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巴路克 Baruch
1為了你們在天主面前犯的罪過,你們纔被巴比倫人的君王拿步高擄到巴比倫去作俘虜。 1For the sins that you have committed before God, you shall be carried away captives into Babylon by Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon.
2你們到了巴比倫,要在那裡寄居多年和一長久的時間,直到第七代,然後我纔領你們從那裡平安出來。 2And when you are come into Babylon, you shall be there many years, and for a long time, even to seven generations: and after that I will bring you away from thence with peace.
3你們在巴比倫時,要看見許多金、銀、木製的神像,由人們抬在肩上,向外方人示威。 3But now, you shall see in Babylon gods of gold, and of silver, and of stone, and of wood borne upon shoulders, causing fear to the Gentiles.
4你們務要小心,切不要連你們也像外邦人一樣,對這些神像,起敬起畏。 4Beware therefore that you imitate not the doings of others, and be afraid, and the fear of them should seize upon you.
5幾時你們一見群眾在神像前後敬拜,就該在心中說:上主,只有你應受欽崇。 5But when you see the multitude behind, and before, adoring them, say you in your hearts: Thou oughtest to be adored, O Lord.
6因為有我的天使與你們在一起,他必照顧你們的性命。 6For my angel is with you: And I myself will demand an account of your souls.
7神像的舌頭是匠人琢磨的,再包上金銀;都是假造的,不能說話。 7For their tongue that is polished by the craftsman, and themselves laid over with gold and silver, are false things, and they cannot speak.
8人們又拿金子,打造金冠,戴在他們神像的頭上,像是一個愛裝飾的女郎。 8And as if it were for a maiden that loveth to go gay: so do they take gold and make them up.
9有時司祭竟竊取神像身上的金銀,私自使用,甚或用以酬謝院中的廟妓。 9Their gods have golden crowns upon their heads: whereof the priests secretly convey away from them gold, and silver, and bestow it on themselves.
10這些金、銀、木製的神像,穿上衣裳雖像人一樣,仍不免要生銹生蟲。 10Yea and they give thereof to prostitutes, and they dress out harlots: and again when they receive it of the harlots, they adorn their gods.
11它們雖身披紫錦紅袍,臉上卻不斷落滿廟內的塵土,需人拂拭。 11And these gods cannot defend themselves from the rust, and the moth.
12有些手執權杖,像是一個作地方判官的人,卻不能處死得罪自己的人; 12But when they have covered them with a purple garment, they wipe their face because of the dust of the house, which is very much among them.
13有些右手執劍持斧,卻不能拯救自己脫免戰爭和強盜。 13This holdeth a sceptre as a man, as a judge of the country, but cannot put to death one that offendeth him.
14由此可知它們並不是神,不應害怕! 14And this hath in his hand a sword, or an axe, but cannot save himself from war, or from robbers, whereby be it known to you, that they are not gods.
15正如人做的器皿,一經破爛,就失去了用途;安置在廟裡的神像,也是這樣。 15Therefore fear them not. For as a vessel that a man uses when it is broken becometh useless, even so are their gods:
16它們的眼睛蓋滿了進廟的人雙腳揚起的灰塵; 16When they are placed in the house, their eyes are full of dust by the feet of them that go in.
17如同對得罪皇上,快要處死的囚犯,四面門窗緊閉;同樣司祭設門安鎖加閂,關閉它們的廟宇,以免強盜來洗劫。 17And as the gates are made sure on every side upon one that hath offended the king, or like a dead man carried to the grave, so do the priests secure the doors with bars and locks, lest they be stripped by thieves.
18廟宇裡的燈,點得比神像還多;可是它們連一盞也看不見。 18They light candles to them, and in great number, of which they cannot see one: but they are like beams in the house.
19它們好像廟中的木樑一樣:人們都說它們的內部已經腐爛;地裡出來的爬蟲侵食它們和它們的衣飾,它們卻毫不自覺; 19And they say that the creeping things which are of the earth, gnaw their hearts, while they eat them and their garments, and they feel it not.
20它們的臉面已讓廟裡的火煙燻得烏黑; 20Their faces are black with the smoke that is made in the house.
21蝙蝠、燕子和雀鳥,都在它們身上頭上飛舞;同樣,貓兒也任情跳躍: 21Owls, and swallows, and other birds fly upon their bodies, and upon their heads, and cats in like manner.
22由此你們該知,它們並不是神,不應害怕! 22Whereby you may know that they are no gods. Therefore fear them not.
23人給神像包上金銀,為光華美麗,但若沒有人擦去銹污,它們不會光亮;因為即在被鑄造時,它們已毫無知覺。 23The gold also which they have, is for shew, but except a man wipe off the rust, they will not shine: for neither when they were molten, did they feel it.
24不論人用什麼價錢將它們買來,它們總不會生氣; 24Men buy them at a high price, whereas there is no breath in them.
