Jeremiah:Chapter 20


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耶肋米亞 Jeremiah
1依默爾的兒子帕市胡爾司祭,上主殿宇的總監督,聽見了耶肋米亞預言這些事, 1Now Phassur the son of Emmur, the priest, who was appointed chief in the house of the Lord, heard Jeremias prophesying these words.
2帕市胡爾便打了耶肋米亞先知,給他加上腳鐐,把他囚在上主殿內本雅明上門的監牢裏。 2And Phassur struck Jeremias the prophet, and put him in the stocks, that were in the upper gate of Benjamin, in the house of the Lord.
3次日,帕市胡爾給耶肋米亞去了腳鐐;耶肋米亞便對他說:「上主不再稱你為「帕市胡爾,」卻稱你為「驚慌四起。」 3And when it was light the next day, Phassur brought Jeremias out of the stocks. And Jeremias said to him: The Lord hath not called thy name Phassur, but fear on every side.
4因為上主這樣說:看,我必使你和你的一切友人遭受驚慌;他們必倒在敵人的刀下,而且你要親眼看見這事;我要將全猶大人交在巴比倫王的手中,他要將他們擄到巴比倫去,用刀擊殺。 4For thus saith the Lord: Behold I will deliver thee up to fear, thee and all thy friends: and they shall fall by the sword of their enemies, and thy eyes shall see it, and I will give all Juda into the hand of the king of Babylon: and he shall strike them with the sword.
5這城的一切財物,一切積蓄,一切珍寶,以及猶大列王的一切寶藏,我都要交在他們敵人的手中,讓他們搶劫掠奪,運到巴比倫去。 5And I will give all the substance of this city, and all its labour, and every precious thing thereof, and all the treasures of the kings of Juda will I give into the hands of their enemies: and they shall pillage them, and take them away, and carry them to Babylon.
6至於你,帕市胡爾!以及凡住在你家中的人,都要被擄去充軍;你和你向他們講假預言的一切友人,都要到巴比倫去,死在那裏,埋在那裏。」 6But thou, Phassur, and all that dwell in thy house, shall go into captivity, and thou shalt go to Babylon, and there thou shalt die, and there thou shalt be buried, thou and all thy friends, to whom thou hast prophesied a lie.
7上主,你引誘了我,我讓我自己受了你的引誘;你確實比我強,你戰勝了。我終日成為笑柄,人都嘲笑我。 7Thou hast deceived me, O Lord, and I am deceived: thou hast been stronger than I, and thou hast prevailed. I am become a laughing-stock all the day, all scoff at me.
8因為我每次發言,必得叫喊,必得高呼:「暴虐!破壞!」實在,上主的話,為我日日成為受侮辱和譏笑的因由。 8For I am speaking now this long time, crying out against iniquity, and I often proclaim devastation: and the word of the Lord is made a reproach to me, and a derision all the day.
9假使我說:我不再想念他,不再以他的名發言;在我心中就像有火在焚燒,蘊藏在我的骨髓內;我竭力抑制,亦不可能。 9Then I said: I will not make mention of him, nor speak any more in his name: and there came in my heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was wearied, not being able to bear it.
10實在,我聽到了多少人私相耳語:「驚慌四起!你們揭發,我們就必對他提出控訴。」甚至我一切的友好都在偵察我的破綻:「也許他會入彀,那我們必能制勝他,對他施行報復。」 10For I heard the reproaches of many, and terror on every side: Persecute him, and let us persecute him: from all the men that were my familiars, and continued at my side: if by any means he may be deceived, and we may prevail against him, and be revenged on him.
11但是,與我同在的上主,好像是一位孔武有力的戰士,為此迫害我的人只有失敗,決不能制勝;由於謀事不成,必蒙受極大的恥辱,永不可磨滅的羞辱。 11But the Lord is with me as a strong warrior: therefore they that persecute me shall fall, and shall be weak: they shall be greatly confounded, because they have not understood the everlasting reproach, which never shall be effaced.
12噫萬軍的上主!你考驗義人,洞察人的肝膽肺腑;我既給你訴說了我的案情,願你使我見到你對他們的報復。 12And thou, O Lord of hosts, prover of the just, who seest the reins and the heart: let me see, I beseech thee, thy vengeance on them: for to thee I have laid open my cause.
13你們應歌頌上主,讚揚上主,因為他從惡人的手中,救出了窮苦人的性命。 13Sing ye to the Lord, praise the Lord: because he hath delivered the soul of the poor out of the hand of the wicked.
14願我誕生的那一天,是可咒罵的;願我母親生我的那一天,不蒙受祝福! 14Cursed be the day wherein I was borne: let not the day in which my mother bore me, be blessed.
15願那給我父親報信說:「給你生了一個男孩,」叫他異常高興的人,是可詛咒的! 15Cursed be the man that brought the tidings to my father, saying: A man child is born to thee: and made him greatly rejoice.
16願這人像上主不顧惜消滅的城市:早晨聽到哀號,正午聽到警報; 16Let that man be as the cities that the Lord hath overthrown, and hath not repented: let him hear a cry in the morning, and howling at noontide:
17因為他沒有叫我死在母胎,使我的母親成為我的墳墓,叫她永遠不分娩生我! 17Who slew me not from the womb, that my mother might have been my grave, and her womb an everlasting conception.
18為什麼我要從母胎裏出來,眼見辛酸痛苦,在羞辱中消磨我的歲月? 18Why came I out of the womb, to see labour and sorrow, and that my days should be spent in confusion?




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