Ecclesiastes:Chapter 4


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訓道篇 Ecclesiastes
1我又轉目注視在太陽下所行的一切暴行:看,受壓迫者眼淚汪流,卻無人安慰;壓迫人者手中只有權勢,卻無人加以援助。 1I turned myself to other things, and I saw the oppressions that are done under the sun, and the tears of the innocent, and they had no comforter; and they were not able to resist their violence, being destitute of help from any.
2於是我聲稱那已死去的人,比現今還活着的人更為有福, 2And I praised the dead rather than the living:
3那還沒有出世的人,比這兩等人更為有福,因為他還沒見到太陽下所行的惡事。 3And I judged him happier than them both, that is not yet born, nor hath seen the evils that are done under the sun.
4我也看出各種勞苦和一切工作的技巧,都是出於人彼切間的競爭:這也是空虛,也是追風。 4Again I considered all the labours of men, and I remarked that their industries are exposed to the envy of their neighhour: so in this also there is vanity, and fruitless care.
5愚人交臂叉手,是自食己肉。 5The fool foldeth his hands together, and eateth his own flesh, saying:
6捧一把安逸,勝過兩把勞苦和追風。 6Better is a handful with rest, than both hands full with labour, and vexation of mind.
7我又轉睛,看見在太陽下有件空虛的事: 7Considering I found also another vanity under the sun:
8有個孤獨無伴的人,既沒有兒子,又沒有兄弟,卻時常勞苦不息,他的眼總是貪得無厭,從來不問:「我辛辛苦苦,節制享樂,究竟是為誰?」這也是空虛和大不幸。 8There is but one, and he hath not a second, no child, no brother, and yet he ceaseth not to labour, neither are his eyes satisfied with riches, neither doth he reflect, saying: For whom do I labour, and defraud my soul of good things? in this also is vanity, and a grievous vexation.
9兩人勝過一人,因為兩人工作,酬報優厚: 9It is better therefore that two should be together, than one: for they have the advantage of their society:
10若一個跌倒了,另一個可扶起自己的同伴。哀哉孤獨者!他若跌倒了,沒有另一人扶起他來。 10If one fall he shall be supported by the other: woe to him that is alone, for when he falleth, he hath none to lift him up.
11又如兩人同眠,都感溫暖;若孤獨一人,怎能暖和? 11And if two lie together, they shall warm one another: how shall one alone be warmed?
12若一人抵不住一人,兩人就能抵住。──三股繩,不易斷。 12And if a man prevail against one, two shall withstand him: a threefold cord is not easily broken.
13一個貧寒而明智的青年,勝過一個年老昏愚,而總不採納忠言的君王。 13Better is a child that is poor and wise, than a king that is old and foolish, who knoweth not to foresee for hereafter.
14這青年雖在國中出身貧寒,但由獄中出來,執政為王; 14Because out of prison and chains sometimes a man cometh forth to a kingdom: and another born king is consumed with poverty.
15我看見一切在太陽下行走的活人,都擁護青年人,新繼位者,來代替老王。 15I saw all men living, that walk under the sun with the second young man, who shall rise up in his place.
16擁護他為領袖的人民,多得無數;但日後,那些後來的人卻不喜歡他:這也是空虛,也是追風。 16The number of the people, of all that were before him is infinite: and they that shall come afterwards, shall not rejoice in him: but this also is vanity, and vexation of spirit.
17你往天主的殿裏去時,要小心邁步;你前去聽道,勝過愚人獻祭,因為他們只知作惡。 17Keep thy foot, when thou goest into the house of God, and draw nigh to hear. For much better is obedience, than the victims of fools, who know not what evil they do.




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