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申命紀 Deuteronomy
1如果一人娶了妻,佔有她之後,在她身上發現了什麼難堪的事,因而不喜悅她,便給她寫了休書,交在她手中,叫她離開他的家, 1If a man take a wife, and have her, and she find not favour in his eyes, for some uncleanness: he shall write a bill of divorce, and shall give it in her hand, and send her out of his house.
2而這女子走出了他的家,又去嫁給了另一人為妻, 2And when she is departed, and marrieth another husband,
3如果後夫又憎惡她,給她寫了休書,交在她手中,叫她離開他的家,或者娶她為妻的後夫死了, 3And he also hateth her, and hath given her a bill of divorce, and hath sent her out of his house or is dead:
4那麼,那休她的前夫,在她受了污辱之後,不能再娶她為妻,因為這在上主面前是可憎惡的事;你不可使上主你的天主賜給你作產業的土地陷於罪惡。 4The former husband cannot take her again to wife: because she is defiled, and is become abominable before the Lord: lest thou cause thy land to sin, which the Lord thy God shall give thee to possess.
5人娶了新婦,不應從軍出征,也不可派他擔任什麼職務;他應在家享受一年自由,使他新娶的妻子快活。 5When a man hath lately taken a wife, he shall not go out to war, neither shall any public business be enjoined him, but he shall be free at home without fault, that for one year he may rejoice with his wife.
6不可拿人的磨,或上面的一塊磨石作抵押,因為這無異是拿人的性命作抵押。 6Thou shalt not take the nether, nor the upper millstone to pledge: for he hath pledged his life to thee.
7若發現一人拐帶了以色列子民中的一個兄弟,叫他充當奴隸,或將他販賣於人,這拐子應處死刑:這樣你由你中間剷除了這邪惡。 7If any man be found soliciting his brother of the children of Israel, and selling him shall take a price, he shall be put to death, and thou shalt take away the evil from the midst of thee.
8遇有癩病的情形,應全照肋未司祭指教你們的,謹慎遵行。我怎樣吩咐了他們,你們就怎樣遵守執行。 8Observe diligently that thou incur not the stroke of the leprosy, but thou shalt do whatsoever the priests of the Levitical race shall teach thee, according to what I have commanded them, and fulfill thou it carefully.
9你應記得你們出埃及後,在途中,上主你的天主對米黎盎所做的事。 9Remember what the Lord your God did to Mary, in the way when you came out of Egypt.
10幾時你借給你近人什麼,不可走進他家索取抵押; 10When thou shalt demand of thy neighbour any thing that he oweth thee, thou shalt not go into his house to take away a pledge:
11應站在外面,等那借貸的人把抵押給你拿出來。 11But then shalt stand without, and he shall bring out to thee what he hath.
12倘若他是個貧苦人,你不可帶着他的抵押去睡覺。 12But if he be poor, the pledge shall not lodge with thee that night,
13反之,在日落時,務要將抵押還給他,好叫他睡在自己的外衣裏祝福你;這在上主你的天主面前,算是你的功德。 13But thou shalt restore it to him presently before the going down of the sun: that he may sleep in his own raiment and bless thee, and thou mayst have justice before the Lord thy God.
14貧苦可憐的傭工,不論是你的一個兄弟,或是你城鎮地區內的一個外方人,你不應欺壓他, 14Thou shalt not refuse the hire of the needy, and the poor, whether he be thy brother, or a stranger that dwelleth with thee in the land, and is within thy gates:
15應在當天,交給他工錢,不要等到日落;因為他貧苦,他急需工錢用,免得他對你不滿而呼求上主,你就不免有罪了。 15But thou shalt pay him the price of his labour the same day, before the going down of the sun, because he is poor, and with it maintaineth his life: lest he cry against thee to the Lord, and it be reputed to thee for a sin.
16不可為兒子的罪處死父親,亦不可為父親的罪處死兒子:每人應為自己的罪被處死刑。 16The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, nor the children for the fathers, but every one shall die for his own sin.
17不可侵犯外方人或孤兒的權利,不可拿寡婦的衣服作抵押; 17Thou shalt not pervert the judgment of the stranger nor of the fatherless, neither shalt thou take away the widow's raiment for a pledge.
18應記得你在埃及曾做過奴隸,上主你的天主曾將你由那裏救出:為此我吩咐你應遵行這條命令。 18Remember that thou wast a slave in Egypt, and the Lord thy God delivered thee from thence. Therefore I command thee to do this thing.
19當你在田間收割莊稼時,如在田中忘下了一捆,不要再回去拾取,要留下給外方人、孤兒和寡婦,好叫上主你的天主在你做的一切事上祝福你。 19When thou hast reaped the corn in thy field, and hast forgot and left a sheaf, thou shalt not return to take it away: but thou shalt suffer the stranger, and the fatherless and the widow to take it away: that the Lord thy God may bless thee in all the works of thy hands.
20當你打橄欖樹時,不要再回去打樹枝上所剩的,應留給外方人、孤兒和寡婦。 20If thou have gathered the fruit of thy olive trees, thou shalt not return to gather whatsoever remaineth on the trees: but shalt leave it for the stranger, for the fatherless, and the widow.
21當你收穫葡萄時,不要再摘取所剩下的,應留給外方人、孤兒和寡婦。 21If thou make the vintage of thy vineyard, thou shalt not gather the clusters that remain, but they shall be for the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow.
22總應記得你在埃及地曾做過奴隸:為此我吩咐你應遵行這條命令。 22Remember that thou also wast a bondman in Egypt, and therefore I command thee to do this thing.




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