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創世紀 Genesis
1亞巴郎年紀已老,上主在一切事上常祝福他。 1Now Abraham was old; and advanced in age: and the Lord had blessed him in all things.
2亞巴郎對管理他所有家產的老僕人說:「請你將手放在我的胯下, 2And he said to the elder servant of his house, who was ruler over all he had: Put thy hand under my thigh,
3要你指着上主、天地的天主起誓:你決不要為我的兒子,由我現住的客納罕人中,娶一個女子為妻; 3That I may make thee swear by the Lord the God of heaven and earth, that thou take not a wife for my son, of the daughters of the Chanaanites, among whom I dwell:
4卻要到我的故鄉,我的親族中去,為我的兒子依撒格娶妻。」 4But that thou go to my own country and kindred, and take a wife from thence for my son Isaac.
5僕人對他說:「假使那女子不願跟我到此地來,我能否帶你的兒子回到你的本鄉?」 5The servant answered: If the woman will not come with me into this land, must I bring thy son back again to the place, from whence thou camest out?
6亞巴郎答覆他說:「你切不可帶我的兒子回到那裏去。 6And Abraham said: Beware thou never bring my son back again thither.
7那引我出離父家和我生身地,同我談過話,對我起誓說「我必將這地賜給你後裔」的上主,上天的天主,必派遣自己的使者作你的前導,領你由那裏給我兒子娶個妻子。 7The Lord God of heaven, who took me out of my father's house, and out of my native country, who spoke to me, and swore to me, saying: To thy seed will I give this land: he will send his angel before thee, and thou shalt take from thence a wife for my son.
8設若那女子不願跟你來,你對我起的誓,就與你無涉;無論如何,你不能帶我的兒子回到那裏去。」 8But if the woman will not follow thee, thou shalt not be bound by the oath; only bring not my son back thither again.
9僕人遂將手放在主人亞巴郎的胯下,為這事向他起了誓。 9The servant therefore put his hand under the thigh of Abraham his lord, and swore to him upon this word.
10僕人就由他主人的駱駝中,牽了十匹駱駝,帶着主人的各樣寶物,起身往美索不達米亞的納曷爾城去了。 10And he took ten camels of his master's herd, and departed, carrying something of all his goods with him, and he set forward and went on to Mesopotamia to the city of Nachor.
11傍晚,女人們出來打水的時候,他叫駱駝臥在城外的水井旁, 11And when he had made the camels lie down without the town near a well of water in the evening, at the time when women are wont to come out to draw water, he said:
12然後說:「上主、我主人亞巴郎的天主!求你對我主人亞巴郎施行仁慈,今日使我幸運。 12O Lord the God of my master Abraham, meet me today, I beseech thee, and shew kindness to my master Abraham.
13看我站在水泉旁,此時城中的女子正出來打水。 13Behold I stand nigh the spring of water, and the daughters of the inhabitants of this city will come out to draw water.
14我對那個少女說:請你放下水罐,讓我喝點水。如果她答說:請喝!並且我還要打水給你的駱駝喝,她即是你為你的僕人依撒格預定的少女;由此我知道,你對我主人施行了仁慈。」 14Now, therefore, the maid to whom I shall say: Let down thy pitcher that I may drink: and she shall answer, Drink, and I will give thy camels drink also: let it be the same whom thou hast provided for thy servant Isaac: and by this I shall understand, that thou hast shewn kindness to my master.
15話還沒有說完,黎貝加就肩着水罐出來了。她是亞巴郎的兄弟納曷爾的妻子米耳加的兒子貝突耳的女兒。 15He had not yet ended these words within himself, and behold Rebecca came out, the daughter of Bathuel, son of Melcha, wife to Nachor the brother of Abraham, having a pitcher on her shoulder:
16這少女容貌很美,是個還沒有人認識的處女。她下到水泉,灌滿了水罐,就上來了。 16An exceeding comely maid, and a most beautiful virgin, and not known to man: and she went down to the spring, and filled her pitcher and was coming back.
17僕人就跑上前去迎着她說:「請讓我喝點你水罐裏的水,好嗎!」 17And the servant ran to meet her, and said: Give me a little water to drink of thy pitcher.
18她回答說:「先生!請喝!」她急忙將水罐放低,托在手上讓他喝。 18And she answered: Drink, my lord. And quickly she let down the pitcher upon her arm, and gave him drink.
19他喝足了以後,少女說:「我再為你的駱駝打水,叫牠們也喝足。」 19And when he had drunk, she said: I will draw water for thy camels also, till they all drink.
20遂急忙將罐裏的水倒在槽裏,再跑到那井裏去打水,打水給他的駱駝喝。 20And pouring out the pitcher into the troughs, she ran back to the well to draw water: and having drawn she gave to all the camels.
21僕人在旁靜靜地注視她,急願知道,是否上主已使他此行成功。 21But he musing beheld her with silence, desirous to know whether the Lord had made his journey prosperous or not.
22駱駝喝完了水以後,老人就拿出一個半「協刻耳」重的金鼻環,和一對重十「協刻耳」的金手鐲,給她戴上, 22And after that the camels had drunk, the man took out golden earrings, weighing two sicles: and as many bracelets of ten sicles weight.
