and thou mightest understand that he exacteth much less of thee, than thy iniquity deserveth.
7你豈能探究天主的奧秘,或洞悉全能者的完美? 7Peradventure thou wilt comprehend the steps of God, and wilt find out the Almighty perfectly?
8完美高於諸天,你能作什麼?深於陰府,你能知道什麼? 8He is higher than heaven, and what wilt thou do? he is deeper than hell, and how wilt thou know?
9其量長過大地,闊於海洋。 9The measure of him is longer than the earth, and broader than the sea.
10天主若經過,誰能扣留他?他若下了逮捕令,誰能阻擋他? 10If he shall overturn all things, or shall press them together, who shall contradict him?
11他洞悉人的虛偽,明察人的罪行,且無不注意。 11For he knoweth the vanity of men, and when he seeth iniquity, doth he not consider it?
12如此,愚蠢者纔可獲得智慧,野性驢駒纔能變為馴良。 12A vain man is lifted up into pride, and thinketh himself born free like a wild ass's colt.
13你若居心正直,向他伸開你的雙手; 13Rut thou hast hardened thy heart, and hast spread thy hands to him.
14你若將手中的罪惡除掉,不容不義留在你帳幕內; 14If thou wilt put away from thee the iniquity that is in thy hand, and lot not injustice remain in thy tabernacle:
15那麼你定能仰首無愧,一定站立穩定,一無所懼; 15Then mayst thou lift up thy face without spot, and thou shalt be steadfast, and shalt not fear.
16你必能忘卻痛苦,縱然想起,也必似水流去; 16Thou shalt also forget misery, and remember it only as waters that are passed away.
17你的壽命如日中之光華,縱有陰暗,仍如晨曦。 17And brightness like that of the noonday, shall arise to thee at evening: and when thou shalt think thyself consumed, thou shalt rise as the day star.
18因有希望,你纔感覺安全;因有保護,你纔坦然躺臥; 18And thou shalt have confidence, hope being set before thee, and being buried thou shalt sleep secure.
19你躺臥,無人敢來擾亂你,反而有多人來奉承你。 19Thou shalt rest, and there shall be none to make thee afraid: and many shall entreat thy face.
20然而惡人的眼必要昏花,他們安身之所必全毀壞,他們的希望只在吐出最後的一口氣。 20But the eyes of the wicked shall decay, and the way to escape shall fail them, and their hope the abomination of the soul.




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