Ezekiel:Chapter 2


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厄則克耳 Ezekiel
1他向我說:「人子,站起來!我要同你講話。」 1This was the vision of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. And I saw, and I fell upon my face, and I heard the voice of one that spoke. And he said to me: Son of man, stand upon thy feet, and I will speak to thee.
2他向我講話時,有一種神力進入我內,使我站起來,也聽見他同我講話。 2And the spirit entered into me after that he spoke to me, and he set me upon my feet: and I heard him speaking to me,
3他向我說:「人子,我派遣你到以色列子民,到反抗我的那個叛逆的人民那裏去,他們和他們的祖先,直到今天還違背我。 3And saying: Son of man, I send thee to the children of Israel, to a rebellious people, that hath revolted from me, they, and their fathers, have transgressed my covenant even unto this day.
4那些子民雖厚顏無恥,心腸頑硬,我仍派遣你到他們那裏,向他們說:吾主上主這樣說: 4And they to whom I send thee are children of a hard face, and of an obstinate heart: and thou shalt say to them: Thus saith the Lord God:
5他們或是聽,或是不聽──他們原是叛逆的家族──終究要承認在他們中有一位先知。 5If so be they at least will hear, and if so be they will forbear, for they are a provoking house: and they shall know that there hath been a prophet in the midst of them.
6人子,你不必怕他們,也不要怕他們說什麼,也不要怕他們反抗你,輕慢你,好像叫你坐在毒蠍之上;不要怕他們說什麼,在他們面前,也不要膽怯,因為他們是叛逆的家族。 6And thou, O son of man, fear not, neither be thou afraid of their words: for thou art among unbelievers and destroyers, and thou dwellest with scorpions. Fear not their words, neither be thou dismayed at their looks: for they are a provoking house.
7無論他們聽,或是不聽,你應向他們宣講我的話,他們原是叛逆的家族。」 7And thou shalt speak my words to them, if perhaps they will hear, and forbear: for they provoke me to anger.
8「人子,你要聽我向你講的話,你不要叛逆,像叛逆的家族。你要張口,把我給你的吞下。」 8But thou, O son of man, hear all that I say to thee: and do not thou provoke me, as that house provoketh me: open thy mouth, and eat what I give thee.
9我觀望時,看,有一隻手向我伸來,手上有一卷書。 9And I looked, and behold, a hand was sent to me, wherein was a book rolled up: and he spread it before me, and it was written within and without: and there were written in it lamentations, and canticles, and woe.
10他把那卷書在我面前展開,內外都寫着字,寫的是:「哀傷、悲歎和災禍。」 10




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