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創世紀 Genesis
1辣黑耳見自己沒有給雅各伯生子,就嫉妒姐姐,對雅各伯說:「你要給我孩子;不然,我就死啦!」 1And Rachel, seeing herself without children, envied her sister, and said to her husband: Give me children, otherwise I shall die.
2雅各伯對辣黑耳生氣說:「不肯使你懷孕的是天主,難道我能替他作主?」 2And Jacob being angry with her, answered: Am I as God, who hath deprived thee of the fruit of thy womb?
3辣黑耳回答說:「這裏有我的婢女彼耳哈,你親近她,叫她在我膝下生子,使我能由她得子。」 3But she said: I have here my servant Bala: go in unto her, that she may bear upon my knees, and I may have children by her.
4辣黑耳就將自己的婢女彼耳哈給了雅各伯作妾;雅各伯親近了她, 4And she gave him Bala in marriage: who,
5她遂懷孕,給雅各伯生了一子。 5When her husband had gone in unto her, conceived and bore a son.
6辣黑耳就說:「天主對我公道,俯聽了我的哀聲,給了我一子。」為此給他起名叫丹。 6And Rachel said: The Lord hath judged for me, and hath heard my voice, giving me a son, and therefore she called his name Dan.
7辣黑耳的婢女彼耳哈又懷孕,給雅各伯生了第二個兒子。 7And again Bala conceived and bore another,
8辣黑耳就說:「我以天大的力量與我姐姐相爭,得到勝利了。」便給他起名叫納斐塔里。 8For whom Rachel said: God hath compared me with my sister, and I have prevailed: and she called him Nephtali.
9肋阿見自己停止生育,也將自己的婢女齊耳帕給了雅各伯作妾。 9Lia, perceiving that she had left off bearing, gave Zelpha her handmaid to her husband.
10肋阿的婢女齊耳帕給雅各伯生了一子。 10And when she had conceived and brought forth a son,
11肋阿遂說:「好幸運!」就給他起名叫加得。 11She said: Happily. And therefore called his name Gad.
12肋阿的婢女齊耳帕給雅各伯又生了第二個兒子。 12Zelpha also bore another.
13肋阿遂說:「我真有福!女人都要以為我有福。」就給他起名叫阿協爾。 13And Lia said: This is for my happiness: for women will call me blessed. Therefore she called him Aser.
14到了割麥的時節,勒烏本出去,在田間尋得了一些曼陀羅,帶回來給了他母親肋阿。辣黑耳對肋阿說:「請你將你兒子得的曼陀羅給我一些。」 14And Ruben, going out in the time of the wheat harvest into the field, found mandrakes: which he brought to his mother Lia. And Rachel said: Give me part of thy son's mandrakes.
15肋阿回答說:「你奪去了我的丈夫還不夠;你還想奪去我兒的曼陀羅麼?」辣黑耳說:「好罷!今夜就讓他與你同睡,為交換你兒子的曼陀羅。」 15She answered: Dost thou think it a small matter, that thou hast taken my husband from me, unless thou take also my son's mandrakes? Rachel said: He shall sleep with thee this night, for thy son's mandrakes.
16到了晚上,雅各伯由田間回來,肋阿就跑出去迎接他說:「你該來我這裏,因為我用我兒子的曼陀羅雇了你。」那夜雅各伯便與她同睡。 16And when Jacob returned at even from the field, Lia went out to meet him, and said: Thou shalt come in unto me, because I have hired thee for my son's mandrakes. And he slept with her that night.
17天主俯允了肋阿,她又懷孕,給雅各伯生了第五個兒子。 17And God heard her prayers: and she conceived and bore the fifth son,
18肋阿說:「天主給了我報酬,因為我將我的婢女給了我的丈夫。」便給他起名叫依撒加爾。 18And said: God hath given me a reward, because I gave my handmaid to my husband. And she called his name Issachar.
19肋阿又懷孕,給雅各伯生了第六個兒子。 19And Lia conceived again, and bore the sixth son,
20肋阿說:「天主給了我一個很好的禮物;這一回我的丈夫要與我同居了,因為我給他生了六個兒子。」便給他起名叫則步隆。 20And said: God hath endowed me with a good dowry: this turn also my husband will be with me, because I have borne him six sons: and therefore she called his name Zabulon.
21後來她生了一個女兒,給她起名叫狄納。 21After whom she bore a daughter, named Dina.
22天主想起了辣黑耳,垂允了她,開了她的子宮, 22The Lord also remembering Rachel, heard her, and opened her womb.
23她遂懷孕,生了一個兒子,說:「天主拭去了我的恥辱。」 23And she conceived, and bore a son, saying: God hath taken away my reproach.
24她給他起名叫若瑟說:「願上主再給我添子。」 24And she called his name Joseph, saying: The Lord give me also another son.
