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厄斯德拉(上) Ezra
1在阿塔薛西斯在位期間,與我從巴比倫一同起程的族長,和他們的祖譜,記載如下: 1Now these are the chiefs of families, and the genealogy of them, who came up with me from Babylon in the reign of Artaxerxes the king.
2丕乃哈斯的子孫,有革爾雄;依塔瑪爾的子孫,有達尼耳;達味的子孫,有舍加尼雅的兒子哈突士; 2Of the sons of Phinees, Gersom. Of the sons of Ithamar, Daniel. Of the sons of David, Hattus.
3帕洛士的子孫,有則加黎雅,同他登記的,有男子一百五十名; 3Of the sons of Sechenias, the son of Pharos, Zacharias, and with him were numbered a hundred and fifty men.
4帕哈特摩阿布的子孫,有則辣希雅的兒子厄里約乃,同他一起的,有男子二百名; 4Of the sons of Phahath Moab, Eleoenai the son of Zareha, and with him two hundred men.
5匝突的子孫,有雅哈齊耳的兒子舍加尼雅,同他一起的,有男子三百名; 5Of the sons of Sechenias, the son of Ezechiel, and with him three hundred men.
6阿丁的子孫,有約納堂的兒子厄貝得,同他一起的,有男子五十名; 6Of the sons of Adan, Abed the son of Jonathan, and with him fifty men.
7厄藍的子孫,有阿塔里雅的兒子耶沙雅,同他一起的,有男子七十名; 7Of the sons of Alam, Isaias the son of Athalias, and with him seventy men.
8舍法提雅的子孫,有米加耳的兒子則巴狄雅,同他一起的,有男子八十名; 8Of the sons of Saphatia: Zebodia the son of Michael, and with him eighty men.
9約阿布的子孫,有耶希耳的兒子敖巴狄雅,同他一起的,有男子二百一十八名; 9Of the sons of Joab, Obedia the son of Jahiel, and with him two hundred and eighteen men.
10巴尼的子孫,有約息非雅的兒子舍羅米特,同他一起的,有男子一百六十名; 10Of the sons of Selomith, the son of Josphia, and with him a hundred and sixty men.
11貝拜的子孫,有貝拜的兒子則加黎雅,同他一起的,有男子二十八名; 11Of the sons of Bebai, Zacharias the son of Bebai: and with him eight and twenty men.
12阿次加得的子孫,有哈卡堂的兒子約哈南,同他一起的,有男子一百一十名; 12Of the sons of Azgad, Joanan the son of Eccetan, and with him a hundred and ten men.
13阿多尼干的子孫,是最後來的,他們的名字是厄里培肋特、耶依耳和舍瑪雅,同他們一起的,有男子六十名。 13Of the sons of Adonicam, who were the last: and these are their names: Eliphelet, and Jehiel, and Samaias, and with them sixty men.
14彼革外的子孫,有匝雇爾的兒子烏泰,同他一起的有男子七十名。 14Of the sons of Begui, Uthai and Zachur, and with them seventy men.
15我將眾人召集在流往阿哈瓦的河邊,在那裏住了三天;當我視察民眾和司祭時,其中沒有發現一個肋未人。 15And I gathered them together to the river, which runneth down to Ahava, and we stayed there three days: and I sought among the people and among the priests for the sons of Levi, and found none there.
16我遂派首領厄里厄則爾、阿黎耳、舍瑪雅、厄耳納堂、雅黎布、厄耳納堂、納堂、則加黎雅和默叔藍,通士約雅黎布和厄耳納堂, 16So I sent Eliezer, and Ariel, and Semeias, and Elnathan, and Jarib, and another Elnathan, and Nathan, and Zacharias, and Mosollam, chief men: and Joiarib, and Elnathan, wise men.
17命他們到加息非雅地方的首領依多那裏去;我並把他們應向那定居在加息非雅的依多和他的弟兄們,要說的話告訴了他們,好為我們天主的殿,給我們帶來侍役。 17And I sent them to Eddo, who is chief in the place of Chasphia, and I put in their mouth the words that they should speak to Eddo, and his brethren the Nathinites in the place of Chasphia, that they should bring us ministers of the house of our God.
18賴我們天主慈悲的手對我們的扶助,他們由以色列的兒子肋未的後裔瑪赫里的子孫中,給我們帶來了一位明智人,就是舍勒彼雅,和他的兒子及兄弟,一共十八人; 18And by the good hand of our God upon us, they brought us a most learned man of the sons of Moholi the son of Levi the son of Israel, and Sarabias and his sons, and his brethren eighteen,
19還有哈沙彼雅,同他一起的,有默辣黎的子孫耶沙雅和他的兄弟及兒子,一共二十人; 19And Hasabias, and with him Isaias of the sons of Merari, and his brethren, and his sons twenty.
