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申命紀 Deuteronomy
1以後,我們照上主對我吩咐的,轉向紅海出發,往曠野進行,我們圍着色依爾山地繞行了很久。 1And departing from thence we came into the wilderness that leadeth to the Red Sea, as the Lord had spoken to me: and we compassed mount Seir a long time.
2那時上主對我說: 2And the Lord said to me:
3『你們繞行這山地已夠久了,如今該轉向北方。 3You have compassed this mountain long enough: go toward the north:
4你吩咐人民說:你們要經過你們的兄弟厄撒烏子孫所住的色依爾地區;他們必畏懼你們,但你們卻應小心, 4And command thou the people, saying: You shall pass by the borders of your brethren the children of Esau, who dwell in Seir, and they will be afraid of you.
5不要與他們挑戰,因為他們的地,連腳掌那麼大的一塊地,我也沒有給你們,因為我已將色依爾山地給了厄撒烏作產業。 5Take ye then good heed that you stir not against them. For I will not give you of their land so much as the step of one foot can tread upon, because I have given mount Seir to Esau, for a possession.
6你們應用錢向他們買糧吃,用錢向他們買水喝。 6You shall buy meats of them for money and shall eat: you shall draw waters for money, and shall drink.
7的確,上主你的天主祝福了你所作的一切,護衛你經過了這遼闊的曠野,這四十年來,上主你的天主常與你同在,使你什麼也不曾缺少。』 7The Lord thy God hath blessed thee in every work of thy hands: the Lord thy God dwelling with thee, knoweth thy journey, how thou hast passed through this great wilderness, for forty years, and thou hast wanted nothing.
8於是我們繞過了我們的兄弟厄撒烏的子孫所住的色依爾,沿阿辣巴路到了厄拉特,和厄茲雍革貝爾,然後轉向摩阿布曠野進發。 8And when we had passed by our brethren the children of Esau, that dwelt in Seir, by the way of the plain from Elath and from Asiongaber, we came to the way that leadeth to the desert of Moab.
9那時上主對我說:『不要擾亂摩阿布人,不要與他們挑戰,他們的土地我一點也不會給你作產業,因為我已將阿爾給了羅特子孫作產業。 9And the Lord said to me: Fight not against the Moabites, neither go to battle against them: for I will not give thee any of their land, because I have given Ar to the children of Lot in possession.
10【原先住在那裏的,是強大眾多,身材魁偉像阿納克人的厄明民族。 10The Emims first were the inhabitants thereof, a people great, and strong, and so tall, that like the race of the Enacims,
11他們像阿納克人一樣,也算是勒法因人,但摩阿布人卻稱他們為厄明人。 11They were esteemed as giants, and were like the sons of the Enacims. But the Moabites call them Emims.
12同樣,在色依爾原先住有曷黎人;但厄撒烏的子孫侵佔了他們的產業,消滅了他們,住在他們境內,就如以色列人對上主賜給他們作產業的土地所做的一樣。】 12The Horrhites also formerly dwelt in Seir: who being driven out and destroyed, the children of Esau dwelt there, as Israel did in the land of his possession, which the Lord gave him.
13你們現在起身,過則勒得溪。』我們就過了則勒得溪。 13Then rising up to pass the torrent Zared, we came to it.
14從離開卡德士巴爾乃亞到我們過了則勒得溪所用的時間,共計三十八年,直到能作戰的那一代,照上主對他們所起的誓,由營中完全消滅。 14And the time that we journeyed from Cadesbarne till we passed over the torrent Zared, was thirty-eight years: until all the generation of the men that were fit for war was consumed out of the camp, as the Lord had sworn:
15實在是上主的手攻擊了他們,使他們由營中完全消滅。 15For his hand was against them, that they should perish from the midst of the camp.
16所有的戰士由民中死盡以後, 16And after all the fighting men were dead,
17上主吩咐我說: 17The Lord spoke to me, saying:
18『你今天路過摩阿布的領土,即阿爾, 18Thou shalt pass this day the borders of Moab, the city named Ar:
19就要面臨阿孟子民;但不要擾亂他們,不要與他們挑戰,阿孟子民的土地我一點也不會給你作產業,因為我已將這地給了羅特子孫作產業。』 19And when thou comest nigh the frontiers of the children of Ammon, take heed thou fight not against them, nor once move to battle: for I will not give thee of the land of the children of Ammon, because I have given it to the children of Lot for a possession.
