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瑪加伯(下) 2 Maccabees
1事後,又有兄弟七人與他們的母親一同被捕,國王命人用鞭子和牛筋痛打他們,強迫他們吃法律禁止的豬肉。 1It came to pass also, that seven brethren, together with their mother, were apprehended, and compelled by the king to eat swine's flesh against the law, for which end they were tormented with whips and scourges.
2其中一個,代表發言說:「你想問什麼?你願由我們知道什麼?我們已經準備,寧死不願背叛我們祖先的法律。」 2But one of them, who was the eldest, said thus: What wouldst thou ask, or learn of us? we are ready to die rather than to transgress the laws of God, received from our fathers.
3於是國王大怒命人取過鍋釜來,放在火上。 3Then the king being angry commanded fryingpans, and brazen caldrons to be made hot: which forthwith being heated,
4及至鍋釜瞬息間燒紅以後,就命人在其餘的兄弟和母親眼前,將那發言人的舌頭割下來,剝去他的頭皮,割下他的四肢, 4He commanded to cut out the tongue of him that had spoken first: and the skin of his head being drawn off, to chop off also the extremities of his hands and feet, the rest of his brethren, and his mother, looking on.
5肢體被分割後,王命人將他拉到火邊,活生生地放在鍋裏煎熬。當鍋內的蒸氣往上升起時,其餘的兄弟和母親都互相勸勉作壯烈的犧牲說: 5And when he was now maimed in all parts, he commanded him, being yet alive, to be brought to the fire, and to be fried in the fryingpan: and while he was suffering therein long torments, the rest, together with the mother, exhorted one another to die manfully,
6「上主天主看見,必要憐恤我們,正如梅瑟在譴責歌中所說的:他必憐恤自己的僕人!」 6Saying: The Lord God will look upon the truth, and will take pleasure in us, as Moses declared in the profession of the canticle: And In his servants he will take pleasure.
7第一個這樣死去以後,遂領第二個來赴刑。將他的頭皮與頭髮一起削去,以後問他說:「在你的身體一塊一塊地分解以前,你吃不吃豬肉?」 7So when the first was dead after this manner, they brought the next to make him a, mocking stock: and when they had pulled off the skin of his head with the hair, they asked him if he would eat, before he were punished throughout the whole body in every limb.
8他用祖國的話答說:「不!」因此,他也像第一個一般受了刑罰。 8But he answered in his own language, and said: I will not do it. Wherefore he also in the next place, received the torments of the first:
9他在快要斷氣的一剎那,高聲說:「你這窮兇極惡的人!你使我失去現世的生命,但是宇宙的君王,必要使我們這些為他的法律而殉難的人復活,獲得永生。」 9And when he was at the last gasp, he said thus: Thou indeed, O most wicked man, destroyest us out of this present life: but the King of the world will raise us up, who die for his laws, in the resurrection of eternal life.
10這一個以後,輪到第三個受刑了!在命他伸舌頭時,他就爽快地伸出,且毅然伸開雙手, 10After him the third was made a mocking stock, and when he was required, he quickly put forth his tongue, and courageously stretched out his hands:
11慷慨地說:「這些肢體是從上天得來的,但是,現在為了他的法律,我不吝嗇這一切,希望有一天從他那裏仍再得到。」 11And said with confidence: These I have from heaven, but for the laws of God I now despise them: because I hope to receive them again from him.
12國王和他的侍從都驚異這少年人不怕受苦的精神。 12So that the king, and they that were with him, wondered at the young man's courage, because he esteemed the torments as nothing.
13他死了以後,他們用同樣酷刑處罰第四個。 13And after he was thus dead, they tormented the fourth in the like manner.
14他臨死時這樣說:「深信天主使人復活許諾的人,死在人手中,是求之不得的;可是為你,卻沒有進入生命的復活。」 14And when he was now ready to die, he spoke thus: It is better, being put to death by men, to look for hope from God, to be raised up again by him: for, as to thee thou shalt have no resurrection unto life.
15接着,人就帶第五個來受刑。 15And when they had brought the fifth, they tormented him. But he looking upon the king,
16他向國王瞪着眼說:「你這有死有壞的人,現今你對人有權柄,為所欲為;可是,不要想我們的民族已被天主擯棄。 16Said: Whereas thou hast power among men, though thou art corruptible, thou dost what thou wilt: but think not that our nation is forsaken by God.
17你等着看罷!你必要看見他的大能,看他要怎樣懲罰你和你的子孫!」 17But stay patiently a while, and thou shalt see his great power, in what manner he will torment thee and thy seed.