23然後說:「請你告訴我你是誰的女兒?你父親家裏,有沒有地方可讓我們過宿?」 23And he said to her: Whose daughter art thou? tell me: is there any place in thy father's house to lodge?
24她回答說:「我是米耳加給納曷爾所生之子貝突耳的女兒。」 24And she answered: I am the daughter of Bathuel, the son of Melcha, whom she bore to Nachor.
25她又繼續說:「我們家裏有很多草料和飼糧,而且還有地方可供過宿。」 25And she said moreover to him: We have good store of both straw and hay, and a large place to lodge in.
26老人就俯身朝拜了上主,說: 26The man bowed himself down, and adored the Lord,
27「上主,我主人亞巴郎的天主應受讚美!因為他不斷以仁慈和忠信善待了我的主人。上主也一路引我來到了我主人的老家。」 27Saying: Blessed be the Lord God of my master Abraham, who hath not taken away his mercy and truth from my master, and hath brought me the straight way into the house of my master's brother.
28那少女跑回去,將這一切事告訴了她母親家中的人。 28Then the maid ran, and told in her mother's house, all that she had heard.
29,30黎貝加有個哥哥名叫拉班,他一看見他妹妹鼻上的金環,和手腕上的金鐲,聽見他妹妹黎貝加說:「那人如此如此對我說。」拉班就跑去見那在郊外水泉旁的人,迨他來到那人那裏,見他仍站在靠近水泉的駱駝旁, 29And Rebecca had a brother named Laban, who went out in haste to the man, to the well.
31就對他說:「你這受上主祝福的人,請來!我已預備好了房屋和餵駱駝的地方;你為什麼還站在郊外?」 30And when he had seen the earrings and bracelets in his sister's hands, and had heard all that she related, saying: Thus and thus the man spoke to me: he came to the man who stood by the camels, and near to the spring of water,
32拉班便將那人領進家去,卸了駱駝,餵上草料和飼糧;又拿水給他和與他同來的人洗腳, 31And said to him: Come in, thou blessed of the Lord: why standest thou without? I have prepared the house, and a place for the camels.
33然後在他面前擺上飯,但僕人卻說:「在我未說明我的來意之前,我不吃飯。」拉班說:「你說罷!」 32And he brought him in into his lodging: and he unharnessed the camels and gave straw and hay, and water to wash his feet, and the feet of the men that were come with him.
34他說:「我是亞巴郎的僕人, 33And bread was set before him. But he said: I will not eat, till I tell my message. He answered him: Speak.
35上主厚厚地祝福了我的主人,使他十分富有,賜了他羊群、牛群、金銀、僕婢、駱駝和驢子。 34And he said: I am the servant of Abraham:
36我主人的妻子撒辣,在老年給我主人生了一個兒子,主人遂將所有的財產都給了他。 35And the Lord hath blessed my master wonderfully, and he is become great: and he hath given him sheep and oxen, silver and gold, men servants and women servants, camels and asses.
37我主人叫我起誓說:你決不要給我的兒子,由我現居地的客納罕人中,娶一個女子為妻。 36And Sara my master's wife hath borne my master a son in her old age, and he hath given him all that he had.
38你該到我的父家和我的同族中,為我兒子娶妻。 37And my master made me swear, saying: Thou shalt not take a wife for my son of the Chanaanites, in whose land I dwell:
39我對我主人說:假使女兒不願跟我來怎麼辦? 38But thou shalt go to my father's house, and shalt take a wife of my own kindred for my son:
40他回答我說:我一向在上主面前行走,他必派遣自己的使者與你同行,使你此行必成功,能由我的同族,我的父家,為我兒子娶妻。 39But I answered my master: What if the woman will not come with me?
41只要你去了我同族那裏,你就履行了對我起的誓;若是他們不給你,你對我起的誓,就與你無涉。 40The Lord, said he, in whose sight I walk, will send his angel with thee, and will direct thy way: and thou shalt take a wife for my son of my own kindred, and of my father's house.
42今天我到了水泉那裏就說:上主,我主人亞巴郎的天主!惟願你使我此行成功。 41But thou shalt be clear from my curse, when thou shalt come to my kindred, if they will not give thee one.
43看我現在站在泉旁,我對那個出來打水的少女說:請你讓我喝點你水罐裏的水罷! 42And I came today to the well of water, and said: O Lord God of my master Abraham, if thou hast prospered my way, wherein I now walk,
44如果她對我說:請喝,並且我還要打水給你的駱駝喝,她即是上主為我主人的兒子預定的妻子。 43Behold I stand by the well of water, and the virgin, that shall come out to draw water, who shall hear me say: Give me a little water to drink of thy pitcher:
45我心裏尚未說完這話,看,黎貝加肩着水罐來了,下到水泉那裏打水,我就對她說:請給我一點水喝! 44And shall say to me: Both drink thou, and I will also draw for thy camels: let the same be the woman, whom the Lord hath prepared for my master's son.
