Exodus:Chapter 27


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出谷紀 Exodus
1應用皂莢木做一祭壇:長五肘,寬五肘,祭壇為方形,高三肘。 1Thou shalt make also an altar of setim wood, which shall be five cubits long and as many broad, that is, foursquare, and three cubits high.
2在祭壇四角上做四翹角,四翹角應由祭壇突出,祭壇要包上銅。 2And there shall be horns at the four corners of the same: and thou shalt cover it with brass.
3再做收灰的盆、鏟、盤、肉叉和火盆:這一切用具都應是銅做的。 3And thou shalt make for the uses thereof pans to receive the ashes, and tongs and fleshhooks, and firepans: all its vessels thou shalt make of brass.
4為祭壇要做一架銅格子,好像網的製法,在網的四角上安上四個銅環, 4And a grate of brass in manner of a net: at the four corners of which shall be four rings of brass,
5將網安在壇下方的圍腰下,直到祭壇半腰。 5Which thou shalt put under the hearth of the altar: and the grate shall be even to the midst of the altar.
6再為祭壇做兩根杠桿,杠桿是皂莢木的,包上銅。 6Thou shalt make also two bars for the altar of setim wood, which thou shalt cover with plates of brass:
7杠桿應穿在環子內;抬祭壇時,杠桿常在祭壇兩邊。 7And thou shalt draw them through rings, and they shall be on both sides of the altar to carry it.
8祭壇應用木板做成,中心是空的。在山上怎樣指示了給你,就怎樣去做。 8Thou shalt not make it solid, but empty and hollow in the inside, as it was shewn thee in the mount.
9應做帳棚的庭院:為向陽的一面,即南面,用捻的細麻做庭院的帷幔;這一面長一百肘。 9Thou shalt make also the court of the tabernacle, in the south side whereof southward there shall be hangings of fine twisted linen of a hundred cubits long for one side.
10柱子二十根,銅卯座二十個,柱鉤和橫棍是銀的。 10And twenty pillars with as many sockets of brass, the heads of which with their engraving of silver.
11為北面也是一樣:帷幔長一百肘,柱子二十根,銅卯座二十個,柱鉤和橫棍是銀的。 11In like manner also on the north side there shall be hangings of a hundred cubits long, twenty pillars, and as many sockets of brass, and their heads with their engraving of silver.
12庭院的西面,帷幔寬五十肘,柱子十根,卯座十個。 12But in the breadth of the court, that looketh to the west, there shall be hangings of fifty cubits, and ten pillars, and as many sockets.
13庭院的前面即東面,寬五十肘; 13In that breadth also of the court, which looketh to the east, there shall be fifty cubits.
14這一邊帷幔十五肘,柱子三根,卯座三個; 14In which there shall be for one side hangings of fifteen cubits, and three pillars and as many sockets.
15另一邊帷幔也十五肘,柱子三根,卯座三個。 15And in the other side there shall be hangings of fifteen cubits, with three pillars and as many sockets.
16庭院的大門:門簾寬二十肘,是用紫色、紅色、朱紅色的毛線和捻的細麻織成的:柱子四根,卯座四個。 16And in the entrance of the court there shall be made a hanging of twenty cubits of violet and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine twisted linen, with embroidered work: it shall have four pillars with as many sockets.
17庭院所有的柱子,周圍用銀橫棍連貫起來;所有的鉤子是銀的,卯座是銅的。 17All the pillars of the court round about shall be garnished with plates of silver, silver heads and sockets of brass.
18庭院長一百肘,寬五十肘,高五肘;帷幔是細麻捻的,卯座是銅的。 18In length the court shall take up a hundred cubits, in breadth fifty, the height shall be of five cubits, and it shall be made of fine twisted linen, and shall have sockets of brass.
19帳棚內凡為敬禮用的一切器物,帳棚和庭院的一切橛子,都是銅的。 19All the vessels of the tabernacle for all uses and ceremonies, and the pins both of it, and of the court, thou shalt make of brass.
20你應吩咐以色列子民,叫他們把榨得的橄欖清油給你送來,為點燈用,好使燈時常點着。 20Command the children of Israel that they bring thee the purest oil of the olives, and beaten with a pestle: that a lamp may burn always,
21在會幕內,在約櫃前的帳幔外,亞郎和他的子孫應使這燈,由晚上到早晨,常在上主前點燃:這是以色列子民世世代代當守的常例。 21In the tabernacle of the testimony without the veil that hangs before the testimony. And Aaron and his sons shall order it, that it may give light before the Lord until the morning. It shall be a perpetual observance throughout their successions among the children of Israel.




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