Isaiah:Chapter 16


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依撒意亞 Isaiah
1那地的主宰從曠野的磐石,應傳達一言,至熙雍女兒的山嶺! 1Send forth, O Lord, the lamb, the ruler of the earth, from Petra of the desert, to the mount of the daughter of Sion.
2當時摩阿布女兒在阿爾農渡口,猶如逃遁的小鳥,傾巢的幼雛。 2And it shall come to pass, that as a bird fleeing away, and as young ones flying out of the nest, so shall the daughters of Moab be in the passage of Arnon.
3「請給我們出個主意,快下決斷!使你的蔭影在日中有如黑夜,遮蔽被驅逐的人,不要暴露出逃的人! 3Take counsel, gather a council: make thy shadow as the night in the midday: hide them that flee, and betray not them that wander about.
4讓被驅逐的摩阿布人僑居在你處,做他們的藏身地,以逃避劫掠者的面。」當壓迫終止,劫掠停止,蹂躪大地的人消滅時, 4My fugitives shall dwell with thee: O Moab, be thou a covert to them from the face of the destroyer: for the dust is at an end, the wretch is consumed: he hath failed, that trod the earth under foot.
5必有一個寶座建立在慈惠中,在達味的帳幕內,必有一位尋求公義,急行正義的判官,憑真實坐於寶座之上。 5And a throne shall be prepared in mercy, and one shall sit upon it in truth in the tabernacle of David, judging and seeking judgment and quickly rendering that which is just.
6我們曾聽到摩阿布的驕傲,極其傲慢;聽到她的驕矜,她的傲慢,她的自負,她狂妄的矜誇。 6We have heard of the pride of Moab, he is exceeding proud: his pride and his arrogancy, and his indignation is more than his strength.
7為此,摩阿布必將哀哭,人人都要為摩阿布哀哭:為克爾哈勒色特的葡萄乾餅,人人只有傷心歎息! 7Therefore shall Moab howl to Moab, every one shall howl: to them that rejoice upon the brick walls, tell ye their stripes.
8因為赫市朋的田園已零落,息貝瑪的葡萄已凋謝!枝蔓為列國的君王所斬斷;那些枝蔓曾蔓延到雅則爾,漫遊至曠野;那些枝條曾向外伸展,越過了海洋! 8For the suburbs of Hesebon are desolate, and the lords of the nations have destroyed the vineyard of Sabama: the branches thereof have reached even to Jazer: they have wandered in the wilderness, the branches thereof are left, they are gone over the sea.
9為此我要參與雅則爾的痛哭,來痛哭息貝瑪的葡萄;赫市朋啊!厄肋阿肋啊!我要用我的眼淚來灌溉你!因為在你夏收和秋收時,戰爭的呼聲驟然降臨! 9Therefore I will lament with the weeping of Jazer the vineyard of Sabama: I will water thee with my tears, O Hesebon, and Eleale: for the voice of the treaders hath rushed in upon thy vintage, and upon thy harvest.
10田園中的喜樂與歡欣已歛跡,葡萄園中再也沒有歌聲與歡呼;搾酒的人不再在搾酒池上搾酒,歡呼的歌聲已斷絕! 10And gladness and joy shall be taken away from Carmel, and there shall be no rejoicing nor shouting in the vineyards. He shall not tread out wine in the press that was wont to tread it out: the voice of the treaders I have taken away.
11為此,我的肝腸為摩阿布哀鳴,有如琴瑟;我的五內為克爾哈勒斯嗚咽,有如蕭笙。 11Wherefore my bowels shall sound like a harp for Moab, and my inward parts for the brick wall.
12摩阿布在高丘上縱然現得疲勞,縱然到廟宇裏去祈禱,盡屬枉然! 12And it shall come to pass, when it is seen that Moab is wearied on his high places, that he shall go in to his sanctuaries to pray, and shall not prevail.
13這是上主以前反對摩阿布所說的話。 13This is the word, that the Lord spoke to Moab from that time:
14但是現在,上主聲明說:「照僱工的年限計,三年之內,摩阿布的光榮將變為羞辱;縱然她的人數眾多,剩下來的甚是稀少,毫無勢力」。 14And now the Lord hath spoken, saying: In three years, as the years of a hireling, the glory of Moab shall be taken away for all the multitude of the people, and it shall be left small and feeble, not many.




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