2 Maccabees:Chapter 8


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瑪加伯(下) 2 Maccabees
1猶大瑪加伯與他的同人暗暗走到各鄉村,向同族的人呼籲,把固守猶太教的人,集合起來,約有六千人。 1But Judas Machabeus, and they that were with him, went privately into the towns: and calling together their kinsmen and friends, and taking unto them such as continued in the Jews' religion, they assembled six thousand men.
2他們懇求上主,垂顧為眾人蹂躪的民族,憐憫被惡人褻瀆的聖殿, 2And they called upon the Lord that he would look upon his people that was trodden down by all, and would have pity on the temple, that was defiled by the wicked:
3憐恤已經毀壞且快夷為平地的京城,俯聽向他喊冤的血聲, 3That he would have pity also upon the city that was destroyed, that was ready to be made even with the ground, and would hear the voice of the blood that cried to him:
4記念無罪嬰兒所遭的殘殺,並向咒罵他聖名的惡人發怒洩恨。 4That he would remember also the most unjust deaths of innocent children, and the blasphemies offered to his name, and would shew his indignation on this occasion.
5瑪加伯組成一支軍隊以後,外邦人就無法抵抗他,因為上主的義怒已經變成了憐憫。 5Now when Machabeus had gathered a multitude, he could not be withstood by the heathens: for the wrath of the Lord was turned into mercy.
6他屢次在人不料想的時候,去襲擊城鎮,放火焚燒,佔據要塞,使敵人屢遭潰敗。 6So coming unawares upon the towns and cities, he set them on fire, and taking possession of the most commodious places, he made no small slaughter of the enemies,
7他為作戰順利,特別喜愛夜間進襲,因此他勇敢的聲譽傳遍各地。 7And especially in the nights he went upon these expeditions, and the fame of his valour was spread abroad everywhere.
8斐理伯見這人勢力漸漸強大,所作的事日漸成功,遂致書與切肋敘利亞和腓尼基的總督仆托肋米,請他援助國王的事務。 8Then Philip, seeing that the man gained ground by little and little, and that things for the most part succeeded prosperously with him, wrote to Ptolemee the governor of Celesyria and Phenicia, to send aid to the king's affairs.
9他遂立時指派了帕托克羅的兒子尼加諾爾,君王的一個知心好友,帶領各國的聯軍,人數不下二萬,去消滅猶太民族;又派了一位富有作戰經驗的大將哥爾基雅援助他。 9And he with all speed sent Nicanor the son of Patroclus, one of his special friends, giving him no fewer than twenty thousand armed men of different nations, to root out the whole race of the Jews, joining also with him Gorgias, a good soldier, and of great experience in matters of war.
10尼加諾爾想出賣擄來的猶太人,好填補國王欠羅馬人的兩千『塔冷通』稅款。 10And Nicanor purposed to raise for the king the tribute of two thousand talents, that was to be given to the Romans, by making so much money of the captive Jews:
11於是立時派人到沿海各城市去,叫他們收買猶太奴隸,與他們約定每九十人一『塔冷通』,卻一點也不想全能者正要加於他的刑罰。 11Wherefore he sent immediately to the cities upon the sea coast, to invite men together to buy up the Jewish slaves, promising that they should have ninety slaves for one talent, not reflecting on the vengeance, which was to follow him from the Almighty.
12有人將尼加諾爾進軍的消息報告給猶大,他就把敵軍進襲的消息告訴了他的部下。 12Now when Judas found that Nicanor was coming, he imparted to the Jews that were with him, that the enemy was at hand.
13那些膽小的和不依恃上主公義的人,就逃到別的地方去了; 13And some of them being afraid, and distrusting the justice of God, fled away:
14其餘的人變賣了自己尚存的一切,一同祈求上主拯救那些在交戰以前,就被兇惡的尼加諾爾賣掉了的人們, 14Others sold all that they had left, and withal besought the Lord, that he would deliver them from the wicked Nicanor, who had sold them before he came near them:
15求主若不為了他們自己,至少為了與他們祖先立的盟約,為了在他們身上稱呼的可敬而偉大的聖名,拯救他們, 15And if not for their sakes, yet for the covenant that he had made with their fathers, and for the sake of his holy and glorious name that was invoked upon them.
16瑪加伯集合自己同人,約有六千,勸他們不要臨敵驚慌,不要怕那些無理襲擊他們的外方人數目眾多,只要勇敢作戰, 16But Machabeus calling together seven thousand that were with him, exhorted them not to be reconciled to the enemies, nor to fear the multitude of the enemies who came wrongfully against them, but to fight manfully:
17把外方人無理加於聖所的褻瀆,京城遭受的凌辱與虐待,以及傳統制度遭受的破壞等事放在眼前。 17Setting before their eyes the injury they had unjustly done the holy place, and also the injury they had done to the city, which had been shamefully abused, besides their destroying the ordinances of the fathers.
18繼而又說:「他們仗着武器和奮勇;至於我們,只應依靠全能的天主,他能轉瞬之間,擊倒攻打我們的敵人和整個世界。」 18For, said he, they trust in their weapons, and in their boldness: but we trust in the Almighty Lord, who at a beck can utterly destroy both them that come against us, and the whole world.
