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巴路克 Baruch
1以下是巴路克在巴比倫所寫的書上的言論:──巴路克是乃黎雅的兒子,是瑪阿色雅的孫子,是漆德克雅的曾孫,是哈撒狄雅的玄孫,是希耳克雅的四世孫。------ 1And these are the words of the book, which Baruch the son of Nerias, the son of Maasias, the son of Sedecias, the son of Sedei, the son of Helcias, wrote in Babylonia.
2那時是加色丁人佔領和焚毀耶路撒冷五週年月之七日, 2In the fifth year, in the seventh day of the month, at the time that the Chaldeans took Jerusalem, and burnt it with fire.
3巴路克把這本書上的言論,朗誦給猶大王約雅金的兒子耶苛尼雅,及一切前來聽講的人: 3And Baruch read the words of this book in the hearing of Jechonias the son of Joakim king of Juda, and in the hearing of all the people that came to hear the book.
4即貴族和王孫、長老和全體人民,不分老幼,他們都住在巴比倫穌得河畔。 4And in the hearing of the nobles, the sons of the kings, and in the hearing of the ancients, and in the hearing of the people, from the least even to the greatest of them that dwelt in Babylonia, by the river Sedi.
5他們聽了,便痛哭起來,在上主面前禁食祈禱; 5And when they heard it they wept, and fasted, and prayed before the Lord.
6又各按自己的力量募集了銀錢, 6And they made a collection of money, according to every man's power.
7送到耶路撒冷,交給沙隆的孫子希耳克雅的兒子約雅金司祭,和與他同在耶路撒冷的其他司祭和全體人民。 7And they sent it to Jerusalem to Joakim the priest, the son of Helcias, the son of Salom, and to the priests, and to all the people, that were found with him in Jerusalem:
8同時巴路克在「息汪」月十日,取回了被人從聖殿中奪去的器皿,準備帶回猶大地去──這些銀器皿原是猶大王約史雅的兒子漆德克雅鑄造的; 8At the time when he received the vessels of the temple of the Lord, which had been taken away out of the temple, to return them into the land of Juda the tenth day of the month Sivan, the silver vessels, which Sedecias the son of Josias king of Juda had made,
9那時,巴比倫王拿步高已由耶路撒冷將耶苛尼雅、政要、技工、貴族和當地的平民擄到巴比倫去了── 9After that Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon had carried away Jechonias, and the princes, and all the powerful men, and the people of the land from Jerusalem, and brought them bound to Babylon.
10他們致書說:「請看,我們給你們送來一批銀錢,要你們購買全燔祭及贖罪祭的犧牲和乳香,備辦祭品,獻在上主我們天主的祭壇上, 10And they said: Behold we have sent you money, buy with it holocausts, and frankincense, and make meat offerings, and offerings for sin at the altar of the Lord our God:
11並為巴比倫王拿步高,和他的兒子巴耳塔撒的長壽祈禱,使他們在世壽與天齊; 11And pray ye for the life of Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon, and for the life of Balthasar his son, that their days may be upon earth as the days of heaven:
12並望上主賜與我們力量,光照我們的眼目,使我們能在巴比倫王拿步高,和他的兒子巴耳搭撒的福蔭下生活,長久事奉他們,在他們面前獲得寵遇。 12And that the Lord may give us strength, and enlighten our eyes, that we may live under the shadow of Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon, and under the shadow of Balthasar his son, and may serve them many days, and may find favour in their sight.
13此外,願你們也為我們祈求上主我們的天主,因為我們得罪了上主我們的天主,因此時至今日,上主的義怒和憤恨,仍未離開我們。 13And pray ye for us to the Lord our God: for we have sinned against the Lord our God, and his wrath is not turned away from us even to this day.
14最後,願你們誦讀我們遙寄給你們的這封書信,好能在帳棚節和大集會那日,在上主的聖所裏自訟自承,說: 14And read ye this book, which we have sent to you to be read in the temple of the Lord, on feasts, and proper days.
15正義屬於上主我們的天主,但是,像今日的恥辱,是我們所應得的,即猶大人和耶路撒冷的居民, 15And you shall say: To the Lord our God belongeth justice, but to us confusion of our face: as it is come to pass at this day to all Juda, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem,
16我們的君王和政要,我們的司祭和先知,以及我們的祖先,所應得的, 16To our kings, and to our princes, and to our priests, and to our prophets, and to our fathers.
17因為我們都在上主面前犯了罪, 17We have sinned before the Lord our God, and have not believed him, nor put our trust in him:
18且背叛了他,沒有聽從上主我們天主的聲音,沒有隨從上主給我們頒賜的法令。 18And we were not obedient to him, and we have not hearkened to the voice of the Lord our God, to walk in his commandments, which he hath given us.
19從上主領我們的祖先出離埃及地那一天,直到今日,我們常背叛上主我們的天主,固執不聽他的聲音, 19From the day that he brought our fathers out of the land of Egypt, even to this day, we were disobedient to the Lord our God: and going astray we turned away from hearing his voice.
20因此正如今日一樣,諸多災難纏繞着我們,而上主在領我們的祖先出離埃及地為賜與我們流奶流蜜之地的那天,藉他的僕人梅瑟預告的詛咒,都降到我們身上。 20And many evils have cleaved to us, and the curses which the Lord foretold by Moses his servant: who brought our fathers out of the land of Egypt, to give us a land flowing with milk and honey, as at this day.
21我們不但沒有依照上主給我們派來的先知的種種教訓,聽從上主我們天主的聲音, 21And we have not hearkened to the voice of the Lord our God according to all the words of the prophets whom he sent to us:
22反而各隨自己邪心惡念行事,供奉外邦的神祇,行了上主我們天主所憎惡的事。 22And we have gone away every man after the inclinations of his own wicked heart, to serve strange gods, and to do evil in the sight of the Lord our God.




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