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艾斯德爾傳 Esther
1薛西斯王向陸地及各海島的居民徵稅。 1And king Assuerus made all the land, and all the islands of the sea tributary.
2他所行偉大英勇的事蹟,以及顯耀摩爾德開的詳細經過,都記載在瑪待和波斯君王的年鑑上。 2And his strength and his empire, and the dignity and greatness wherewith he exalted Mardochai, are written in the books of the Medes, and of the Persians:
3猶太人摩爾德開,位僅次於薛西斯王,受猶太人的敬重,受他全體同胞的愛戴;他也努力為他的民族謀幸福,關心他的整個種族的安全。 3And how Mardochai of the race of the Jews, was next after king Assuerus: and great among the Jews, and acceptable to the people of his brethren, seeking the good of his people, and speaking those things which were for the welfare of his seed.
4摩爾德開說:「這一切都是天主一手完成的: 4Then Mardochai said: God hath done these things.
5對這一切,我還記得我作的夢,果然都一一應驗了: 5I remember a dream that I saw, which signified these same things: and nothing thereof hath failed.
6那變成大河的小泉,其上照耀着像太陽的曙光,和凶湧的水,──艾斯德爾就是這大河,君王娶了她,立為王后; 6The little fountain which grew into a river, and was turned into a light, and into the sun, and abounded into many waters, is Esther, whom the king married, and made queen.
7那兩條巨龍,便是我和哈曼; 7But the two dragons are I and Aman.
8萬民就是那些團結起來,要剷除猶太人名號的群眾; 8The nations that were assembled are they that endeavoured to destroy the name of the Jews.
9我的民族,就是以色列,他們向天主哀號,而獲得了救援;上主救了他的百姓,上主使我們脫離了這一切禍患,天主在萬民中做了空前未有的奇蹟和偉業。 9And my nation is Israel, who cried to the Lord, and the Lord saved his people: and he delivered us from all evils, and hath wrought great signs and wonders among the nations:
10因此,天主制定了兩籤:一籤為天主的百姓,一籤為其他的民族。 10And he commanded that there should be two lots, one of the people of God, and the other of all the nations.
11這兩籤在天主為萬民所指定的時日,出現在天主前; 11And both lots came to the day appointed already from that time before God to all nations:
12天主想起了他的民族,保護了他的家業。 12And the Lord remembered his people, and had mercy on his inheritance.
13「阿達爾」月的十四十五兩天,為他們將成為以色列民族中,世世代代,永遠在天主台前歡聚喜樂的慶辰。仆托肋米與克婁帕特辣執政第四年,自稱為司祭兼肋未人的多息太,與他的兒子仆托肋米帶來了上述「普陵節」的紀錄,他們肯定這紀錄是真實可信的,並且說是耶路撒冷居民中的仆托肋米的兒子里息瑪苛翻譯的。 13And these days shall be observed in the month of Adar on the fourteenth, and fifteenth day of the same month. with all diligence, and joy of the people gathered into one assembly, throughout all the generations hereafter of the people of Israel.




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