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厄則克耳 Ezekiel
1上主的話傳給我說: 1And the word of the Lord came to me, saying:
2「人子,你應唱哀歌憑弔提洛, 2Thou therefore, O son of man, take up a lamentation for Tyre:
3向位於海口,同許多島嶼及人民通商的提洛說:吾主上主這樣說:提洛,你曾說過:我是一隻完美華麗的船; 3And say to Tyre that dwelleth at the entry of the sea, being the mart of the people for many islands: Thus saith the Lord God: O Tyre, thou hast said: I am of perfect beauty,
4你的領域伸入海心,你的建築者造成了你的豪華: 4And situate in the heart of the sea. Thy neighbours, that built thee, have perfected thy beauty:
5他們用色尼爾的松柏製造了你的舷板,以黎巴嫩的香柏做了你的桅檣, 5With fir trees of Sanir they have built thee with all sea planks: they have taken cedars from Libanus to make thee masts.
6以巴商的橡木做了你的櫓槳,用由基廷島運來的松柏做了嵌有象牙的甲板, 6They have cut thy oars out of the oaks of Basan: and they have made thee benches of Indian ivory and cabins with things brought from the islands of Italy.
7用埃及的繡花麻布做了你的帆幔,作了你的旗幟,用厄里沙島的紫色與朱色的布做了你的船篷; 7Fine broidered linen from Egypt was woven for thy sail, to be spread on thy mast: blue and purple from the islands of Elisa, were made thy covering.
8漆冬和阿爾瓦得的居民給你搖櫓,責默爾的技工在你那裏作你的舵手, 8The inhabitants of Sidon, and the Arabians were thy rowers: thy wise men, O Tyre, were thy pilots.
9革巴耳的長老和技工在你那裏修理你的漏洞。一切航海的船隻和海員都到你那裏,交易貨物。 9The ancients of Gebal, and the wise men thereof furnished mariners for the service of thy various furniture: all the ships of the sea, and their mariners were thy factors.
10波斯、路丁和普特人在你隊伍中作你的軍人,他們將盾牌和銅盔懸在你中間,增加你的光彩。 10The Persians, and Lydians, and the Libyans were thy soldiers in thy army: they hung up the buckler and the helmet in thee for thy ornament.
11阿爾瓦得和赫肋客子民圍繞在你的城牆上,加瑪得人在你的角樓中;他們把自己的盾,掛在四周的城牆上,使你的華麗更為圓滿。 11The men of Arad were with thy army upon thy walls round about: the Pygmeans also that were in thy towers, hung up their quivers on thy walls round about: they perfected thy beauty.
12塔爾史士因你的財帛豐富,作你的客商,以銀、鐵、錫、鉛來與你交易。 12The Carthaginians thy merchants supplied thy fairs with a multitude of all kinds of riches, with silver, iron, tin, and lead.
13雅汪、突巴耳、默舍客和你通商,以人口和銅器與你交易貨物。 13Greece, Thubal, and Mosoch, they were thy merchants: they brought to thy people slaves and vessels of brass.
14由托加爾瑪地方,有人以馬、戰馬、騾子來交換貨物。 14From the house of Thogorma they brought horses, and horsemen, and mules to thy market.
15德丹人也和你通商,許多島民作你手下的商人,以象牙角和烏木作送給你的貢物。 15The men of Dedan were thy merchants: many islands were the traffic of thy hand, they exchanged for thy price teeth of ivory and ebony.
16阿蘭人因你的出品多,也作你的客商,以紫寶石、紅布、刺繡、細麻、珊瑚和紅瑪瑙與你交換貨物。 16The Syrian was thy merchant: by reason of the multitude of thy works, they set forth precious stones, and purple, and broidered works, and fine linen, and silk, and chodchod in thy market.
17猶大和以色列地也和你通商,以米尼特穀、蠟、蜜、油和香料與你交易貨物。 17Juda and the land of Israel, they were thy merchants with the best corn: they set forth balm, and honey, and oil, and rosin in thy fairs.
18大馬士革因你出產多,財帛豐富,也作你的客商,以赫耳朋酒和匝哈爾羊毛與你交易。 18The men of Damascus were thy merchants in the multitude of thy works, in the multitude of divers riches, in rich wine, in wool of the best colour.
