Ezekiel:Chapter 41


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厄則克耳 Ezekiel
1他領我到了聖所,量了壁柱,兩邊,各厚六肘; 1And he brought me into the temple, and he measured the fronts six cubits broad on this side, and six cubits on that side, the breadth of the tabernacle.
2門口寬十肘;門口兩邊的牆,各為五肘;他又量了聖所的長度為四十肘,寬為二十肘。 2And the breadth of the gate was ten cubits: and the sides of the gate five cubits on this side, and five cubits on that side: and he measured the length thereof forty cubits, and the breadth twenty cubits.
3他進到裏面,量了門口的壁柱,厚二肘,入口六肘,門口總寬七肘。 3Then going inward he measured the front of the gate two cubits: and the gate six cubits, and the breadth of the gate seven cubits.
4量了聖所的盡頭長二十肘,寬二十肘。以後對我說:「這是至聖所。」 4And he measured the length thereof twenty cubits, and the breadth twenty cubits, before the face of the temple: and he said to me: This is the holy of holies.
5他量了殿牆,厚六肘;沿殿周圍的廂房,寬四肘。 5And he measured the wall of the house six cubits: and the breadth of every side chamber four cubits round about the house on every side.
6廂房一層在另一層之上,共三層,每層三十間。廂房周圍靠着殿牆,有突出的牆,為銜接廂房,免得嵌在殿牆內。 6And the side chambers one by another, were twice thirty-three: and they bore outwards, that they might enter in through the wall of the house in the sides round about, to hold in, and not to touch the wall of the temple.
7廂房越高越寬,因為周圍聖殿的牆越高越窄,為此上邊的房間較寬。人由下層可登至中層,再登往上層。 7And there was a broad passage round about, going up by winding stairs, and it led into the upper loft of the temple all round: therefore was the temple broader in the higher parts: and so from the lower parts they went to the higher by the midst.
8我見殿周圍有一高台,為廂房的基礎,台腳高一竿,即六肘。 8And I saw in the house the height round about, the foundations of the side chambers which were the measure of a reed the space of six cubits:
9廂房的外牆厚五肘。在靠殿的廂房之前的人行道,也寬五肘。 9And the thickness of the wall for the side chamber without, which was five cubits: and the inner house was within the side chambers of the house.
10廂房之外有二十肘寬的空地,環繞着殿的四周。 10And between the chambers was the breadth of twenty cubits round about the house on every side.
11廂房的門向着人行道:一朝北,一朝南;人行道寬五肘。 11And the door of the side chambers was turned towards the place of prayer: one door was toward the north, and another door was toward the south: and the breadth of the place for prayer, was five cubits round about.
12在空地的西面有一建築物:寬七十肘,長九十肘;這建築物周圍的牆厚五肘。 12And the building that was separate, and turned to the way that looked toward the sea, was seventy cubits broad: and the wall of the building, five cubits thick round about: and ninety cubits long.
13他量了聖殿,長一百肘:包括空地、建築物和牆,共長一百肘。 13And he measured the length of the house, a hundred cubits: and the separate building, and the walls thereof, a hundred cubits in length.
14聖殿的前面和東邊的空地,共寬一百肘。 14And the breadth before the face of the house, and of the separate place toward the east, a hundred cubits.
15他量了聖殿後邊的建築,連空地和牆在內,由這一端到另一端,共長一百肘。至於聖所內部和外邊的東廊、 15And he measured the length of the building over against it, which was separated at the back of it: and the galleries on both sides a hundred cubits: and the inner temple, and the porches of the court.
16門框、帶櫺的窗和三面的圍牆,以及門限周圍都鑲上木板,由地到窗──窗是遮蔽的; 16The thresholds, and the oblique windows, and the galleries round about on three sides, over against the threshold of every one, and floored with wood all round about: and the ground was up to the windows, and the windows were shut over the doors.
17直到門上邊,以至殿的內部和外部;周圍所有的,裏面和外面的牆上,都有雕像, 17And even to the inner house, and without all the wall round about within and without, by measure.
18雕刻着革魯賓和棕櫚枝,棕櫚枝在革魯賓與革魯賓之間;革魯賓有兩個面貌: 18And there were cherubims and palm trees wrought, so that a palm tree was between a cherub and a cherub, and every cherub had two faces.
19人的面貌向着這邊的棕櫚枝,獅的面貌向着那邊的棕櫚枝;全殿四周都是這樣。 19The face of a man was toward the palm tree on one side, and the face of a lion was toward the palm tree on the other side: set forth through all the house round about.
20由地到門上邊,聖所的牆上都雕刻着革魯賓和棕櫚枝。 20From the ground even to the upper parts of the gate, were cherubims and palm trees wrought in the wall of the temple.
21聖所的門框是方的。在至聖所前面,有一座看似木頭的祭壇: 21The threshold was foursquare, and the face of the sanctuary, sight to sight.
22高三肘,長寬各二肘;角、底座和鑲板,都是木的。以後他對我說:「這是在上主前的祭桌。」 22The altar of wood was three cubits high: and the length thereof was two cubits: and the corners thereof, and the length thereof, and the walls thereof were of wood. And he said to me: This is the table before the Lord.
23聖所與至聖所各有兩門, 23And there were two doors in the temple, and in the sanctuary.
24門各有兩扇,每扇又有兩頁;可以摺疊。每一扇門都有兩頁。 24And in the two doors on both sides were two little doors, which were folded within each other: for there were two wickets on both sides of the doors.
25門扇上都雕刻着革魯賓和棕櫚枝,像牆上刻的一樣。東廊外的前面有木做的飛簷。 25And there were cherubims also wrought in the doors of the temple, and the figures of palm trees, like as were made on the walls: for which cause also the planks were thicker in the front of the porch without.
26東廊兩邊,與靠殿的廂房牆上,有櫺的窗和棕櫚枝,還有飛簷。 26Upon which were the oblique windows, and the representation of palm trees on this side, and on that side in the sides of the porch, according to the sides of the house, and the breadth of the walls.




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