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申命紀 Deuteronomy
1梅瑟將所有的以色列人召來,對他們說:你們親自看見了上主當着你們的面,在埃及地對法郎,對他的臣僕,對他全國所做的一切, 1These are the words of the covenant which the Lord commanded Moses to make with the children of Israel in the land of Moab: beside that covenant which he made with them in Horeb.
2那些驚人的折磨、神蹟和偉大的奇事,你們都親眼看見過。 2And Moses called all Israel, and said to them: You have seen all the things that the Lord did before you in the land of Egypt to Pharao, and to all his servants, and to his whole land.
3但是,直到今天,上主還沒有給你們一顆能明瞭的心,能看見的眼,能聽見的耳。 3The great temptations, which thy eyes have seen, those mighty signs and wonders,
4我在曠野四十年之久領導你們,你們身上的衣服沒有穿壞,腳上的鞋也沒有穿破; 4And the Lord hath not given you a heart to understand, and eyes to see, and ears that may hear, unto this present day.
5當時你們沒有吃糧食,也沒有喝清酒醇酒,這是要你們知道,我上主是你們的天主。 5He hath brought you forty years through the desert: your garments are not worn out, neither are the shoes of your feet consumed with age.
6你們一來到此地,赫市朋王息紅和巴商王敖格出來與我們交戰,我們擊敗了他們, 6You have not eaten bread, nor have you drunk wine or strong drink: that you might know that I am the Lord your God.
7佔領了他們的土地,分給了勒烏本人和加得人以及默納協半個支派作產業。 7And you came to this place: sand Sehon king of Hesebon, and Og king of Basan, came out against us to fight. And we slew them.
8所以你們應謹守遵行這盟約的話,好使你們在所做的一切事上,都能順利。 8And took their land, and delivered it for a possession to Ruben and Gad, and the half tribe of Manasses.
9今天你們全都站在上主你們的天主面前,──你們的首領、族長、長老、官長、和以色列所有的男子, 9Keep therefore the words of this covenant, and fulfill them: that you may understand all that you do.
10你們的幼小和妻子,以及在你營中的外方人,從為你砍柴到為你汲水的人,── 10You all stand this day before the Lord your God, your princes, and tribes, and ancients, and doctors, all the people of Israel,
11都來同上主你的天主締結盟約。即上主你的天主今天與你所立的附有詛咒的誓約, 11Your children and your wives, and the stranger that abideth with thee in the camp, besides the hewers of wood, and them that bring water:
12好叫他今天,有如他向你所許過的,有如他向你祖先亞巴郎、依撒格和雅各伯所誓許的:立你做他的人民,他做你的天主。 12That thou mayst pass in the covenant of the Lord thy God, and in the oath which this day the Lord thy God maketh with thee.
13我不但與你們立這約和這誓, 13That he may raise thee up a people to himself, and he may be thy God as he hath spoken to thee, and as he swore to thy fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
14而且也與那些今天與我們同站在上主我們的天主面前的人,和那些今天不與我們同在這裏的人立約。 14Neither with you only do I make this covenant, and confirm these oaths,
15你們清楚知道,我們怎樣在埃及地住過,怎樣由一些民族中間走過; 15But with all that are present and that are absent.
16你們也見過他們的醜惡之物和他們那裏所有的木、石、金、銀的偶像。 16For you know how we dwelt in the land of Egypt, and how we have passed through the midst of nations, and passing through them,
17惟願在你們中沒有一個男人或女人,或家族,或支派,今日存心遠離上主我們的天主,去奉事這些民族的神;惟願在他們中沒有一根生出毒草和苦艾的根子, 17You have seen their abominations and filth, that is to say, their idols, wood and stone, silver and gold, which they worshipped.
18以致有人在聽了這咒誓之後心中慶幸說:「我雖隨心所欲地行事,仍平安無事。」這要使濕地與乾地同歸於盡。 18Lest perhaps there should be among you a man or a woman, a family or a tribe, whose heart is turned away this day from the Lord our God, to go and serve the gods of those nations: and there should be among you a root bringing forth gall and bitterness.
19上主決不肯寬恕他;上主的烈怒和憤恨必向這人發作,這書上載的一切詛咒都要降在他身上,上主必由天下抹去他的名字。 19And when he shall hear the words of this oath, he should bless himself in his heart saying: I shall have peace, and will walk on in the naughtiness of my heart: and the drunken may consume the thirsty,
20上主將把他由以色列各支派中分出,照這法律書上所載的一切詛咒,使他遭受災禍。 20And the Lord should not forgive him: but his wrath and jealousy against that man should be exceedingly enkindled at that time, and all the curses that are written in this volume should light upon him: and the Lord should blot out his name from under heaven,
21未來的一代,即繼你們而興起的子孫,和遠地來的外方人,見了這地的災禍和上主所降的災殃, 21And utterly destroy him out of all the tribes of Israel, according to the curses that are contained in the book of this law and covenant:
22見了硫磺、鹽鹵和被焚毀的整個地區,不能耕種,沒有出產,寸草不生,正如上主在忿怒和氣憤中消滅的索多瑪、哈摩辣、阿瑪德和責波殷所受的破壞一樣, 22And the following generation shall say, and the children that shall be born hereafter, and the strangers that shall come from afar, seeing the plagues of that land and the evils wherewith the Lord hath afflicted it,
23各民族要問說:「為什麼上主這樣對待了這地?這盛怒為何如此猛烈?」 23Burning it with brimstone, and the heat of salt, so that it cannot be sown any more, nor any green thing grow therein, after the example of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrha, Adama and Seboim, which the Lord destroyed in his wrath and indignation:
24人必回答說:「這是因為他們離棄了上主他們祖先的天主,領他們出埃及地時,與他們所締結的盟約, 24And all the nations shall say: Why hath the Lord done thus to this land? what meaneth this exceeding great heat of his wrath?
25而去事奉了其他的神,叩拜了他們素不認識,沒有給他們指定的神; 25And they shall answer: Because they forsook the covenant of the Lord, which he made with their fathers, when he brought them out of the land of Egypt:
26上主於是向這地大發忿怒,使這書上記載的一切詛咒都降在這地上。 26And they have served strange gods, and adored them, whom they knew not, and for whom they had not been assigned:
27上主遂在忿怒激忿和烈怒中,將他們由本地拔除,拋棄在異國,就像今天一樣。」 27Therefore the wrath of the Lord was kindled against this land, to bring upon it all the curses that are written in this volume:
28隱密的事,屬於上主我們的天主,已啟示的事,卻永遠與我們和我們的子孫有關,為叫我們實行這法律上的一切話。 28And he hath cast them out of their land, in anger and in wrath, and in very great indignation, and hath thrown them into a strange land, as it is seen this day.
29 29Secret things to the Lord our God: things that are manifest, to us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.




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