Amos:Chapter 4


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亞毛斯 Amos
1你們這些欺壓弱小,虐待窮人,且對自己丈夫說:「拿酒來,我們暢飲」的撒瑪黎雅山上的巴商母牛,聽聽這話罷! 1Hear this word, ye fat kine that are in the mountains of Samaria: you that oppress the needy, and crush the poor: that say to your masters: Bring, and we will drink.
2吾主上主指着自己的神聖起誓說:「看,對付你們的日子快到,人必用勾子把你們勾去;直到你們最後一個也必被人用魚勾勾去。 2The Lord God hath sworn by his holiness, that lo, the days shall come upon you, when they shall lift you up on pikes, and what shall remain of you in boiling pots.
3你們一個一個地經過城牆的裂口,被押到赫爾孟去」──上主的斷語。 3And you shall go out at the breaches one over against the other, and you shall be cast forth into Armon, saith the Lord.
4「你們去貝特耳犯罪罷!去基耳加耳罪上加罪罷!每晨奉獻你們的犧牲,每三天奉獻你們的什一之物, 4Come ye to Bethel, and do wickedly: to Galgal, and multiply transgressions: and bring in the morning your victims, your tithes in three days.
5焚燒有酵供物當作感恩祭,高聲宣揚你們自願獻的祭獻!以色列子民,你們原喜歡這樣──吾主上主的斷語── 5And offer a sacrifice of praise with leaven: and call free offerings, and proclaim it: for so you would do, O children of Israel, saith the Lord God.
6雖然我使你們一切城市饑荒,到處缺糧,但你們還是不歸向我──上主的斷語── 6Whereupon I also have given you dulness of teeth in all your cities, and want of bread in all your places: yet you have not returned to me, saith the Lord.
7收割前三個月,我就不給你們降雨,或者在這城降雨,在另一城卻不降雨;這塊地得了雨,而另一塊地沒有得雨,因而乾枯了; 7I also have withholden the rain from you, when there were yet three months to the harvest: and I caused it to rain upon one city, and caused it not to rain upon another city: one piece was rained upon: and the piece whereupon I rained not, withered.
8兩三座城的人踉踉蹌蹌走到另一座城裏去喝水,卻不能喝足;雖然如此,你們還是不歸向我──上主的斷語── 8And two and three cities went to one city to drink water, and were not filled: yet you returned not to me, saith the Lord.
9我使熱風和霉爛襲擊你們,使你們的田園和葡萄園乾旱;蝗蟲又吃光了你們的無花果樹和橄欖樹,但你們還是不歸向我──上主的斷語── 9I struck you with a burning wind, and with mildew, the palmerworm hath eaten up your many gardens, and your vineyards: your olive groves, and fig groves: yet you returned not to me, saith the Lord.
10我在你們中降下了瘟疫,如在埃及一樣,用刀劍殺了你們的精兵,令人擄掠你們的戰馬,使你們營中腥臭撲鼻,但你們還是不歸向我──上主的斷語── 10I sent death upon you in the way of Egypt, I slew your young men with the sword, even to the captivity of your horses: and I made the stench of your camp to come up into your nostrils: yet you returned not to me, saith the Lord.
11我傾覆了你們,像天主傾覆了索多瑪和哈摩辣,你們好似由火中抽出來的木柴,但你們還是不歸向我──上主的斷語── 11I destroyed some of you, as God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrha, and you were as a firebrand plucked out of the burning: yet you returned not to me, saith the Lord.
12為此,以色列!我必要這樣對待你。以色列!因我要這樣對待你,你準備迎接你的天主罷!」 12Therefore I will do these things to thee, O Israel: and after I shall have done these things to thee, be prepared to meet thy God, O Israel.
13看,是他形成了山嶽,創造了風暴,向人宣示他的旨意,造成黎明和黑暗,在大地高處巡行,他的名字叫「雅威」,萬軍的天主。 13For behold he that formeth the mountains and createth the wind, and declareth his word to man, he that maketh the morning mist, and walketh upon the high places of the earth: the Lord the God of hosts is his name.




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