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創世紀 Genesis
1撒辣一生的壽數是一百二十七歲。 1And Sara lived a hundred and twenty-seven years.
2撒辣死在客納罕地的克黎雅特阿爾巴,即赫貝龍。亞巴郎來舉哀哭弔撒辣; 2And she died in the city of Arbee which is Hebron, in the land of Chanaan: and Abraham came to mourn and weep for her.
3然後從死者面前起來,對赫特人說道: 3And after he rose up from the funeral obsequies, he spoke to the children of Heth, saying:
4「我在你們中是個外鄉僑民,請你們在這裏賣給我一塊墳地,我好將我的死者移去埋葬。」 4I am a stranger and sojourner among you: give me the right of a burying place with you, that I may bury my dead.
5赫特人答覆亞巴郎說: 5The children of Heth answered, saying:
6「先生,請聽:你在我們中是天主的寵臣,你可在我們最好的墳地埋葬你的死者,我們沒有人會拒絕你,在他的墳地內埋葬你的死者。」 6My Lord, hear us, thou art a prince of God among us: bury thy dead in our principal sepulchres: and no man shall have power to hinder thee from burying thy dead in his sepulchre.
7亞巴郎遂起來,向當地人民赫特人下拜, 7Abraham rose up, and bowed down to the people of the land, to wit the children of Heth:
8然後對他們說:「如果你們實在願意我將死者移去埋葬,請你們答應我,為我請求祚哈爾的兒子厄斐龍, 8And said to them: If it please your soul that I should bury my dead, hear me, and intercede for me to Ephron the son of Seor.
9要他賣給我他那塊田地盡頭所有的瑪革培拉山洞;要他按實價在你們面前賣給我,作為私有墳地。」 9That he may give me the double cave, which he hath in the end of his field: for as much money as it is worth he shall give it me before you, for a possession of a burying place.
10當時,厄斐龍也坐在赫特人中間。這赫特人厄斐龍遂在聚於城門口的赫特人面前,高聲答覆亞巴郎說: 10Now Ephron dwelt in the midst of the children of Heth. And Ephron made answer to Abraham in the hearing of all that went in at the gate of the city, saying:
11「先生,不要這樣。請聽我說:我送給你這塊田,連其中的山洞,也送給你。我願在我同族的人民眼前送給你,埋葬你的死者。」 11Let it not be so, my lord, but do thou rather hearken to what I say: The field I deliver to thee, and the cave that is therein, in the presence of the children of my people, bury thy dead.
12亞巴郎又在當地人民面前下拜, 12Abraham bowed down before the people of the land,
13然後對當地人民高聲向厄斐龍說:「假如你樂意,請你聽我說:我願給你地價,你收下後,我才在那裏埋葬我的死者。」 13And he spoke to Ephron, in the presence of the people: I beseech thee to hear me: I will give money for the field: take it, and so I will bury my dead in it.
14厄斐龍答覆亞巴郎說: 14And Ephron answered:
15「先生,請聽我說:一塊值四百『協刻耳』銀子的地,在你和我之間,算得什麼!你儘管去埋葬你的死者罷!」 15My lord, hear me. The ground which thou desirest, is worth four hundred sicles of silver: this is the price between me and thee: but what is this? bury thy dead.
16亞巴郎明白了厄斐龍的意思,便照他在赫特人前大聲提出的價值,按流行的市價稱了四百「協刻耳」銀子給他。 16And when Abraham had heard this, he weighed out the money that Ephron had asked, in the hearing of the children of Heth, four hundred sicles of silver of common current money.
17這樣,厄斐龍在瑪革培拉面對瑪默勒的那塊田地,連田地帶其中的山洞,以及在田地四周所有的樹木, 17And the field that before was Ephron's, wherein was the double cave, looking towards Mambre, both it and the cave, and all the trees thereof in all its limits round about,
18當著聚在城門口的赫特人面前,全移交給亞巴郎作產業。 18Was made sure to Abraham for a possession, in the sight of the children of Heth, and of all that went in at the gate of his city.
19事後,亞巴郎遂將自己的妻子撒辣葬在客納罕地,即葬在那塊面對瑪默勒,【即赫貝龍】,瑪革培拉田地的山洞內。 19And so Abraham buried Sara his wife, in a double cave of the field, that looked towards Mambre, this is Hebron in the land of Chanaan.
20這樣,這塊田地和其中的山洞,由赫特人移交了給亞巴郎作為私有墳地。 20And the field was made sure to Abraham, and the cave that was in it, for a possession to bury in, by the children of Heth.

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