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出谷紀 Exodus
1梅瑟召集以色列子民全會眾,向他們說:「這是上主吩咐你們應遵行的事: 1And all the multitude of the children of Israel being gathered together, he said to them: These are the things which the Lord hath commanded to be done.
2六日內作工,第七日為你們是聖日,應完全為上主安息;凡在這一日作工的,應受死刑。 2Six days you shall do work: the seventh day shall be holy unto you, the sabbath, and the rest of the Lord: he that shall do any work on it, shall be put to death.
3安息日不准在你們住的一切地方生火。」 3You shall kindle no fire in any of your habitations on the sabbath day.
4梅瑟又訓示以色列子民全會眾說:「上主這樣命令說: 4And Moses said to all the assembly of the children of Israel: This is the word the Lord hath commanded, saying:
5由你們財物中取一份作獻儀,獻給上主;凡甘心樂捐的,可獻於上主的獻儀是:金、銀、銅, 5Set aside with you firstfruits to the Lord. Let every one that is willing and hath a ready heart, offer them to the Lord: gold, and silver, and brass,
6紫色、紅色、朱紅色的毛線、細麻和山羊毛, 6Violet and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine linen, goats' hair,
7染紅的公羊皮、海豚皮及皂莢木, 7And rams' skins dyed red, and violet coloured skins, setim wood,
8燈油,為製傅禮的油和焚香用的香料, 8And oil to maintain lights, and to make ointment, and most sweet incense.
9紅瑪瑙石和為鑲在『厄弗得』和胸牌上的寶石。 9Onyx stones, and precious stones, for the adorning of the ephod and the rational.
10你們中間凡有天才的人,都要來製造上主所命令的一切: 10Whosoever of you is wise, let him come, and make that which the Lord hath commanded:
11帳棚、棚頂和棚罩,鉤子、木板、橫木、柱子和卯座, 11To wit, the tabernacle and the roof thereof, and the cover, the rings, and the board work with the oars, the pillars, and the sockets:
12約櫃和杠桿,贖罪蓋、遮贖罪蓋的帳幔, 12The ark and the staves, the propitiatory, and the veil that is drawn before it:
13供桌和杠桿,並一切器具,以及供餅, 13The table with the bars and the vessels, and the loaves of proposition:
14燈台及其用具,燈盞和燈油, 14The candlestick to bear up the lights, the vessels thereof and the lamps, and the oil for the nourishing of fires:
15香壇和杠桿,傅禮的油、香料、帳棚入口的門簾, 15The altar of incense, and the bars, and the oil of unction and the incense of spices: the hanging at the door of the tabernacle:
16全燔祭壇和祭壇的銅格子、杠桿及一切器具,盆和盆座, 16The altar of holocaust, and its grate of brass, with the bars and vessels thereof: the laver and its foot:
17庭院的帷幔、柱子、卯座並院門的簾子, 17The curtains of the court with the pillars and the sockets, the hanging in the doors of the entry,
18帳棚的橛子、庭院的橛子和繩索, 18The pins of the tabernacle and of the court with their little cords:
19聖所內行禮的祭服,亞郎大司祭的聖衣,以及他兒子們行祭的服裝。」 19The vestments that are to be used in the ministry of the sanctuary, the vesture of Aaron the high priest, and of his sons, to do the office of priesthood to me.
20於是以色列子民全會眾離開梅瑟而去。 20And all the multitude of the children of Israel going out from the presence of Moses,
21凡甘心情願捐獻的人都來送給上主獻儀,為製造會幕和會幕中的一切用具及聖衣之用; 21Offered firstfruits to the Lord with a most ready and devout mind, to make the work of the tabernacle of the testimony. Whatsoever was necessary to the service, and to the holy vestments,
22無論男女,凡甘心樂捐的,都把金針、耳環、戒指、項鏈和各樣金器送來,各人都把金子奉獻給上主作獻儀。 22Both men and women gave bracelets and earrings, rings and tablets: every vessel of gold was set aside to be offered to the Lord.
23凡有紫色、紅色、朱紅色毛線、細麻、山羊毛、染紅的公羊皮、海豚皮的,也都送來。 23If any man had violet, and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, fine linen and goats' hair, rams' skins dyed red, and violet coloured skins,
24凡願奉獻銀子和銅的,也送來,奉獻給上主作獻儀;凡有皂莢木的,也送來,為製造各種應用之物。 24Metal of silver and brass, they offered it to the Lord, and setim wood for divers uses.
25凡技巧的婦女都親手紡線,把所紡的紫色、紅色、朱紅色毛線和細麻送來。 25The skillful women also gave such things as they had spun, violet, purple, and scarlet, and fine linen,
26凡具有藝術才能的婦女都紡了毛線。 26And goats' hair, giving all of their own accord.
27首長奉獻了紅瑪瑙石,鑲在『厄弗得』和胸牌上的寶石, 27But the princes offered onyx stone, and precious stones, for the ephod and the rational,
28香料和油,為點燈,為製傅禮的油,為製焚香而用。 28And spices and oil for the lights, and for the preparing of ointment, and to make the incense of most sweet savour.
29以色列子民,無論男女,凡甘心樂捐,為製造上主藉梅瑟所吩咐的一切工程的,都自願向上主奉獻了禮品。 29All both men and women with devout mind offered gifts, that the works might be done which the Lord had commanded by the hand of Moses. All the children of Israel dedicated voluntary offerings to the Lord.
30梅瑟向以色列子民說:「你們看,上主已提名,召叫了猶大支派的烏黎的兒子,胡爾的孫子貝匝肋耳, 30And Moses said to the children of Israel: Behold the Lord hath called by name Beseleel the son of Uri the son of Hur of the tribe of Juda.
31使他充滿天主的神,使他有智慧、技能和知識,能作各種工程, 31And hath filled him with the spirit of God, with wisdom and understanding and knowledge and all learning.
32能設計圖案,能用金、銀、銅製造器物, 32To devise and to work in gold and silver and brass,
33能雕刻寶石,加以鑲嵌,雕刻木頭,製造各種藝術工程。 33And in engraving stones, and in carpenters' work. Whatsoever can be devised artificially,
34上主又賜給他和丹支派的阿希撒瑪客的兒子敖曷里雅布領導的才能, 34He hath given in his heart: Ooliab also the son of Achisamech of the tribe of Dan:
35使他們充滿藝術的才能,能雕刻刺繡,並用紫色、紅色、朱紅色的毛線和細麻作繡花及編織的各種工作,能做各種工程,能設計圖案。」 35Both of them hath he instructed with wisdom, to do carpenters' work and tapestry, and embroidery in blue and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine linen, and to weave all things, and to invent all new things.




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