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出谷紀 Exodus
1你應從以色列子民中叫你的哥哥亞郎同他的兒子們,即亞郎和他的兒子,納達布、阿彼胡、厄肋阿匝爾和依塔瑪爾,一起來到你前,立他們作我的司祭。1Take unto thee also Aaron thy brother with his sons, from among the children of Israel, that they may minister to me in the priest's office: Aaron, Nadab, and Abiu, Eleazar, and Ithamar.
2應給你的哥哥亞郎做聖衣,以示莊嚴美觀。2And thou shalt make a holy vesture for Aaron thy brother for glory and for beauty.
3凡我使之具備藝術天才的藝術人員,你應吩咐他們為亞郎做服裝,祝聖他作我的司祭。3And thou shalt speak to all the wise of heart, whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom, that they may make Aaron's vestments, in which he being consecrated may minister to me.
4他們應做的服裝如下:胸牌、厄弗得、無袖長袍、織成的長衣、禮冠和腰帶。他們為你的哥哥亞郎和他的兒子們做這些聖衣,叫他們作我的司祭。4And these shall be the vestments that they shall make: A rational and an ephod, a tunick and a strait linen garment, a mitre and a girdle. They shall make the holy vestments for thy brother Aaron and his sons, that they may do the office of priesthood unto me.
5他們應用金線,紫色、紅色、朱紅色的毛線和細麻去做。5And they shall take gold, and violet, and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine linen.
6他們應用繡工以金線,紫色、紅色、朱紅色的毛線,和捻的細麻做厄弗得。6And they shall make the ephod of gold, and violet, and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine twisted linen, embroidered with divers colours.
7兩條肩帶應結連在厄弗得的兩端。7It shall have the two edges joined in the top on both sides, that they may be closed together.
8將厄弗得束在身上用的帶子,也應像厄弗得一樣做法,與厄弗得連在一起,全是用金線、紫色、朱紅色的毛線和捻的細麻做成的。8The very workmanship also and all the variety of the work shall be of gold, and violet, and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine twisted linen.
9再取兩塊紅瑪瑙石,將以色列的兒子的名字刻在上面,9And thou shalt take two onyx stones, and shalt grave on them the names of the children of Israel:
10六個名字刻在一塊寶石上,另六個名字刻在另一塊寶石上,全照他們出生的次序。10Six names on one stone, and the other six on the other, according to the order of their birth.
11以玉工雕刻法,好似刻印章,把以色列的兒子們的名字刻在這兩塊寶石上,嵌在金框內。11With the work of an engraver and the graving of a jeweller, thou shalt engrave them with the names of the children of Israel, set in gold and compassed about:
12再將這兩塊寶石,即以色列子民的紀念石,掛在厄弗得的肩帶上;亞郎要在上主前常在兩肩上帶著他們的名字,好獲得紀念。12And thou shalt put them in both sides of the ephod, a memorial for the children of Israel. And Aaron shall bear their names before the Lord upon both shoulders, for a remembrance.
13要做兩個金框,13Thou shalt make also hooks of gold.
14兩條純金的鏈子,要像做繩子一樣擰成,把這像繩子的金鏈結在框子上。14And two little chains of the purest gold linked one to another, which thou shalt put into the hooks.
15應以繡工做判斷的胸牌,像做厄弗得,用金線,紫色、紅色、朱紅色的毛線和捻的細麻去做。15And thou shalt make the rational of judgment with embroidered work of divers colours, according to the workmanship of the ephod, of gold, violet, and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine twisted linen.
16胸牌要方形,雙層,一拃長,一拃寬。16It shall be foursquare and doubled: it shall be the measure of a span both in length and in breadth.
17將鑲嵌的寶石安裝在上面,排成四行:第一行:赤玉、青玉、翡翠;17And thou shalt set in it four rows of stones: in the first row shall be a sardius stone, and a topaz, and an emerald:
18第二行:紫寶石、藍玉、金鋼石;18In the second a carbuncle, a sapphire and a jasper.
19第三行:黃瑪瑙、白瑪瑙、紫晶;19In the third a ligurius, an agate, and an amethyst:
20第四行:黃玉、紅瑪瑙、水蒼玉;這些寶石都嵌在金框內。20In the fourth a chrysolite, an onyx, and a beryl. They shall be set in gold by their rows.
21按照以色列的兒子的名字,寶石應有十二塊,按刻印法,每塊刻一個名字,代表十二支派。21And they shall have the names of the children of Israel: with twelve names shall they be engraved, each stone with the name of one according to the twelve tribes.
22為胸牌再做兩條純金鏈子,像繩子一樣擰成。22And thou shalt make on the rational chains linked one to another of the purest gold:
23在胸牌上做兩個金環,將兩個金環安在胸牌的兩端,23And two rings of gold, which thou shalt put in the two ends at the top of the rational.