46她急忙從肩上放下水罐說:你喝,並且我還要打水給你的駱駝喝。我喝了,同時她也給了駱駝水喝。 45And whilst I pondered these things secretly with myself, Rebecca appeared coming with a pitcher, which she carried on her shoulder: and she went down to the well and drew water. And I said to her: Give me a little to drink.
47我於是問她說:你是誰的女兒?她答說:我是米耳加給納曷爾生的兒子貝突耳的女兒。我就將鼻環戴在她鼻上,將手鐲帶在她手腕上。 46And she speedily let down the pitcher from her shoulder, and said to me: Both drink thou, and to thy camels I will give drink. I drank, and she watered the camels.
48然後我俯身朝拜了上主,讚頌了上主、我主人亞巴郎的天主,因為他引我走了正路,為我主人的兒子娶了我主人兄弟的孫女。 47And I asked her, and said: Whose daughter art thou? And she answered: I am the daughter of Bathuel, the son of Nachor, whom Melcha bore to him. So I put earrings on her to adorn her face, and I put bracelets on her hands.
49現在,如果你們願意以仁慈和忠信善待我主人,請告訴我;如果不肯,也請告訴我;我好決定行事。」 48And falling down I adored the Lord, blessing the Lord God of my master Abraham, who hath brought me the straight way to take the daughter of my master's brother for his son.
50拉班和貝突耳答說:「這件事既是出於上主,我們不能對你說好說壞。 49Wherefore if you do according to mercy and truth with my master, tell me: but if it please you otherwise, tell me that also, that I may go to the right hand, or to the left.
51看黎貝加在你面前,你可帶她去做你主人兒子的妻子,如上主所說的。」 50And Laban and Bathuel answered: The word hath proceeded from the Lord, we cannot speak any other thing to thee but his pleasure.
52亞巴郎的僕人一聽見他們說出這話,就俯伏在地朝拜了上主; 51Behold Rebecca is before thee, take her and go thy way, and let her be the wife of thy master's son, as the Lord hath spoken.
53然後拿出金銀的珍飾和衣服來,送給了黎貝加,又送給了她的哥哥和她的母親一些寶貴禮品。 52Which when Abraham's servant heard, falling down to the ground he adored the Lord.
54這以後,他和同他前來的人才吃喝,並住了一宿。清早起來,他就說:「請讓我回到我主人那裏去!」 53And bringing forth vessels of silver and gold, and garments, he gave them to Rebecca for a present. He offered gifts also to her brothers, and to her mother.
55黎貝加的哥哥和母親說:「讓少女同我們再住上幾天或十天,然後走罷!」 54And a banquet was made, and they ate and drank together, and lodged there. And in the morning, the servant arose, and said: Let me depart, that I may go to my master.
56他回答他們說:「你們不要挽留我,上主既使我此行成功,請你們讓我走,回到我主人那裏去。」 55And her brother and mother answered: Let the maid stay at least ten days with us, and afterwards she shall depart.
57他們說:「我們可叫少女來,問問她的意思。」 56Stay me not, said he, because the Lord hath prospered my way: send me away, that I may go to my master.
58他們就將黎貝加叫來問她說:「你願意跟這人去嗎?」她答說:「願意。」 57And they said: Let us call the maid, and ask her will.
59於是他們打發自己的姊妹黎貝加和她的乳母,同亞巴郎的僕人和與他同來的人一起走了。 58And they called her, and when she was come, they asked: Wilt thou go with this man? She said: I will go.
60他們祝福黎貝加說:「我們的妹妹,願你子孫無數!願你的後裔,佔領仇敵的城門!」 59So they sent her away, and her nurse, and Abraham's servant, and his company,
61黎貝加便和自己的婢女們起來,上了駱駝,跟那人去了。僕人便帶着黎貝加起了程。 60Wishing prosperity to their sister, and saying: Thou art our sister, mayst thou increase to thousands of thousands, and may thy seed possess the gates of their enemies.
62那時依撒格剛來到拉海洛依井旁附近,他原住在乃革布地方。 61So Rebecca and her maids, being set upon camels, followed the man: who with speed returned to his master.
63傍晚時,依撒格出來在田間來回沉思,舉目一望,看見了一隊駱駝。 62At the same time Isaac was walking along the way to the well which is called Of the living and the seeing: for he dwelt in the south country.
64黎貝加舉目看見了依撒格,便由駱駝上下來, 63And he was gone forth to meditate in the field, the day being now well spent: and when he had lifted up his eyes, he saw camels coming afar off.
65問僕人說:「田間前來迎接我們的那人是誰?」僕人答說:「是我的主人。」黎貝加遂拿面紗蒙在臉上。 64Rebecca also, when she saw Isaac, lighted off the camel,
66僕人就將自己所作的一切事,告訴了依撒格。 65And said to the servant: Who is that man who cometh towards us along the field? And he said to her: That man is my master. But she quickly took her cloak, and covered herself.
67依撒格便領黎貝加進入自己母親撒辣的帳幕,娶了她為妻,很是愛她。依撒格自從母親死後,這才有了安慰。 66And the servant told Isaac all that he had done.
  67Who brought her into the tent of Sara his mother, and took her to wife: and he loved her so much, that it moderated the sorrow which was occasioned by his mother's death.

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