25它們沒有腳,要人抬在肩上,給人露出自己的恥辱,致使敬拜的人也因此感到羞愧;為使它們不翻倒在地,就得由人扶持; 25And having not the use of feet they are carried upon shoulders, declaring to men how vile they are. Be they confounded also that worship them.
26人若把它們直立起來,它們不能自己行動;如果歪斜了,又不能自動直立;人給它們擺上供物,亦無異給死人上供。 26Therefore if they fall to the ground, they rise not up again of themselves, nor if a man set them upright, will they stand by themselves, but their gifts shall be set before them, as to the dead.
27人給它們獻的犧牲,司祭卻加以變賣,從中取利;司祭的妻室亦照樣醃存一些祭品,也不施捨給貧苦和殘疾的人;甚至在經期和將分娩的婦女,都敢觸摸獻給它們的祭品: 27The things that are sacrificed to them, their priests sell and abuse: in like manner also their wives take part of them, but give nothing of it either to the sick, or to the poor.
28由此可知它們並不是神,不應害怕。 28The childbearing and menstruous women touch their sacrifices: knowing therefore by these things that they are not gods, fear them not.
29實在,它們怎麼能稱為神呢?連婦女也敢給這些金、銀、木製的神像獻祭。 29For how can they be called gods? because women set offerings before the gods of silver, and of gold, and of wood:
30在廟裡,司祭穿着破裂的袈裟,剃去了鬚髮,光頭坐着; 30And priests sit in their temples, having their garments rent, and their heads and beards shaven, and nothing upon their heads.
31或在神像前狂呼亂叫,好像參加喪宴的人一樣; 31And they roar and cry before their gods, as men do at the feast when one is dead.
32又脫掉神像的衣服,給自己的妻子兒女穿。 32The priests take away their garments, and clothe their wives and their children.
33人們待神像好壞,它們都不能回報;不能委任或廢除君王, 33And whether it be evil that one doth unto them, or good, they are not able to recompense it: neither can they set up a king nor put him down:
34也不能賜人財帛銀錢;人若許願而不實踐,它們也不能追索; 34In like manner they can neither give riches, nor requite evil. If a man make a vow to them, and perform it not, they cannot require it.
35不能救人不死,也不能由強者手中搶救弱者; 35They cannot deliver a man from death nor save the weak from the mighty.
36不能使瞎子恢復視力,也不能救人脫免患難; 36They cannot restore the blind man to his sight: nor deliver a man from distress.
37不知憐恤寡婦,也不知加惠孤兒: 37They shall not pity the widow, nor do good to the fatherless.
38這些包金包銀和木製的神像,好比山間採來的石塊,敬拜的人,都要蒙受羞辱: 38Their gods, of wood, and of stone, and of gold, and of silver, are like the stones that are hewn out of the mountains: and they that worship them shall be confounded.
39既然這樣,人又怎能相信,或稱呼它們為神呢? 39How then is it to be supposed, or to be said, that they are gods?
40連加色丁人也不尊敬它們;幾時看見一個不能說話的啞吧,就領他到貝耳面前,求賜說話奇恩,好像它能垂聽一樣。 40Even the Chaldeans themselves dishonour them: who when they hear of one dumb that cannot speak, they present him to Bel, entreating him, that he may speak,
41他們明知不能,卻不能離棄這些神祇,因為他們都愚昧無知。 41As though they could be sensible that have no motion themselves: and they, when they shall perceive this, will leave them: for their gods themselves have no sense.
42婦女們身上繫上繩索,坐在路旁,燒麥糠為香; 42The women also with cords about them, sit in the ways, burning olive stones.
43若其中一個被一過路男人帶去,與她同睡,她就笑罵自己的同伴不如自己有身價,因為她的帶子還沒有扯斷。 43And when any one of them, drawn away by some passenger, lieth with him, she upbraideth her neighbour, that she was not thought as worthy as herself, nor her cord broken.
44對這些神像做的一切,無不荒唐;既然這樣,人又怎能相信,或稱呼它們為神呢? 44But all things that are done about them, are false: how is it then to be thought, or to be said, that they are gods?
45它們全是由木匠和金匠製成的,不能是別的,只能是這些匠人願做成的物品。 45And they are made by workmen, and by goldsmiths. They shall be nothing else but what the priests will have them to be.
46製造它們的那些人,自己還活不長久,他們製造的作品,又怎能是神呢? 46For the artificers themselves that make them, are of no long continuance. Can those things then that are made by them be gods?
47只不過給自己的後代,留下欺騙和羞辱, 47But they have left false things and reproach to them that come after.
48因為幾時民間有了戰爭或災難,司祭們就彼此商議何處能同這些神像一起隱藏 48For when war cometh upon them, or evils, the priests consult with themselves where they may hide themselves with them.
49它們竟不能救自己免於戰爭或災難,人怎麼還不覺悟它們並非神明呢? 49How then can they be thought to be gods, that can neither deliver themselves from war, nor save themselves from evils?
