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創世紀 Genesis
1雅各伯舉目,看見厄撒烏帶了四百人前來,遂將孩子分別交與肋阿、辣黑耳和兩個婢女; 1And Jacob lifting up his eyes, saw Esau coming, and with him four hundred men: and he divided the children of Lia, and of Rachel, and of the two handmaids:
2將兩個婢女和她們的孩子放在最前面,其次是肋阿和她的孩子,最後是辣黑耳和若瑟。 2And he put both the handmaids and their children foremost: and Lia and her children in the second place: and Rachel and Joseph last.
3他自己走在他們前面,七次伏地叩拜,直到來到哥哥前。 3And he went forward and bowed down with his face to the ground seven times until his brother came near.
4厄撒烏卻向他跑來,抱住他,撲在他頸上吻他,兩人都哭了。 4Then Esau ran to meet his brother, and embraced him: and clasping him fast about the neck, and kissing him, wept.
5厄撒烏舉目,看見女人和孩子,遂問說:「這些人是你的什麼人?」雅各伯答說:「是天主恩賜給你僕人的孩子。」 5And lifting up his eyes, he saw the women and their children, and said: What mean these? And do they belong to thee? He answered: They are the children which God hath given to me thy servant.
6於是婢女和她們的孩子前來叩拜了。 6Then the handmaids and their children came near, and bowed themselves.
7肋阿和她的孩子也前來叩拜了,最後若瑟和辣黑耳才近前來叩拜。 7Lia also with her children came near, and bowed down in like manner, and last of all Joseph and Rachel bowed down.
8厄撒烏又問說:「我所見的這一大隊,有什麼意思?」雅各伯答說:「這是蒙我主悅納的。」 8And Esau said: What are the droves that I met? He answered: That I might find favour before my lord.
9厄撒烏說:「我的兄弟,我已夠富足了;你的,你留下罷!」 9But he said: I have plenty, my brother, keep what is thine for thyself.
10雅各伯說:「請不要這樣!我若真蒙你悅納,請你收下我手中的禮物;因為我見了你的面,就如見了天主的面;你實在仁厚接待了我。 10And Jacob said: Do not so I beseech thee, but if I have found favour in thy eyes, receive a little present at my hands: for I have seen thy face, as if I should have seen the countenance of God: be gracious to me,
11請你收下我獻給你的禮品;因為天主厚待了我,我什麼都有了。」由於雅各伯極力懇請,他才收下了。 11And take the blessing, which I have brought thee, and which God hath given me, who giveth all things. He took it with much ado at his brother's earnest pressing him,
12厄撒烏說:「我們起程前行,我願與你同行。」 12And said: Let us go on together, and I will accompany thee in thy journey.
13雅各伯對他說:「我主知道,孩子尚幼小,我還要照顧尚在哺乳的牛羊,若一天只顧催趕,全群牲畜都要死盡。 13And Jacob said: My lord, thou knowest that I have with me tender children, and sheep, and kine with young: which if I should cause to be overdriven, in one day all the flocks will die.
14還是請我主在你僕人前先行;我要照我前面的牲畜和孩子們的腳步,慢慢前行;直至達到色依爾我主那裏。」 14May it please my lord to go before his servant: and I will follow softly after him, as I shall see my children to be able, until I come to my lord in Seir.
15厄撒烏說:「讓我留下幾個跟我的人陪着你。」雅各伯說:「只要我能蒙我主悅納,又何必如此!」 15Esau answered: I beseech thee, that some of the people at least, who are with me, may stay to accompany thee in the way. And he said: There is no necessity: I want nothing else but only to find favour, my lord, in thy sight.
16厄撒烏就在當天回了色依爾。 16So Esau returned, that day, the way that he came, to Seir.
17雅各伯卻動身往穌苛特去了,在那裏為自己蓋了一座房屋,為牲畜搭了些棚子;為此給那地起名叫「穌苛特」。 17And Jacob came to Socoth: where having built a house, and pitched tents, he called the name of the place Socoth, that is, Tents.
18雅各伯由帕丹阿蘭回來,平安來到客納罕地的舍根城,在城的對面支搭了帳幕。 18And he passed over to Salem, a city of the Sichemites, which is in the land of Chanaan, after he returned from Mesopotamia of Syria: and he dwelt by the town:
19他支搭帳幕的那塊地,是由舍根的父親哈摩爾的兒子們手裏,用一百塊銀錢買來的。 19And he bought that part of the field, in which he pitched his tents, of the children of Hemor, the father of Sichem for a hundred lambs.
20雅各伯在那裏建立了一座祭壇,稱它為:「大能者以色列的天主」。 20And raising an altar there, he invoked upon it the most mighty God of Israel.




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