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出谷紀 Exodus
1至於帳棚,應用十幅布幔做成;布幔用捻的細麻,紫色、紅色、朱紅色的毛線織成,用繡工繡上革魯賓。 1And thou shalt make the tabernacle in this manner: Thou shalt make ten curtains of fine twisted linen, and violet and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, diversified with embroidery.
2每幅布幔長二十八肘,寬四肘;每幅布幔都是一樣的尺寸。 2The length of one curtain shall be twenty-eight cubits, the breadth shall be four cubits. All the curtains shall be of one measure.
3五幅布幔相連縫在一起,另五幅也相連縫在一起。 3Five curtains shall be joined one to another, and the other five shall be coupled together in like manner.
4在這一組布幔末幅的邊上,應做上紫色的鈕;另一組布幔末幅的邊上,也應這樣作。 4Thou shalt make loops of violet in the sides and tops of the curtains, that they may be joined one to another.
5在這一幅上應做五十個鈕,在另一組布幔末幅的邊上,也應做上五十個鈕,這些鈕彼此相對。 5Every curtain shall have fifty loops on both sides, so set on, that one loop may be against another loop, and one may be fitted to the other.
6又做五十個金鉤,用鉤子使兩組布幔彼此相連,成為一個帳棚。 6Thou shalt make also fifty rings of gold wherewith the veils of the curtains are to be joined, that it may be made one tabernacle.
7再用山羊毛做布幔,作帳棚頂之用;共做布幔十一幅。 7Thou shalt make also eleven curtains of goats' hair, to cover the top of the tabernacle.
8每幅長三十肘,寬四肘;十一幅布幔都是一樣尺寸。 8The length of one hair curtain shall be thirty cubits: and the breadth four: the measure of all the curtains shall be equal.
9五幅布幔縫在一起,另六幅也縫在一起,但第六幅應在棚頂前面疊起。 9Five of which thou shalt couple by themselves, and the six others thou shalt couple one to another, so as to double the sixth curtain in the front of the roof.
10在這一組布幔末幅的邊上,做上五十個鈕,在另一組布幔末幅的邊上,也做上五十個鈕, 10Thou shalt make also fifty loops in the edge of one curtain, that it may be joined with the other: and fifty loops in the edge of the other curtain, that it may be coupled with its fellow.
11再製五十個銅鉤穿入鈕內:這樣使棚頂連結在一起,成為一個。 11Thou shalt make also fifty buckles of brass, wherewith the loops may be joined, that of all there may be made one covering.
12至於棚頂布幔多出的那一部份,即餘下的半幅布幔,應垂在帳棚後邊。 12And that which shall remain of the curtains, that are prepared for the roof, to wit, one curtain that is over and above, with the half thereof thou shalt cover the back parts of the tabernacle.
13棚頂布幔的長度多出來的每邊一肘,應垂在帳棚的兩邊,好遮住帳棚。 13And there shall hang down a cubit on the one side, and another on the other side, which is over and above in the length of the curtains, fencing both sides of the tabernacle.
14再用染紅的公羊皮蒙在棚頂上,上邊再蒙上海豚皮。 14Thou shalt make also another cover to the roof, of rams' skins dyed red; and over that again another cover of violet coloured skins.
15應用皂莢木做支帳棚用的木板。 15Thou shalt make also the boards of the tabernacle standing upright of setim wood.
16每塊木板高十肘,寬一肘半。 16Let every one of them be ten cubits in length, and in breadth one cubit and a half.
17每塊木板下要做兩個筍頭,彼此並列;帳棚所有的木板,全都這樣做。 17In the sides of the boards shall be made two mortises, whereby one board may be joined to another board: and after this manner shall all the boards be prepared.
18支帳棚的木板,在向陽的一面,即南邊,應做二十塊木板; 18Of which twenty shall be in the south side southward.
19在二十塊木板下邊做四十個銀卯座,每塊木板下兩個卯座,為安木板的兩筍頭。 19For which thou shalt cast forty sockets of silver, that under every board may be put two sockets at the two corners.
20為帳棚的另一面,即北邊,也應做二十塊木板, 20In the second side also the tabernacle that looketh to the north, there shall be twenty boards,
21也做四十個銀卯座,每塊木板下兩個卯座。 21Having forty sockets of silver, two sockets shall be put under each board.
22為帳棚的後面,即西邊,要做六塊木板; 22But on the west side of the tabernacle thou shalt make six boards.
23在帳棚後面的兩角上,各做兩塊木板; 23And again other two which shall be erected in the corners at the back of the tabernacle.
24木板下端應是雙的,直到上端第一環,都應是雙的。兩塊木板都應這樣做,形成兩個角。 24And they shall be joined together from beneath unto the top, and one joint shall hold them all. The like joining shall be observed for the two boards also that are to be put in the corners.
25所以共有八塊木板,十六個銀卯座,每塊木板下兩個卯座。 25And they shall be in all eight boards, and their silver sockets sixteen, reckoning two sockets for each board.
26再用皂莢木做橫木:為帳棚這一面木板做五根, 26Thou shalt make also five bars of setim wood, to hold together the boards on one side of the tabernacle.
27為帳棚另一面木板,也做五根橫木;為帳棚後面,即西邊的木板,也做五根橫木。 27And five others on the other side, and as many at the west side:
28在木板中間的那根橫木,應從這頭穿到那頭。 28And they shall be put along by the midst of the boards from one end to the other.
29木板應包上金,穿橫木的環子應是金做的,橫木也包上金。 29The boards also themselves thou shalt overlay with gold, and shall cast rings of gold to be set upon them, for places for the bars to hold together boardwork: which bars thou shalt cover with plates of gold.
30應依照在山上指示給你的式樣,建造帳棚。 30And thou shalt rear up the tabernacle according to the pattern that was shewn thee in the mount.
31應用紫色、紅色、朱紅色的毛線和捻的細麻做帳幔,用繡工繡上革魯賓。 31Thou shalt make also a veil of violet and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine twisted linen, wrought with embroidered work, and goodly variety:
32將帳幔掛在四根包金的皂莢木柱子上;柱釘應是金的,柱子應安在四個銀卯座上。 32And thou shalt hang it up before four pillars of setim wood, which themselves also shall be overlaid with gold, and shall have heads of gold, but sockets of silver.
33帳幔懸在鉤上;將約櫃抬到裏面即帳幔後面:這樣帳幔給你們隔成聖所和至聖所。 33And the veils shall be hanged on with rings, and within it thou shalt put the ark of the testimony, and the sanctuary, and the holy of holies shall be divided with it.
34將贖罪蓋安在至聖所內的約櫃上。 34And thou shalt set the propitiatory upon the ark of the testimony in the holy of holies.
35將供桌放在帳幔外邊;將燈台安置在帳棚的南邊,對着供桌,所以應把供桌放在北邊。 35And the table without the veil: and over against the table the candlestick in the south side of the tabernacle; for the table shall stand in the north side.
36再用紫色、紅色、朱紅色的毛線和捻的細麻,編織會幕的門簾。 36Thou shalt make also a hanging in the entrance of the tabernacle of violet and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine twisted linen with embroidered work.
37為掛門簾應做五根皂莢木柱子,包上金,柱釘應是金的;為柱子再鑄五個銅卯座。 37And thou shalt overlay with gold five pillars of setim wood, before which the hanging shall be drawn: their heads shall be of gold, and the sockets of brass.




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