50由此可知:這些包金包銀和木製的神像,只不過是偽造,萬民和君王都清楚知道它們不是神明,只不過是人手的作品,沒有一點神明的作為。 50For seeing they are but of wood, and laid over with gold, and with silver, it shall be known hereafter that they are false things, by all nations and kings: and it shall be manifest that they are no gods, but the work of men's hands, and that there is no work of God in them.
51如此還有誰不知道它們不是神明呢? 51Whence, therefore, is it known that they are not gods, but the work of men's hands, and no work of God is in them?
52它們不能給一地方建立君王,不能給人興雲降雨; 52They cannot set up a king over the land, nor give rain to men.
53不能為人決獄斷案,不能救護受迫害的人,因為它們毫無能力,猶如飛翔天地間的烏鴉。 53They determine no causes, nor deliver countries from oppression; because they can do nothing, and are as daws between heaven and earth.
54幾時這些包金包銀和木製的神像的廟裡起了火,司祭們都各自逃命,它們只有像棟樑一樣,被火燒毀。 54For when fire shall fall upon the house of these gods of wood, and of silver, and of gold, their priests indeed will flee away, and be saved: but they themselves shall be burnt in the midst like beams.
55它們既不能抵抗君王和仇敵, 55And they cannot withstand a king and war. How then can it be supposed, or admitted that they are gods?
56人怎麼還能承認,或相信它們是神呢? 56Neither are these gods of wood, and of stone, and laid over with gold, and with silver, able to deliver themselves from thieves or robbers: they that are stronger than them,
57這些包金包銀和木製的神像,不能救自己脫免強盜和匪徒;比它們更有力的人奪去了它們的金銀,和它們穿的衣服以後,安然離去,它們竟不能自助自救。 57Shall take from them the gold, and silver, and the raiment wherewith they are clothed, and shall go their way, neither shall they help themselves.
58為此虛假的神祇,還不如一個彰顯自己權威的君王,或家中一個能供主人使用的器具;虛假的神祇,還不如能使家中一切安全的房門;虛假的神祇,還不如一根支撐皇宮的木柱。 58Therefore it is better to be a king that sheweth his power: or else a profitable vessel in the house, with which the owner thereof will be well satisfied: or a door in the house, to keep things safe that are therein, than such false gods.
59太陽、月亮和星辰放出光明,執行自己的職務,無不從命; 59The sun, and the moon, and the stars being bright, and sent forth for profitable uses, are obedient.
60同樣,雷電閃耀,光輝燦爛;風也依命吹向四方; 60In like manner the lightning, when it breaketh forth, is easy to be seen: and after the same manner the wind bloweth in every country.
61雲彩一奉天主的命,即飛遊全球,執行使命;電火亦遵命行事,從天降下,燒毀山嶺森林; 61And the clouds when God commandeth them to go over the whole world, do that which is commanded them.
62論美麗,論能力,這些神像不能與它們相比: 62The fire also being sent from above to consume mountains and woods, doth as it is commanded. But these neither in shew, nor in power are like to any one of them.
63為此,人不應相信或稱呼它們為神,因為它們不能施行審判,也不能施惠於人。 63Wherefore it is neither to be thought, nor to be said, that they are gods: since they are neither able to judge causes, nor to do any good to men.
64因此,該知道它們並不是神,不應害怕。 64Knowing, therefore, that they are not gods, fear them not.
65這些神像不能詛咒,也不能祝福君王; 65For neither can they curse kings, nor bless them.
66不能給萬民顯示天上的奇蹟,也不能像太陽一般輝耀,像月亮一般光明。 66Neither do they shew signs in the heaven to the nations, nor shine as the sun, nor give light as the moon.
67它們竟連走獸也不如,因為走獸還能逃到安身的地區,營救自己。 67Beasts are better than they, which can fly under a covert, and help themselves.
68不論在任何情形下,我們都清楚看出:它們不是神,所以你們不應害怕! 68Therefore there is no manner of appearance that they are gods: so fear them not.
69就如一個稻草人在瓜果園內,不能看守什麼;這些包金包銀和木製的神也是如此。 69For as a scarecrow in a garden of cucumbers keepeth nothing, so are their gods of wood, and of silver, and laid over with gold.
70此外,這些包金包銀和木製的神,彷彿園中任各種飛鳥棲息的荊棘叢,又彷彿被人拋棄在暗處的死屍; 70They are no better than a white thorn in a garden, upon which every bird sitteth. In like manner also their gods of wood, and laid over with gold, and with silver, are like to a dead body cast forth in the dark.
71從它們身上那腐爛了的紫錦和麻衣,你們便可以知道它們並不是神;最後連它們自己也要被蟲吃盡,成為地上的恥辱。 71By the purple also and the scarlet which are motheaten upon them, you shall know that they are not gods. And they themselves at last are consumed, and shall be a reproach in the country.
72故此還是沒有偶像的義人好,恥辱決來不到他身上! 72Better, therefore, is the just man that hath no idols: for he shall be far from reproach.




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