Ezekiel:Chapter 42


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厄則克耳 Ezekiel
1以後他領我出來,到了內院的北部,引我來到位於空地前,向北的建築物前的樓房那裡。 1And he brought me forth into the outward court by the way that leadeth to the north, and he brought me into the chamber that was over against the separate building, and over against the house toward the north.
2樓長一百肘,寬五十肘, 2In the face of the north door was the length of a hundred cubits, and the breadth of fifty cubits.
3是在內院空地與外院舖道的前面,走廊與走廊相對,樓房共有三層。 3Over against the twenty cubits of the inner court, and over against the pavement of the outward court that was paved with stone, where there was a gallery joined to a triple gallery.
4樓房前面有向內的過道,寬十肘,長一百肘,門都朝北。 4And before the chambers was a walk ten cubits broad, looking to the inner parts of a way of one cubit. And their doors were toward the north.
5樓上層房屋比下層與中層的較窄,因為上層有走廊佔去了面積。 5Where were the store chambers lower above: because they bore up the galleries, which appeared above out of them from the lower parts, and from the midst of the building.
6因為樓房有三層,沒有像外院所有的柱子,上層的比地上的下層和中層的較窄。 6For they were of three stories, and had not pillars, as the pillars of the courts: therefore did they appear above out of the lower places, and out of the middle places, fifty cubits from the ground.
7沿着樓房外邊,靠着外院有道牆,長五十肘,立在樓房前面, 7And the outward wall that went about by the chambers, which were towards the outward court on the forepart of the chambers, was fifty cubits long.
8因為靠近外院的樓房長五十肘,靠近殿的樓房為一百肘。 8For the length of the chambers of the outward court was fifty cubits: and the length before the face of the temple, a hundred cubits.
9在這些房屋下邊,有個向東方的入口,為由外院來的人進入。 9And there was under these chambers, an entrance from the east, for them that went into them out of the outward court.
10入口開在院牆的橫面。在南邊,在空隔地與建築物的前面,也有樓房。 10In the breadth of the outward wall of the court that was toward the east, over against the separate building, and there were chambers before the building.
11在樓房前面有相似北邊的樓房所有的通道。長、寬、出路、位置和門與北邊的樓房完全一樣。 11And the way before them was like the chambers which were toward the north: they were as long as they, and as broad as they: and all the going in to them, and their fashions, and their doors were alike.
12在南邊樓房的下邊,在牆的開端,空地和建築之前有一入口,為由東邊來的人進入。 12According to the doors of the chambers that were towards the south: there was a door in the head of the way, which way was before the porch, separated towards the east as one entereth in.
13以後他又對我說:「空地前南北兩面的樓房,都是聖的,走近上主的司祭在那裡吃至聖之物,並在那裡存放至聖之物,如供物、贖罪祭與贖過祭肉,因為此地是聖的。 13And he said to me: The chambers of the north, and the chambers of the south, which are before the separate building: they are holy chambers, in which the priests shall eat, that approach to the Lord into the holy of holies: there they shall lay the most holy things, and the offering for sin, and for trespass: for it is a holy place.
14司祭進入此處之後,不可直接由此聖地出去,前往外院,必須先在那裡脫去自己供職時所穿的衣服,因為那些衣服也是聖的,應換上別的衣服,然後方可走近人民所在的地方。 14And when the priests shall have entered in, they shall not go out of the holy places into the outward court: but there they shall lay their vestments, wherein they minister, for they are holy: and they shall put on other garments, and so they shall go forth to the people.
15他測量完了聖殿的內部,就領我從面朝東的門出來,量了周圍: 15Now when he had made an end of measuring the inner house, he brought me out by the way of the gate that looked toward the east: and he measured it on every side round about.
16他用測量竿量了東邊,依測量竿為五百肘; 16And he measured toward the east with the measuring reed, five hundred reeds with the measuring reed round about.
17他又量了北邊,依測量竿為五百肘; 17And he measured toward the north five hundred reeds with the measuring reed round about.
18又量了南邊,依測量竿為五百肘; 18And towards the south he measured five hundred reeds with the measuring reed round about.
19又轉身量了西邊,依測量竿為五百肘。 19And toward the west he measured five hundred reeds, with the measuring reed.
20他周圍量了四邊環繞聖殿的垣牆,長五百肘,寬五百肘,為分開聖地與俗地。 20By the four winds he measured the wall thereof on every side round about, five hundred cubits long and five hundred cubits broad, making a separation between the sanctuary and the place of the people.




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