Ecclesiastes:Chapter 6


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訓道篇 Ecclesiastes
1我看見在太陽下,另有一種不幸,重壓在人身上: 1There is also another evil, which I have seen under the sun, and that frequent among men:
2有一人,天主賜他富裕、錢財、光榮;凡他心中所願意的,一件也不缺;但天主沒有讓他享用這一切,卻讓外人享用了:這也是空虛,是一件很悲慘的事。 2A man to whom God hath given riches, and substance, and honour, and his soul wanteth nothing of all that he desireth: yet God doth not give him power to eat thereof, but a stranger shall eat it up. This is vanity and a great misery.
3一人生有百子,活了很大歲數,他年紀雖高,卻沒有隨心享受福樂,且未得安葬,照我看來,他還不如流產的胎兒。 3If a man beget a hundred children, and live many years, and attain to a great age, and his soul make no use of the goods of his substance, and he be without burial: of this man I pronounce, that the untimely born is better than he.
4流產的胎兒徒然而來,悄然而去,他的名字也湮沒無聞; 4For he came in vain, and goeth to darkness, and his name shall be wholly forgotten.
5他沒有見過天日,也沒有任何知覺,但他總比那人更享安寧。 5He hath not seen the sun, nor known the distance of good and evil:
6那人即便活了兩千歲,如未享受福樂,他們二人豈不是同歸一處? 6Although he lived two thousand years, and hath not enjoyed good things: do not all make haste to one place?
7人的一切勞碌都是為了口腹,但他的慾望卻總不知滿足。 7All the labour of man is for his mouth, but his soul shall not be filled.
8智者較愚者究有什麼利益?知道如何與人往來的窮人,能得什麼好處? 8What hath the wise man more than the fool? and what the poor man, but to go thither, where there is life?
9眼看見過的總勝過心所想望的:這也是空虛,也是追風。 9Better it is to see what thou mayst desire, than to desire that which thou canst not know. But this also is vanity, and presumption of spirit.
10已往所有的,都已有名可稱;人為何物,都已知道;人決不能與強於自己的抗辯。 10He that shall be, his name is already called: and it is known, that he is man, and cannot contend in judgment with him that is stronger than himself.
11說話多,必多空談:這對人能有什麼益處? 11There are many words that have much vanity in disputing.
12在空虛,消逝如影的人生少數歲月內,有誰知道什麼事對人有益?又有誰能給人指示,他身後在太陽下要發生什麼事? 12




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