Esther:Chapter 6


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艾斯德爾傳 Esther
1那一夜,君王因失眠,便令人取大事錄,即年鑑來,在他面前誦讀。 1That night the king passed without sleep, and he commanded the histories and chronicles of former times to be brought him. And when they were reading them before him,
2書上這樣記載:摩爾德開如何告發了君王的兩個守門太監彼革堂和特勒士,企圖殺害薛西斯王的事。 2They came to that place where it was written, how Mardochai had discovered the treason of Bagathan and Thares the eunuchs, who sought to kill king Assuerus.
3王問說:「摩爾德開為這事得到什麼尊榮和地位?」服侍他的僕役答說:「他什麼也沒有得到。」 3And when the king heard this, he said: What honour and reward hath Mardochai received for this fidelity? His servants and ministers said to him: He hath received no reward at all.
4正當君王探聽摩爾德開的賢德時,恰巧哈曼在庭院裏,於是王問說:「是誰在庭院裏?」原來哈曼正走到了王宮的外庭,要請求君王把摩爾德開懸在他豎起的刑架上。 4And the king said immediately: Who is in the court? for Aman was coming in to the inner court of the king's house, to speak to the king, that he might order Mardochai to be hanged upon the gibbet which was prepared for him.
5王的僕役答應說:「是哈曼站在庭院裏。」王說:「叫他進來!」 5The servants answered: Aman standeth in the court, and the king said: Let him come in.
6哈曼進來,王對他說:「假如君王要顯耀一個人,應該怎樣對待他?」哈曼心想:除我以外,君王還能顯耀誰呢? 6And when he was come in, he said to him: What ought to be done to the man whom the king is desirous to honour? But Aman thinking in his heart, and supposing that the king would honour no other but himself,
7於是哈曼對君王說:「大王對願顯耀的人, 7Answered: The man whom the king desireth to honour,
8應拿出大王穿的龍袍和大王騎的頭戴「御馬冠」的駿馬; 8Ought to be clothed with the king's apparel, and to be set upon the horse that the king rideth upon, and to have the royal crown upon his head,
9將龍袍和駿馬交給大王的一個大臣,叫他給大王所要顯耀的人穿上,領他騎着御馬在城中的廣場遊行,還要有人走在他前面喊道:看,凡皇上願意顯耀的人,就是這樣的待他。」 9And let the first of the king's princes and nobles hold his horse, and going through the street of the city, proclaim before him and say: Thus shall he be honoured, whom the king hath a mind to honour.
10王對哈曼說:「趕快拿龍袍和駿馬來,就照你所說的,去對待坐在御門旁的那猶太人摩爾德開罷!凡你所說的,一點也不可忽略!」 10And the king said to him: Make haste and take the robe and the horse, and do as thou hast spoken to Mardochai the Jew, who sitteth before the gates of the palace. Beware thou pass over any of those things which thou hast spoken.
11哈曼就拿了龍袍和駿馬來,先給摩爾德開穿上龍袍,然後扶他騎上駿馬,領他在市內的廣場遊行,還走在他前面喊道:「凡皇上願意顯耀的人,就是這樣的待他。」 11So Aman took the robe and the horse, and arraying Mardochai in the street of the city, and setting him on the horse, went before him, and proclaimed: This honour is he worthy of, whom the king hath a mind to honour.
12事後,摩爾德開回到御門,哈曼卻趕快回了家,蒙着頭飲泣。 12But Mardochai returned to the palace gate: and Aman made haste to go to his house, mourning and having his head covered:
13哈曼將所遭遇的,都給他的愛妻則勒士和朋友述說了。他的謀士和愛妻則勒士對他說:「在摩爾德開前,你既開始失敗,如果他真是猶太人,你決不能得勝他,終必敗於他前。」 13And he told Zares his wife, and his friends, all that had befallen him. And the wise men whom he had in counsel, and his wife answered him: If Mardochai be of the seed of the Jews, before whom thou hast begun to fall, thou canst not resist him, but thou shalt fall in his sight.
14他們正同他談論時,王的太監來催哈曼赴艾斯德爾設的盛宴。 14As they were yet speaking, the king's eunuchs came, and compelled him to go quickly to the banquet which the queen had prepared.




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