20【這地也算是勒法因人地,勒法因人先前住在那裏,阿孟人稱他們為「匝默組明」。 20It was accounted a land of giants: and giants formerly dwelt in it, whom the Ammonites call Zomzommims,
21他們像阿納克人一樣,是強大眾多,身材魁偉的民族;但上主卻由阿孟人面前消滅了他們,使阿孟人佔有他們的產業,住在他們境內, 21A people great and many, and of tall stature, like the Enacims whom the Lord destroyed before their face: and he made them to dwell in their stead,
22正如上主為住在色依爾的厄撒烏子孫所做的一樣:即由他們面前消滅了曷黎人,使厄撒烏的子孫佔有他們的產業,住在他們的境內,直到今日。 22As he had done in favour of the children of Esau, that dwell in Seir, destroying the Horrhites, and delivering their land to them, which they possess to this day.
23同樣,阿威人原先住在迦薩附近各村莊內,有加非托爾人由加非托爾來,將他們消滅,住在他們境內。】 23The Hevites also, that dwelt in Haserim as far as Gaza, were expelled by the Cappadocians: who came out of Cappadocia, and destroyed them, and dwelt in their stead.
24你們起身出發,過阿爾農河。看,我已將阿摩黎人赫市朋王息紅和他的土地交在你手中;進軍佔領,與他交戰。 24Arise ye, and pass the torrent Arnon: Behold I have delivered into thy hand Sehon king of Hesebon the Amorrhite, and begin thou to possess his land and make war against him.
25從今日起,我要使天下萬民在你面前驚慌害怕,使他們一聽見你的消息就戰慄;一看見你的面目就發抖。 25This day will I begin to send the dread and fear of thee upon the nations that dwell under the whole heaven: that when they hear thy name they may fear and tremble, and be in pain like women in travail.
26我於是由刻德摩特曠野,派遣使者到赫市朋王息紅那裏,和平談判說: 26So I sent messengers from the wilderness of Cademoth to Sehon the king of Hesebon with peaceable words, saying:
27讓我從你國內經過,我只走大道,不偏右也不偏左。 27We will pass through thy land, we will go along by the highway: we will not turn aside neither to the right hand nor to the left.
28你按價錢賣給我糧吃,按價錢供給我水喝;只讓我步行過去,── 28Sell us meat for money, that we may eat: give us water for money and so we will drink. We only ask that thou wilt let us pass through,
29如住在色依爾的厄撒烏子孫和住在阿爾的摩阿布人,對我所做的一樣,──好使我過約但河,進入上主我們的天主賜給我們的地方。 29As the children of Esau have done, that dwell in Seir, and the Moabites, that abide in Ar: until we come to the Jordan, and pass to the land which the Lord our God will give us.
30但是赫市朋王息紅,不肯讓我們從他那裏經過,因為上主你的天主使他頑固,使他心硬,好將他交在你手中,就如今日一樣。 30And Sehon the king of Hesebon would not let us pass: because the Lord thy God had hardened his spirit, and fixed his heart, that he might be delivered into thy hands, as now thou seest.
31上主對我說:『看,我已將息紅和他的土地交給了你,你應進軍佔領他的土地。』 31And the Lord said to me: Behold I have begun to deliver unto thee Sehon and his land, begin to possess it.
32那時息紅和他所有的民眾出來攻擊我們,在雅哈茲與我們交戰; 32And Sehon came out to meet us with all his people to fight at Jasa.
33但上主我們的天主將他交給了我們,我們擊殺了他,他的兒子和他所有的人民。 33And the Lord our God delivered him to us: and we slew him with his sons and all his people.
34同時我們也佔領了他所有的城邑,照毀滅律將全城破壞,不論男女或幼童,全都殺死,沒有留下一個, 34And we took all his cities at that time, killing the inhabitants of them, men and women and children. We left nothing of them:
35只留下了牲畜和由佔領的城邑中所奪的財物,作我們的戰利品。 35Except the cattle which came to the share of them that took them: and the spoils of the cities, which we took:
36由阿爾農谷邊的阿洛厄爾和谷中的城直到基肋阿得,沒有一座城不被我們攻下的,上主我們的天主將這一切全交給了我們, 36From Aroer, which is upon the bank of the torrent Amen, a town that is situate in a valley, as far as Galaad. There was not a village or city, that escaped our hands: the Lord our God delivered all unto us:
37只有阿孟子孫的土地,即雅波克河一帶和山地的城邑,你沒有進攻,全照上主我們的天主所吩咐的。 37Except the land of the children of Ammon, to which we approached not: and all that border upon the torrent Jeboc, and the cities in the mountains, and all the places which the Lord our God forbade us.




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