Daniel:Chapter 10


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達尼爾 Daniel
1波斯王居魯士第三年,那名叫貝耳特沙匝的達尼爾得了一個啟示,這啟示是真實的,是有關一場大戰的事;達尼爾注意了這事,也明白了這異象。 1In the third year of Cyrus king of the Persians, a word was revealed to Daniel surnamed Baltassar, and a true word, and great strength: and he understood the word: for there is need of understanding in a vision.
2在這些日子裏,我達尼爾憂悶了三個星期: 2In those days I Daniel mourned the days of three weeks.
3我食不知味,酒肉也沒有沾過唇,也沒有用油抹過身,直到滿了三個星期。 3I ate no desirable bread, and neither flesh, nor wine entered into my mouth, neither was I anointed with ointment: till the days of three weeks were accomplished.
4正月二十四日,我在底格里斯大河邊時, 4And in the four and twentieth day of the first month I was by the great river which is the Tigris.
5我舉目觀望:看見有一個人身穿麻衣,腰束敖非爾金帶, 5And I lifted up my eyes, and I saw: and behold a man clothed in linen, and his loins were girded with the finest gold:
6他的身體好像碧玉,他的面容好似閃電,他的眼睛有如火炬,他的手臂和腿有如磨光了的銅,他說話的聲音彷彿群眾的喧嚷。 6And his body was like the chrysolite, and his face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as a burning lamp: and his arms, and all downward even to the feet, like in appearance to glittering brass: and the voice of his word like the voice of a multitude.
7惟獨我達尼爾看見了這異象,隨從我的人都沒有看見,只有一種巨大的恐怖臨到他們身上,因而他們都逃避隱藏了。 7And I Daniel alone saw the vision: for the men that were with me saw it not: but an exceeding great terror fell upon them, and they fled away, and hid themselves.
8只留下我一個人,獨自觀看這巨大的異象;我頓時全身無力,容貌改變,面色蒼白,沒有一點氣力, 8And I being left alone saw this great vision: and there remained no strength in me, and the appearance of my countenance was changed in me, and I fainted away, and retained no strength.
9但仍能聽到他說話的聲音;一聽到他說話的聲音,我就昏迷過去,俯伏在地。 9And I heard the voice of his words: and when I heard, I lay in a consternation, upon my face, and my face was close to the ground.
10忽然有一隻手觸摸我,使我用膝和手掌勉強支持, 10And behold a hand touched me, and lifted me up upon my knees, and upon the joints of my hands.
11然後他對我說:「達尼爾,最可愛的人!你要明白我對你所說的話!你站起來,因為我現在是被派到你這裏來的。」他對我說這話時,我站立起來,渾身戰慄。 11And he said to me: Daniel, thou man of desires, understand the words that I speak to thee, and stand upright: for I am sent now to thee. And when he had said this word to me, I stood trembling.
12他又對我說:「達尼爾,你不要害怕!因為自從你下決心要明白此事,在你的天主前,自卑自賤的第一天以來,你的祈禱就得蒙應允,我就是因你的祈禱而來的。 12And he said to me: Fear not, Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst set thy heart to understand, to afflict thyself in the sight of thy God, thy words have been heard: and I am come for thy words.
13但是波斯國的護守天使卻反對我,使我在波斯國護守天使那裏滯留了二十一天,後來忽有總領護守天使之一的彌額爾前來協助我, 13But the prince of the kingdom of the Persians resisted me one and twenty days: and behold Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, and I remained there by the king of the Persians.
14我纔來了,為叫你明白,你的百姓在末日所要遭遇的事,因為這神視是有關那未來之日的。」 14But I am come to teach thee what things shall befall thy people in the latter days, for as yet the vision is for days.
15他對我說這些話時,我俯首至地,啞口無言。 15And when he was speaking such words to me, I cast down my countenance to the ground, and held my peace.
16忽然有個像人子的手,觸摸了我的唇,我便開口向那站在我面前的說道:「我主!由於這異象,我又感到非常痛苦,沒有一點氣力。 16And behold, as it were the likeness of a son of man touched my lips: then I opened my mouth, and spoke, and said to him that stood before me: O my Lord, at the sight of thee my joints are loosed, and no strength hath remained in me.
17我主的這個僕人如何能同我主說話?因為我現在全身無力,連呼吸也沒有了。」 17And how can the servant of my lord speak with my lord? for no strength remaineth in me, moreover my breath is stopped.
18那像人子的又撫摸了我,堅固我, 18Therefore he that looked like a man touched me again, and strengthened me.
19說:「極可愛的!不要害怕!願你平安!鼓起勇氣,振作精神!」他一對我說話,我立刻覺得有了力量,於是我說:「我主,請你發言罷!因為你堅固了我。」 19And he said: Fear not, O man of desires, peace be to thee: take courage and be strong. And when he spoke to me, I grew strong: and I said: Speak, O my lord, for thou hast strengthened me.
20他於是說:「你知道我為什麼到你這裏來?現在我要回去,同波斯的護守天使交戰。我一去,希臘的護守天使就會前來。 20And he said: Dost thou know wherefore I am come to thee? and now I will return, to fight against the prince of the Persians. When I went forth, there appeared the prince of the Greeks coming.
21我要把載於真理書上的事告訴你。除了你們的護守天使彌額爾外,沒有前來協助我的。 21But I will tell thee what is set down in the scripture of truth: and none is my helper in all these things, but Michael your prince.




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