19此外丹、雅汪和烏匝耳也與你交易,以鋼鐵、肉桂和香菖蒲交換你的貨物。 19Dan, and Greece, and Mosel have set forth in thy marts wrought iron: stacte, and calamus were in thy market.
20德丹以騎馬的坐墊和你交易, 20The men of Dedan were thy merchants in tapestry for seats.
21阿剌伯和刻達爾的一切酋長也作你手下的商人,以羔羊、山羊和公羊與你交換貨品。 21Arabia, and all the princes of Cedar, they were the merchants of thy hand: thy merchants came to thee with lambs, and rams, and kids.
22舍巴和辣阿瑪的買賣人也作你的顧客,以各種上等的香料,各種寶石和黃金和你交換貨品。 22The sellers of Saba, and Reema, they were thy merchants: with all the best spices, and precious stones, and gold, which they set forth in thy market.
23哈郎、加乃、厄登和舍巴的商人,亞述和一切瑪待人也與你通商。 23Haran, and Chene, and Eden were thy merchants; Saba, Assur, and Chelmad sold to thee.
24他們在你的商場上,以華麗的衣服、朱色的外氅、刺繡、花毯、編織的結實繩索與你交易。 24They were thy merchants in divers manners, with bales of blue cloth, and of embroidered work, and of precious riches, which were wrapped up and bound with cords: they had cedars also in thy merchandise.
25塔爾史士船隻載運你的貨物。你在海上滿了載,極其沈重。 25The ships of the sea, were thy chief in thy merchandise: and thou wast replenished, and glorified exceedingly in the heart of the sea.
26你的槳夫將你划到汪洋大海,東風將你在海中吹毀。 26Thy rowers have brought thee into great waters: the south wind hath broken thee in the heart of the sea.
27你的財帛、商品、貨物,你的水手、舵手、船工,同你交易的商人,在你中間的一切戰士,以及在你中間所有的民眾,都在你沉沒之日,溺死海中。 27Thy riches, and thy treasures, and thy manifold furniture, thy mariners, and thy pilots, who kept thy goods, and were chief over thy people: thy men of war also, that were in thee, with all thy multitude that is in the midst of thee: shall fall in the heart of the sea in the day of thy ruin.
28海岸都因你舵手的狂叫聲而震動。 28Thy fleets shall be troubled at the sound of the cry of thy pilots.
29所有搖櫓的人、水手和航海的舵手都要離船登岸, 29And all that handled the oar shall come down from their ships: the mariners, and all the pilots of the sea shall stand upon the land:
30狂呼吶喊哀弔你,在頭上撒灰,輾轉於塵埃之中, 30And they shall mourn over thee with a loud voice, and shall cry bitterly: and they shall cast up dust upon their heads, and shall be sprinkled with ashes.
31並且為你而剃光了頭,穿上苦衣,痛心哭泣,悲痛哀悼你。 31And they shall shave themselves bald for thee, and shall be girded with haircloth: and they shall weep for thee with bitterness of soul, with most bitter weeping.
32他們在痛苦中,向你唱哀歌,追悼你說:『有誰相似沉沒於海中的提洛? 32And they shall take up a mournful song for thee, and shall lament thee: What city is like Tyre, which is become silent in the midst of the sea?
33你的貨品由海中運出時,曾使許多民族滿足;以你大量的財帛和貨物,使陸地上的列王豐富。 33Which by thy merchandise that went from thee by sea didst fill many people: which by the multitude of thy riches, and of thy people didst enrich the kings of the earth.
34現今你沉入海中,落在海底,你的財物和所有的人,都隨着你而沉沒了。』 34Now thou art destroyed by the sea, thy riches are in the bottom of the waters, and all the multitude that was in the midst of thee is fallen.
35群島所有的居民都為你而驚駭,那裏的列王都極為戰慄,面帶憂色。 35All the inhabitants of the islands are astonished at thee: and all their kings being struck with the storm have changed their countenance.
36各國的商人都要嗤笑你;你竟成了恐怖的對象,且永遠不復存在。」 36The merchants of people have hissed at thee: thou art brought to nothing, and thou shalt never be any more.




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