20還有達味和諸首長為服事肋未人所立的獻身者,二百二十人;這些人全都是登記了的。 20And of the Nathinites, whom David, and the princes gave for the service of the Levites, Nathinites two hundred and twenty: all these were called by their names.
21我遂在阿哈瓦河那裏宣佈禁食,在我們的天主前自謙自卑,祈求他使我們和我們的子孫,並我們的一切財物,一路平安; 21And I proclaimed there a fast by the river Ahava, that we might afflict ourselves before the Lord our God, and might ask of him a right way for us and for our children, and for all our substance.
22因為我羞於請求君王派遣部隊和騎兵,協助我們防禦路上的仇敵,因為我們曾向君王說過:「凡尋求我們天主的人,他的手常加助佑;凡離棄他的人,他便施行強力和義怒。」 22For I was ashamed to ask the king for aid and for horsemen, to defend us from the enemy in the way: because we had said to the king: The hand of our God is upon all them that seek him in goodness: and his power and strength, and wrath upon all them that forsake him.
23我們為此禁食,祈求我們的天主,他便俯聽了我們。 23And we fasted, and besought our God for this: and it fell out prosperously unto us.
24我由司祭的首領中選了十二人,又選了舍勒彼雅和哈沙彼雅,以及同他們在一起的十個兄弟, 24And I separated twelve of the chief of the priests, Sarabias, and Hasabias, and with them ten of their brethren,
25把金銀和器皿,即君王和他的參謀、首長,以及在那裏所有的以色列人,奉獻給我們天主殿宇的禮品,一一衡量了交給他們。 25And I weighed unto them the silver and gold, and the vessels consecrated for the house of our God, which the king and his counsellors, and his princes, and all Israel, that were found had offered.
26我衡量了交在他們手中的,有銀子六百五十『塔冷通』,銀器一百『塔冷通』,金子一百『塔冷通』; 26And I weighed to their hands six hundred and fifty talents of silver, and a hundred vessels of silver, and a hundred talents of gold,
27還有金碗二十個,值一千「達理克」;發亮的銅器兩個,貴如黃金。 27And twenty cups of gold, of a thousand solids, and two vessels of the best shining brass, beautiful as gold.
28我向他們說:「你們在上主前是聖的,器皿也是聖的,金銀是自願獻於上主你們祖先的天主,作禮品的。 28And I said to them: You are the holy ones of the Lord, and the vessels are holy, and the silver and gold, that is freely offered to the Lord the God of our fathers.
29你們要謹慎護守,直到在耶路撒冷,在上主殿宇的庫房內,當着司祭和肋未人的首領,以及以色列眾族長的面,衡量交清為止。」 29Watch ye and keep them, till you deliver them by weight before the chief of the priests, and of the Levites, and the heads of the families of Israel in Jerusalem, into the treasure of the house of the Lord.
30司祭和肋未人,就把數點過的金銀和器皿收下,帶到耶路撒冷我們天主的殿內。 30And the priests and the Levites received the weight of the silver and gold, and the vessels, to carry them to Jerusalem to the house of our God.
31一月十二日,我們從阿哈瓦河起程赴耶路撒冷,賴我們天主的手扶助,我們一路脫免了仇人和暗害者的手, 31Then we set forward from the river Ahava on the twelfth day of the first month to go to Jerusalem: and the hand of our God was upon us, and delivered us from the hand of the enemy, and of such as lay in wait by the way.
32平安到了耶路撒冷,在那裏休息了三天。 32And we came to Jerusalem, and we stayed there three days.
33第四日,在我們天主的殿內,衡量了金銀和器皿,交給了烏利雅的兒子默勒摩特司祭,同他在一起的,還有丕乃哈斯的兒子厄肋阿匝爾,以及肋未人耶叔亞的兒子約匝巴得,和彼奴依的兒子諾阿狄雅, 33And on the fourth day the silver and the gold, and the vessels were weighed in the house of our God by the hand of Meremoth the son of Urias the priest, and with him was Eleazar the son of Phinees, and with them Jozabad the son of Josue, and Noadaia the son of Benoi, Levites.
34每件點過稱過,即將總數記錄下來。 34According to the number and weight of every thing: and all the weight was written at that time.
35當時被擄充軍回來的子民,向以色列的天主奉獻了全燔祭,為全以色列獻了牛犢十二頭,公綿羊九十六隻,羔羊七十二隻,作贖罪祭的公山羊十二隻:這一切都獻給上主作全燔祭。 35Moreover the children of them that had been carried away that were come out of the captivity, offered holocausts to the God of Israel, twelve calves for all the people of Israel, ninety-six rams, seventy-seven lambs, and twelve he goats for sin: all for a holocaust to the Lord.
36以後,他們向君王的州長和河西諸省長,呈上君王的諭令;他們便協助民眾,資助天主的殿宇。 36And they gave the king's edicts to the lords that were from the king's court, and the governors beyond the river, and they furthered the people and the house of God.




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