Ezekiel:Chapter 6


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厄則克耳 Ezekiel
1上主的話傳給我說: 1And the word of the Lord came to me, saying:
2「人子,你要面對以色列的群山,講預言攻斥他們, 2Son of man, set thy face towards the mountains of Israel, and prophesy against them.
3說:以色列的群山,請聽吾主上主的話:吾主上主這樣對高山、丘陵、山溪、山谷說:看,我要使刀兵臨於你們,蕩平你們的丘壇; 3And say: Ye mountains of Israel, hear the word of the Lord God: Thus saith the Lord God to the mountains, and to the hills, and to the rocks, and the valleys: Behold, I will bring upon you the sword, and I will destroy your high places.
4破壞你們的祭壇,打碎你們的太陽柱,並使你們被殺的人倒在你們的偶像之前。 4And I will throw down your altars, and your idols shall be broken in pieces: and I will cast down your slain before your idols.
5我還要把以色列子民的屍體放在他們的偶像前,把你們的骨頭散在你們的祭壇周圍。 5And I will lay the dead carcasses of the children of Israel before your idols: and I will scatter your bones round about your altars,
6在你們居住的地方,城池變為荒野,丘壇遭受破壞,為叫你們的祭壇也成為荒涼,變為廢墟,偶像被粉碎,被消滅,太陽柱被打碎,你們所製造的東西都剷除淨盡。 6In all your dwelling places. The cities shall be laid waste, and the high places shall be thrown down, and destroyed, and your altars shall be abolished, and shall be broken in pieces: and your idols shall be no more, and your temples shall be destroyed, and your works shall be defaced.
7被殺的人橫臥在你們中間:如此你們要承認我是上主。」 7And the slain shall fall in the midst of you: and you shall know that I am the Lord.
8「當我把你們分散到各國時,我還要把一些倖免於刀兵的人,殘留在異民中。 8And I will leave in you some that shall escape the sword among the nations, when I shall have scattered you, through the countries.
9你們被擄到異民中的遺民,必要想念我,因為我擊碎了他們好淫而背棄我的心,也擊碎了他們好淫而隨從偶像的眼睛,那時他們必要為了一切邪神所行的事而自怨自艾。 9And they that are saved of you shall remember me amongst the nations to which they are carried captives: because I have broken their heart that was faithless, and revolted from me: and their eyes that went a fornicating after their idols: and they shall be displeased with themselves because of the evils which they have committed in all their abominations.
10如此,他們會承認,我上主說要對他們施行懲罰,並非空話。」 10And they shall know that I the Lord have not spoken in vain that I would do this evil to them.
11吾主上主這樣說:「我要拍手頓足地說:禍哉!以色列家,因了一切醜惡的罪行,她必要亡於刀兵、饑荒和瘟疫: 11Thus saith the Lord God: Strike with thy hand, and stamp with thy foot, and say: Alas, for all the abominations of the evils of the house of Israel: for they shall fall by the sword, by the famine and by the pestilence.
12遠處的要死於瘟疫,近處的要喪身刀下,剩餘而被圍困的,要死於饑餓,我必要這樣對他們發洩我的怒火。 12He that is far off shall die of the pestilence: and he that is near, shall fall by the sword: and he that remaineth, and is besieged, shall die by the famine: and I will accomplish my indignation upon them.
13幾時被殺的人橫臥在他們的祭壇四周,在他們的偶像中間,在各高山,各山頂,在各綠樹下,在密茂的樟樹下,即在他們給各偶像獻香的地方,那時,你們必承認我是上主。 13And you shall know that I am the Lord, when your slain shall be amongst your idols, round about your altars, in every high hill, and on all the tops of mountains, and under every woody tree, and under every thick oak, the place where they burnt sweet smelling frankincense to all their idols.
14我要伸手打擊他們,凡他們所居之地,我要使田地變為沙漠和荒野,自曠野直到黎貝拉:這樣,他們必承認我是上主。」 14And I will stretch forth my hand upon them: and I will make the land desolate, and abandoned from the desert of Deblatha in all their dwelling places: and they shall know that I am the Lord.




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