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創世紀 Genesis
1以下是諾厄的兒子閃、含、和耶斐特的後裔。洪水以後,他們都生了子孫。 1These are the generations of the sons of Noe: Sem, Cham, and Japheth: and unto them sons were born after the flood.
2耶斐特的子孫:哥默爾、瑪哥格、瑪待、雅汪、突巴耳、默舍客和提辣斯。 2The sons of Japheth: Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Thubal, and Mosoch, and Thiras.
3哥默爾的子孫:阿市革納次、黎法特和托加爾瑪。 3And the sons of Gomer: Ascenez and Riphath and Thogorma.
4雅汪的子孫:厄里沙、塔爾史士、基廷和多丹。 4And the sons of Javan: Elisa and Tharsis, Cetthim and Dodanim.
5那些分佈於島上的民族,就是出於這些人:以上這些人按疆域、語言、宗族和國籍,都屬耶斐特的子孫。 5By these were divided the islands of the Gentiles in their lands, every one according to his tongue and their families in their nations.
6含的子孫:雇士、米茲辣殷、普特、和客納罕。 6And the sons of Cham: Chus, and Mesram, and Phuth, and Chanaan.
7雇士的子孫:色巴、哈威拉、撒貝達、辣阿瑪和撒貝特加。辣阿瑪的子孫:舍巴和德丹。 7And the sons of Chus: Saba, and Hevila, and Sabatha, and Regma, and Sabatacha. The sons of Regma: Saba and Dadan.
8雇士生尼默洛得,他是世上第一個強人。 8Now Chus begot Nemrod: he began to be mighty on the earth.
9他在上主面前是個有本領的獵人,為此有句俗話說:「如在上主面前,有本領的獵人尼默洛得。」 9And he was a stout hunter before the Lord. Hence came a proverb: Even as Nemrod the stout hunter before the Lord.
10他開始建國於巴比倫、厄勒客和阿加得,都在史納爾地域。 10And the beginning of his kingdom was Babylon, and Arach, and Achad, and Chalanne in the land of Sennaar.
11他由那地方去了亞述,建設了尼尼微、勒曷波特城、加拉 11Out of that land came forth Assur, and built Ninive, and the streets of the city, and Chale.
12和在尼尼微與加拉之間的勒森──尼尼微即是那大城。 12Resen also between Ninive and Chale: this is the great city.
13米茲辣殷生路丁人、阿納明人、肋哈賓人、納斐突歆人、 13And Mesraim begot Ludim, and Anamim, and Laabim, Nepthuim,
14帕特洛斯人、加斯路人和加非托爾人。培肋舍特人即出自此族。 14And Phetrusim, and Chasluim; of whom came forth the Philistines, and the Capthorim.
15客納罕生長子漆冬,以後生赫特、 15And Chanaan begot Sidon, his firstborn, the Hethite,
16耶步斯人、阿摩黎人、基爾加士人、 16And the Jebusite, and the Amorrhite, and the Gergesite,
17希威人、阿爾克人、息尼人、 17The Hevite and the Aracite: the Sinite,
18阿爾瓦得人、責瑪黎人和哈瑪特人;此後,客納罕的宗族分散了, 18And the Aradian, the Samarite, and the Hamathite: and afterwards the families of the Chanaanites were spread abroad.
19以致客納罕人的邊疆,自漆冬經過革辣爾直到迦薩,又經過索多瑪、哈摩辣、阿德瑪和責波殷,直到肋沙。 19And the limits of Chanaan were from Sidon as one comes to Gerara even to Gaza, until thou enter Sodom and Gomorrha, and Adama, and Seboim even to Lesa.
20以上這些人按疆域、語言、宗族和國籍,都屬含的子孫。 20These are the children of Cham in their kindreds, and tongues, and generations, and lands, and nations.
21耶斐特的長兄,即厄貝爾所有子孫的祖先閃,也生了兒子。 21Of Sem also, the father of all the children of Heber, the elder brother of Japheth, sons were born.
22閃的子孫:厄藍、亞述、阿帕革沙得、路得和阿蘭。 22The sons of Sem: Elam and Assur, and Arphaxad, and Lud, and Aram.
23阿蘭的子孫:伍茲、胡耳、革特爾和瑪士。 23The sons of Aram: Us and Hull, and Gether, and Mess.
24阿帕革沙得生舍拉;舍拉生厄貝爾。 24But Arphaxad begot Sale, of whom was born Heber.
25厄貝爾生了兩個兒子:一個名叫培肋格,因為在他的時代世界分裂了;他的兄弟名叫約刻堂。 25And to Heber were born two sons: the name of the one was Phaleg, because in his days the earth was divided: and his brother's name Jectan.
26約刻堂生阿耳摩達得、舍肋夫、哈匝瑪委特、耶辣、 26Which Jectan begot Elmodad, and Saleph, and Asarmoth, Jare,
27哈多蘭、烏匝耳、狄刻拉、 27And Aduram, and Uzal, and Decla,
28敖巴耳、阿彼瑪耳、舍巴、 28And Ebal, and Abimael, Saba,
29敖非爾、哈威拉和約巴布:以上都是約刻堂的子孫。 29And Ophir, and Hevila, and Jobab. All these were the sons of Jectan.
30他們居住的地域,從默沙經過色法爾直到東面的山地: 30And their dwelling was from Messa as we go on as far as Sephar, a mountain in the east.
31以上這些人按疆域、語言、宗族和國籍,都屬閃的子孫: 31These are the children of Sem according to their kindreds and tongues, and countries in their nations.
32以上這些人按他們的出身和國籍,都是諾厄子孫的家族;洪水以後,地上的民族都是由他們分出來的。 32These are the families of Noe, according to their peoples and nations. By these were the nations divided on the earth after the flood.

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