25辣黑耳生了若瑟以後,雅各伯對拉班說:「請讓我回到我的本鄉故土! 25And when Joseph was born, Jacob said to his father in law: Send me away that I may return into my country, and to my land.
26請你將我服事你所得的妻子兒女交給我,讓我回去;你知道我怎樣服事了你。」 26Give me my wives, and my children, for whom I have served thee, that I may depart: thou knowest the service that I have rendered thee.
27拉班對他說:「如果我在你眼中得寵,請你住下;我覺察出,上主祝福我,是為了你的原故。」 27Laban said to him: Let me find favour in thy sight: I have learned by experience, that God hath blessed me for thy sake.
28繼而說:「請規定你的工價,我必付給你。」 28Appoint thy wages which I shall give thee.
29雅各伯對他說:「你知道,我是怎樣服事了你;你的牲畜跟着我是怎樣的情形。 29But he answered: Thou knowest how I have served thee, and how great thy possession hath been in my hands.
30我未來之前,你所有的是那麼少,現在增加了那麼多;我一來,上主就祝福了你。但是,我幾時也能為我興家立業呢?」 30Thou hadst but little before I came to thee, and now thou art become rich: and the Lord hath blessed thee at my coming. It is reasonable therefore that I should now provide also for my own house.
31拉班問說:「我該給你什麼?」雅各伯答說:「你什麼也不必給我,只要你應承我這件事,我就仍牧放照顧你的羊群: 31And Laban said: What shall I give thee? But he said: I require nothing: but if thou wilt do what I demand, I will feed, and keep thy sheep again.
32你今天走遍你的羊群,將其中凡有斑點或黑點的,即綿羊群中有黑色的,山羊群中有黑點或斑點的,都挑出來,當作我的工價。 32Go round through all thy flocks, and separate all the sheep of divers colours, and speckled: and all that is brown and spotted, and of divers colours, as well among the sheep, as among the goats, shall be my wages.
33後來任何一天,你來察看我的工價時,我好對你證明我的公正。山羊中凡是沒有斑點或黑點的,綿羊中凡是不黑的,都算是偷來的。」 33And my justice shall answer for me tomorrow before thee when the time of the bargain shall come: and all that is not of divers colours, and spotted, and brown, as well among the sheep as among the goats, shall accuse me of theft.
34拉班回答說:「好,就照你的話辦罷!」 34And Laban said: I like well what thou demandest.
35當天拉班就將有條紋有斑點的公山羊,凡有白紋,或斑點和黑點的母山羊,並黑色的綿羊都挑出來,交在自己兒子們手中; 35And he separated the same day the she goats, and the sheep, and the he goats, and the rams of divers colours, and spotted: and all the flock of one colour, that is, of white and black fleece, he delivered into the hands of his sons.
36又使雅各伯與自己相距三日的路程。雅各伯便牧放拉班其餘的羊群。 36And he set the space of three days' journey betwixt himself and his son in law, who fed the rest of his flock.
37雅各伯拿了楊樹、杏樹和楓樹的嫩枝,將皮剝成一條一條的白紋,使樹枝的光白露出; 37And Jacob took green rods of poplar, and of almond, and of plane trees, and pilled them in part: so when the bark was taken off, in the parts that were pilled, there appeared whiteness: but the parts that were whole remained green: and by this means the colour was divers.
38然後將剝去皮的枝條,插在水溝和水漕裏,羊群前來喝水時,正與羊群相對。羊群前來喝水時,就彼此相配。 38And he put them in the troughs, where the water was poured out: that when the flocks should come to drink, they might have the rods before their eyes, and in the sight of them might conceive.
39羊群對着枝條相配,就生出了有條紋,有斑點和黑點的小羊。 39And it came to pass that in the very heat of coition, the sheep beheld the rods, and brought forth spotted, and of divers colours, and speckled.
40雅各伯將這些羔羊分開,將這些羊放在拉班羊群中有條紋和有黑點的羊前;這樣他為自己另組羊群,不將牠們放在拉班的羊群中。 40And Jacob separated the flock, and put the rods in the troughs before the eyes of the rams: and all the white and the black were Laban's: and the rest were Jacob's, when the flocks were separated one from the other.
41到了肥壯的羊要配合時,雅各伯就將枝條插在水溝裏,對着羊群的眼,使羊對着枝條彼此相配。 41So when the ewes went first to ram, Jacob put the rods in the troughs of water before the eyes of the rams, and of the ewes, that they might conceive while they were looking upon them:
42當羊群瘦弱時,他就不插枝條:這樣,瘦弱的都歸拉班,肥壯的都歸雅各伯。 42But when the latter coming was, and the last conceiving, he did not put them. And those that were lateward, became Laban's: and they of the first time, Jacob's.
43為此這人越來越富,擁有許多羊群,婢女和奴僕,駱駝和驢子。 43And the man was enriched exceedingly, and he had many flocks, maid servants and men servants, camels and asses.




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