Esther:Chapter 7


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艾斯德爾傳 Esther
1君王和哈曼同來與艾斯德爾王后宴飲。 1So the king and Aman went in, to drink with the queen.
2在這第二天的酒興之餘,王又對艾斯德爾說:「艾斯德爾后!你要求什麼,我必給你;不論你要求什麼,即便是半壁江山,也必照辦。」 2And the king said to her again the second day, after he was warm with wine: What is thy petition, Esther, that it may be granted thee? and what wilt thou have done: although thou ask the half of my kingdom, thou shalt have it.
3艾斯德爾后答說:「大王!如果我獲得你垂青寵愛,如果大王歡喜,請饒我一命,這是我的懇請;也饒我民族一命,這是我的要求, 3Then she answered: If I have found Favour in thy sight, O king, and if it please thee, give me my life for which I ask, and my people for which I request.
4因為我和我的民族,已被人出賣,快要遭受蹂躪、屠殺、毀滅。若是我們只被人賣為奴婢,那麼我必不開口;但這仇人毫不顧及君王所受的災害。」 4For we are given up, I and my people, to be destroyed, to be slain, and to perish. And would God we were sold for bondmen and bondwomen: the evil might be borne with, and I would have mourned in silence: but now we have an enemy, whose cruelty redoundeth upon the king.
5薛西斯王問艾斯德爾后說:「這人是誰?那心內打算作這事的人在那裏?」 5And king Assuerus answered and said: Who is this, and of what power, that he should do these things?
6艾斯德爾答說:「這仇人和死敵,就是這敗類哈曼。」哈曼立時在君王及王后前,驚惶萬分。 6And Esther said: It is this Aman that is our adversary and most wicked enemy. Aman hearing this was forthwith astonished, not being able to bear the countenance of the king and of the queen.
7於是君王勃然大怒,即刻退席,走進了御苑;哈曼遂起來懇求艾斯德爾后饒他一命,因為他看出了君王已決意要將他置於死地。 7But the king being angry rose up, and went from the place of the banquet into the garden set with trees. Aman also rose up to entreat Esther the queen for his life, for he understood that evil was prepared for him by the king.
8王由御苑回到餐廳,哈曼正俯伏在艾斯德爾所坐着的榻旁,王惡聲叱吒說:「在王宮內,當着我的面,居然膽敢存心侮辱王后!」王的話一出口,僕人就蒙起哈曼的臉。 8And when the king came back out of the garden set with trees, and entered into the place of the banquet, he found Aman was fallen upon the bed on which Esther lay, and he said: He will force the queen also in my presence, in my own house. The word was not yet gone out of the king's mouth, and immediately they covered his face.
9君王座前的一個太監哈波納說:「正巧,在哈曼家裏,有他給那位曾一言造福大王的摩爾德開,豎立的一個五十尺高的刑架。」王說:「將他懸在上面!」 9And Harbona, one of the eunuchs that stood waiting on the king, said: Behold the gibbet which he hath prepared for Mardochai, who spoke for the king, standeth in Aman's house, being fifty cubits high. And the king said to him: Hang him upon it.
10人們遂把哈曼懸在他自己為摩爾德開所做的刑架上;王的忿怒這纔平息。 10So Aman was hanged on the gibbet, which he had prepared for Mardochai: and the king's wrath ceased.




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