19瑪加伯還給他們引述了他們的祖先獲得的救助:在散乃黑黎布時,怎樣十八萬五千人一時同歸於盡; 19Moreover he put them in mind also of the helps their fathers had received from God: and how under Sennacherib a hundred and eighty-five thousand had been destroyed.
20在巴比倫與迦拉達人作戰時,來作戰的人共有八千,此外還有四千馬其頓人助戰。當馬其頓人陷於困境時,這八千人怎樣賴上天的助佑,消滅了十二萬敵人,並且還得了許多戰利品。 20And of the battle that they had fought against the Galatians in Babylonia, how they, being in all but six thousand, when it came to the point, and the Macedonians their companions were a stand, slew a hundred and twenty thousand, because of the help they had from heaven, and for this they received many favours.
21用這番話激發起他們的勇氣,叫大家準備為法律和國家而犧牲;以後他就把軍隊分成四隊: 21With these words they were greatly encouraged, and disposed even to die for the laws and their country.
22立自巳的兄弟息孟、若瑟和約納堂為每隊的隊長,叫他們各人率領一千五百人。 22So he appointed his brethren captains over each division of his army, Simon, and Joseph, and Jonathan, giving to each one fifteen hundred men.
23此外,又令厄次辣誦讀聖經,然後立定「天主助佑」為口號;猶大就親自率領第一隊,進攻尼加諾爾: 23And after the holy Book had been read to them by Esdras, and he had given them for a watchword, The help of God: himself leading the first band, he joined battle with Nicanor:
24因為全能者與他們一同作戰,擊殺了敵軍九千多人,使尼加諾爾的軍隊,大部份受了傷,成了殘廢,迫使剩下的都逃走了。 24And the Almighty being their helper, they slew above nine thousand men: and having wounded and disabled the greater part of Nicanor's army, they obliged them to fly.
25來購買他們的人帶來的銀錢,也都奪回來,且追趕他們直至相當遠的路程;只因為時光有限,纔得趕回來, 25And they took the money of them that came to buy them, and they pursued them on every side.
26因為那時正值安息日前夕,所以不能繼續追趕。 26But they came back for want of time: for it was the day before the sabbath: and therefore they did not continue the pursuit.
27他們拾取敵人的武器,掠取他們的財物,以後就舉行安息日,全心稱謝讚頌上主,因為他今日開始把恩露灑在他們身上。 27But when they had gathered together their arms and their spoils, they kept the sabbath: blessing the Lord who had delivered them that day, distilling the beginning of mercy upon them.
28過了安息日,他們便把一部份戰利品分贈給受害的人、孤兒和寡婦;剩下的,他們自己和子女分了。 28Then after the sabbath they divided the spoils to the feeble and the orphans, and the widows: and the rest they took for themselves and their servants.
29辦完這事,又共同祈禱,懇求仁慈的上主,完全與他的僕人們和好。 29When this was done, and they had all made a common supplication, they besought the merciful Lord to be reconciled to his servants unto the end.
30他們又與提摩太和巴基德的軍隊交戰,殺死了他們兩萬多人,並且也佔領了幾座很高大的堡壘,將獲得的無數戰利品,平均分為兩份:一份為他們自己,一份為受害的人、孤兒、寡婦和老人。 30Moreover they slew above twenty thousand of them that were with Timotheus and Bacchides who fought them, and they made themselves masters of the high strong holds: and they divided amongst them many spoils, giving equal portions to the feeble, the fatherless and the widows, yea and the aged also.
31又拾取了敵人的軍械,把這一切細心安放在適宜的地方,餘下的戰利品悉數運到耶路撒冷去。 31And when they had carefully gathered together their arms, they laid them all up in convenient places, and the residue of their spoils they carried to Jerusalem:
32又殺了提摩太部隊的一個軍長,這人非常暴虐無道,曾殘害過猶太人。 32They slew also Philarches who was with Timotheus, a wicked man, who had many ways afflicted the Jews.
33當他們在祖國慶祝勝利時,將從前焚燒過聖殿的門,而如今與卡里斯特乃逃到一個小房裏的人,都用火燒死。如此,他們得了因行褻瀆應得的報應。 33And when they kept the feast of the victory at Jerusalem, they burnt Callisthenes, that had set fire to the holy gates, who had taken refuge in a certain house, rendering to him a worthy reward for his impieties:
34那曾帶一千商人來購買猶太人的萬惡的尼加諾爾, 34But as for that most wicked man Nicanor, who had brought a thousand merchants to the sale of the Jews,
35如今,卻因上主賜給猶太人的救助,被他所最輕視的人們制服了。他脫去了自己耀武揚威的官服,似亡命之徒,獨自一人,跑過了曠野;在他全軍覆沒以後,他還能跑到安提約基雅去,這為他算是太幸運了。 35Being through the help of the Lord brought down by them, of whom he had made no account, laying; aside his garment of glory, fleeing through the midland country, he came alone to Antioch, being rendered very unhappy by the destruction of his army.
36曾負責以販賣耶路撒冷俘虜的價錢償還羅馬人的稅款的人,如今反倒聲明猶太人確實有一位保護者,若是猶太人遵從他立的法律,他們絕對不會受任何傷害。 36And he that had promised to levy the tribute for the Romans by the means of the captives of Jerusalem, now professed that the Jews had God for their protector, and therefore they could not be hurt, because they followed the laws appointed by him.




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