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出谷紀 Exodus
1此後,梅瑟同亞郎去見法郎說:「以色列的天主雅威這樣說:「你應放我的百姓走,好叫他們在曠野裏過節敬拜我。」 1After these things Moses and Aaron went in, and said to Pharao: Thus saith the Lord God of Israel: Let my people go that they may sacrifice to me in the desert.
2法郎問說:「誰是雅威,我該聽他的命,放以色列走?我不認識雅威,也不放以色列走。」 2But he answered: Who is the Lord, that I should hear his voice, and let Israel go? I know not the Lord, neither will I let Israel go.
3他們回答說:「希伯來人的天主遇見了我們。請讓我們走三天的路到曠野裏,向上主我們的天主獻祭,免得他用瘟疫刀兵擊殺我們。」 3And they said: The God of the Hebrews hath called us, to go three days' journey into the wilderness and to sacrifice to the Lord our God: lest a pestilence or the sword fall upon us.
4埃及王回答他們說:「梅瑟、亞郎啊!你們為什麼妨礙百姓工作呢?去服你們的勞役罷!」 4The king of Egypt said to them: Why do you Moses and Aaron draw off the people from their works? Get you gone to your burdens.
5法郎又說:「現在他們比本地的人民還多,你們竟然叫他們歇工?」 5And Pharao said: The people of the land is numerous: you see that the multitude is increased: how much more if you give them rest from their works?
6那一天法郎命令那些百姓中的監工和工頭說: 6Therefore he commanded the same day the overseers of the works, and the taskmasters of the people, saying:
7「你們以後不要再像往日一樣,給百姓做磚用的草稭,叫他們自己去拾草。 7You shall give straw no more to the people to make brick, as before: but let them go and gather straw.
8但你們仍向他們要往日所做的同樣磚數,一點也不可減少,因為他們懶惰,所以才吶喊說:我們要去向我們的天主獻祭。 8And you shall lay upon them the task of bricks, which they did before, neither shall you diminish any thing thereof: for they are idle, and therefore they cry, saying: Let us go and sacrifice to our God.
9應給這些人加重工作,使他們只工作,而不聽謊言。」 9Let them be oppressed, with works, and let them fulfill them: that they may not regard lying words.
10百姓中的監工頭遂出去向百姓說:「法郎這樣吩咐:我再不給你們草稭。 10And the overseers of the works and the taskmasters went out and said to the people: Thus saith Pharao, I allow you no straw:
11你們看那裏能找到草稭,就到那裏去拾罷!但應有的工作一點也不可減少。」 11Go, and gather it where you can find it: neither shall any thing of your work be diminished.
12百姓就分散到埃及全境,拾取麥莖充當草稭。 12And the people was scattered through all the land of Egypt to gather straw.
13監工催迫說:「你們每天應該完成當天的工作,像從前有草稭時一樣。」 13And the overseers of the works pressed them, saying: Fulfill your work every day as before you were wont to do when straw was given you.
14法郎的監工責打他們所派出的以色列子民的工頭說:「你們昨天今天為什麼沒有完成像前天所做的磚數呢?」 14And they that were over the works of the children of Israel were scourged by Pharao's taskmasters, saying: Why have you not made up the task of bricks both yesterday and today as before?
15以色列子民的工頭遂去向法郎訴苦說:「你為什麼這樣對待你的僕人們呢? 15And the officers of the children of Israel came, and cried out to Pharao, saying: Why dealest thou so with thy servants?
16不給你僕人們草稭,只對我們說:做磚罷!原是你人民的錯,你卻來打你的僕人們。」 16Straw is not given us, and bricks are required of us as before: behold we thy servants are beaten with whips, and thy people is unjustly dealt withal.
17法郎回答說:「你們太懶惰了!所以說:讓我們去祭獻上主! 17And he said: You are idle, and therefore you say: Let us go and sacrifice to the Lord.
18現在都快去作工!決不供給你們草稭,但是磚卻該如數交上。」 18Go therefore, and work: straw shall not be given you, and you shall deliver the accustomed number of bricks.
19以色列子民的工頭因所出的命令說:「你們每天應做的磚數,不得減少。」,便知自己更陷於困難中。 19And the officers of the children of Israel saw that they were in evil case, because it was said to them: There shall not a whit be diminished of the bricks for every day.
20工頭們由法郎那裏出來,遇見梅瑟和亞郎正等候他們, 20And they met Moses and Aaron, who stood over against them as they came out from Pharao:
21就對他們說:「願上主鑒察懲罰你們!你們使我們在法郎和他臣僕眼中成了可恨的,就好像把刀交在他們手中,宰殺我們。」 21And they said to them: The Lord see and judge, because you have made our savour to stink before Pharao and his servants, and you have given him a sword to kill us.
22梅瑟回到上主那裏說:「吾主,你為什麼折磨這百姓?為什麼偏偏打發我呢? 22And Moses returned to the Lord, and said: Lord, why hast thou afflicted this people? wherefore hast thou sent me?
23自從我到法郎那裏,奉你的名講話以來,他更加折磨這百姓,而你也沒有拯救你的百姓。」 23For since the time that I went in to Pharao to speak in thy name, he hath afflicted thy people: and thou hast not delivered them.




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