24將那兩條金鏈結在胸牌兩端的環子上,24And the golden chains thou shalt join to the rings, that are in the ends thereof:
25把兩條鏈子的另兩端,結在那掛在厄弗得的肩帶前面的兩個框子上。25And the ends of the chains themselves thou shalt join together with two hooks on both sides of the ephod, which is towards the rational.
26再做兩個金環,安在胸牌的下兩端,靠近厄弗得的內邊緣上。26Thou shalt make also two rings of gold which thou shalt put in the top parts of the rational, in the borders that are over against the ephod, and look towards the back parts thereof.
27再做兩個金環,安在厄弗得前面兩肩帶的下邊,靠近厄弗得帶子的上邊與肩帶相連結的地方。27Moreover also other two rings of gold, which are to be set on each side of the ephod beneath, that looketh towards the nether joining, that the rational may be fitted with the ephod,
28用一根紫繩把胸牌的環子繫在厄弗得的環子上,使胸牌結在厄弗得的帶子上,免得胸牌在厄弗得上移動。28And may be fastened by the rings thereof unto the rings of the ephod with a violet fillet, that the joining artificially wrought may continue, and the rational and the ephod may not be loosed one from the other.
29如此亞郎進聖所時,在他的胸前,在判斷的胸牌上帶著以色列兒子們的名字,為在上主前常獲得紀念。29And Aaron shall bear the names of the children of Israel in the rational of judgement upon his breast, when he shall enter into the sanctuary, a memorial before the Lord for ever.
30在決斷的胸牌內應放上烏陵和突明,幾時亞郎進到上主前常帶在亞郎胸前:如此亞郎在上主前時,胸前常帶著為以色列子民行決斷的工具。30And thou shalt put in the rational of judgment doctrine and truth, which shall be on Aaron's breast, when he shall go in before the Lord: and he shall bear the judgment of the children of Israel on his breast, in the sight of the Lord always.
31再為厄弗得做一無袖長袍,應全是紫色毛線的。31And thou shalt make the tunick of the ephod all of violet,
32中間留一領口,領口周圍叫織工做上邊,像戰袍的領口,免得破裂。32In the midst whereof above shall be a hole for the head, and a border round about it woven, as is wont to be made in the outmost parts of garments, that it may not easily be broken.
33在長袍底邊周圍做上紫色、紅色、朱紅色的毛線石榴;在石榴中間,周圍再做上金鈴鐺:33And beneath at the feet of the same tunick round about, thou shalt make as it were pomegranates, of violet, and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, with little bells set between:
34如此在長袍底邊周圍,一個金鈴鐺,一個石榴;一個金鈴鐺,一個石榴。34So that there shall be a golden bell and a pomegranate, and again another golden bell and a pomegranate.
35當亞郎穿著行禮時,能聽見他進聖所到上主前,或者出來的聲音,免得他死亡。35And Aaron shall be vested with it in the office of his ministry, that the sound may be heard, when he goeth in and cometh out of the sanctuary, in the sight of the Lord, and that he may not die.
36應用純金製一個牌子,在上面像刻印章刻上「祝聖於上主」。36Thou shalt make also a plate of the purest gold: wherein thou shalt grave with engraver's work, Holy to the Lord.
37用紫繩子將牌子繫在禮冠上,即繫在禮冠的前面。37And thou shalt tie it with a violet fillet, and it shall be upon the mitre,
38那牌常在亞郎的額上,好叫亞郎擔當以色列子民祝聖各種聖物時,干犯聖物的罪過;那牌常在亞郎的額上,為使人民在上主前獲得悅納。38Hanging over the forehead of the high priest. And Aaron shall bear the iniquities of those things, which the children of Israel have offered and sanctified, in all their gifts and offerings. And the plate shall be always on his forehead, that the Lord may be well pleased with them.
39應用細麻編製長衣,並用細麻做禮冠;腰帶應是編成的。39And thou shalt gird the tunick with fine linen, and thou shalt make a fine linen mitre, and a girdle of embroidered work.
40也要為亞郎的兒子們做長衣、腰帶和頭巾,以示莊嚴美觀。40Moreover for the sons of Aaron thou shalt prepare linen tunicks, and girdles and mitres for glory and beauty:
41你把這些服裝給你哥哥亞郎和他的兒子穿上;給他們傅油,授與聖職,祝聖他們作我的司祭。41And with all these things thou shalt vest Aaron thy brother, and his sons with him. And thou shalt consecrate the hands of them all, and shalt sanctify them, that they may do the office of priesthood unto me.
42還應給他們用麻布做褲子,從腰部直到大腿,遮蓋他們的裸體。42Thou shalt make also linen breeches, to cover the flesh of their nakedness from the reins to the thighs:
43當亞郎和他的兒子們進入會幕或走近祭台,在聖所內行禮時,要穿上褲子,免得招致懲罰死亡:這為亞郎和他的後代是永遠的規律。43And Aaron and his sons shall use them when they shall go in to the tabernacle of the testimony, or when they approach the altar to minister in the sanctuary, lest being guilty of iniquity they die. It shall be a law for ever to Aaron, and to his seed after him.

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