Ecclesiastes:Chapter 8


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訓道篇 Ecclesiastes
1有誰相似智者,有誰會解釋事理?智慧使人的面容煥發,使嚴肅的容貌變為溫和。 1The wisdom of a man shineth in his countenance, and the most mighty will change his face.
2為了向天主起的誓,你應遵守君王的命令; 2I observe the mouth of the king, and the commandments of the oath of God.
3你不可由他面前倉猝離去;也不可行惡,因為凡他喜歡的事,都可隨意執行。 3Be not hasty to depart from his face, and do not continue in an evil work: for he will do all that pleaseth him:
4原來君王的話具有威力,誰敢向他說:「你做什麼?」 4And his word is full of power: neither can any man say to him: Why dost thou so?
5遵守誡命的,不會遇到災禍;智者的心能辨識時機和審斷。 5He that keepeth the commandments shall find no evil. The heart of a wise man understandeth time and answer.
6的確,事事都有定時和定案;但重大的負擔仍壓在人身上, 6There is a time and opportunity for every business, and great affliction for man:
7因為人不知道將來要發生什麼事,有誰能告訴他,何時要發生? 7Because he is ignorant of things past, and things to come he cannot know by any messenger.
8沒有人有權將生氣保留不失,也沒有人能支配死期;戰場上沒有人能退役,邪惡救不了作惡的人。 8It is not in man's power to stop the spirit, neither hath he power in the day of death, neither is he suffered to rest when war is at hand, neither shall wickedness save the wicked.
9我看見了這一切,專心研究在太陽下所行的一切事:有時統治人的人,自受其害; 9All these things I have considered, and applied my heart to all the works that are done under the sun. Sometimes one man ruleth over another to his own hurt.
10有時我看見惡人被抬去安葬,而行義的人卻離開聖處,而在城中被人遺忘:這也是虛幻。 10I saw the wicked buried: who also when they were yet living were in the holy place, and were praised in the city as men of just works: but this also is vanity.
11因為懲惡的定案未有迅速執行,世人因此充滿了行惡的偏向。 11For because sentence is not speedily pronounced against the evil, the children of men commit evils without any fear.
12惡人雖百次行惡,仍享長壽,姑且不論;我確實知道,那敬畏天主的人,因他們在天主前起敬起畏,必得幸福; 12But though a sinner do evil a hundred times, and by patience be borne withal, I know from thence that it shall be well with them that fear God, who dread his face.
13而惡人必得不到幸福,他的時日如影,決不能久長,因為他不敬畏天主。 13But let it not be well with the wicked, neither let his days be prolonged, but as a shadow let them pass away that fear not the face of the Lord.
14在世上還有一件虛幻的事:就是義人所遭遇的,反如惡人所應得的;而惡人所遭遇的,反如義人所應得的;我遂說:這也是虛幻。 14There is also another vanity, which is done upon the earth. There are just men to whom evils happen, as though they had done the works of the wicked: and there are wicked men, who are as secure, as though they had the deeds of the just: but this also I judge most vain.
15為此,我稱讚快樂,因為在太陽下,人除了吃喝行樂外,別無幸福;因為這是人在天主賞他在太陽下的一生歲月內,從他的勞苦中,所獲得的幸福。 15Therefore I commended mirth, because there was no good for a man under the sun, but to eat, and drink, and be merry, and that he should take nothing else with him of his labour in the days of his life, which God hath given him under the sun.
16當我專心追求智慧,觀察人在世上,連黑夜白日都不能閉目安眠,所行的工作時, 16And I applied my heart to know wisdom, and to understand the distraction that is upon earth: for there are some that day and night take no sleep with their eyes.
17我面對天主的一切作為,發覺人決不能知道在太陽下所發生的一切事。人雖然努力研究,終歸無法得知;縱然有智者以為知道了,仍是一無所知。 17And I understood that man can find no reason of all those works of God that are done under the sun: and the more he shall labour to seek, so much the less shall he find: yea, though the wise man shall say, that he knoweth it, he shall not be able to find it.




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