18在他以後,帶了第六個來,他快死時說:「你不要糊塗自欺!我們遭受這一切,正是因為我們得罪了我們的天主,因而遭受了這樣嚴重的災難。 18After him they brought the sixth, and he being ready to die, spoke thus: Be not deceived without cause: for we suffer these things for ourselves, having sinned against our God, and things worthy of admiration are done to us:
19可是,你不要想你對抗天主,能僥倖免罰!」 19But do not think that thou shalt escape unpunished, for that thou attempted to fight against God.
20尤當稱奇,最值得光榮記念的,還是他們的母親。她在一日之內親見七個兒子死去,還能欣然忍受,因為她全心寄望於上主。 20Now the mother was to be admired above measure, and worthy to be remembered by good men, who beheld seven sons slain in the space of one day, and bore it with a good courage, for the hope that she had in God:
21她心中充滿高尚的情緒,以大丈夫的氣概奮發起女性孱弱的心靈,用本國的話,一一鼓勵他們說: 21And she bravely exhorted every one of them in her own language, being filled with wisdom: and joining a man's heart to a woman's thought,
22「我不知你們怎樣出現在我的腹中:不是我給了你們靈魂與生命,也不是我構成了你們每一個人的身體。 22She said to them: I know not how you were formed in my womb: for I neither gave you breath, nor soul, nor life, neither did I frame the limbs of every one of you.
23世界的創造者,既然形成了人的初生,賜予萬物以起源,也必仁慈償還你們的靈魂和生命,因為你們現在為愛護他的法律捨生致命。 23But the Creator of the world, that formed the nativity of man, and that found out the origin of all, he will restore to you again in his mercy, both breath and life, as now you despise yourselves for the sake of his laws.
24安提約古自覺受了輕慢,猜想這番話必是諷刺自己,就趁最幼的一個尚在,不斷用話勸誘,且向他起誓,只要他棄捨自己祖傳的一切,保證他必享富貴幸福,作自己的朋友,且得高官厚祿。 24Now Antiochus, thinking himself despised, and withal despising the voice of the upbraider, when the youngest was yet alive, did not only exhort him by words, but also assured him with an oath, that he would make him a rich and a happy man, and, if he would turn from the laws of his fathers, would take him for a friend, and furnish him with things necessary.
25可是,少年人對這話毫不介意,因此王就召他的母親來,勸她給少年人出個得救的主意。 25But when the young man was not moved with these things, the king called the mother, and counselled her to deal with the young man to save his life.
26國王再三勸了她,她纔同意去勸說自己的兒子。 26And when he had exhorted her with many words, she promised that she would counsel her son.
27於是她向他彎着身,嘲弄着暴君,用祖國的話這樣對他說:「我兒,你憐恤我罷!我在腹中懷育你九個月,三年哺養你,又栽培提攜養育你,直到現在的年紀。 27So bending herself towards him, mocking the cruel tyrant, she said in her own language: My son, have pity upon me, that bore thee nine months in my womb, and gave thee suck three years, and nourished thee, and brought thee up unto this age.
28我兒,我懇求你仰視天,俯視地,觀察天地間形形色色的萬物!你該知道,這一切都是天主從無中造成的,人類也是如此造成的。 28I beseech thee, my son, look upon heaven and earth, and all that is in them: and consider that God made them out of nothing, and mankind also:
29你不要怕這劊子手,反該對得起你的哥哥們,視死如歸,好叫我在天主顯示仁慈的時候,可迎接你的哥哥和你!」 29So thou shalt not fear this tormentor, but being made a worthy partner with thy brethren, receive death, that in that mercy I may receive thee again with thy brethren.
30她剛說完了話,青年人就說:「你們還等什麼?我決不聽從國王的命令,我只聽從梅瑟給我們祖宗立定的法律命令。 30While she was yet speaking these words, the young man said: For whom do you stay? I will not obey the commandment of the king, but the commandment of the law, which was given us by Moses.
31你這設法迫害希伯來人的罪魁,你決不能逃脫天主的手! 31But thou that hast been the author of all mischief against the Hebrews, shalt not escape the hand of God.
32我們受難是為了我們的罪惡。 32For we suffer thus for our sins.
33我們永生的上主,為責罰和懲戒我們,一時向我們發怒,但終究要與自己的僕人重新和好。 33And though the Lord our God is angry with us a little while for our chastisement and correction: yet he will be reconciled again to his servants.
34至於你這惡人!你這人類中的妖孽!你雖然伸手毒害上天的子女,可是,別糊裏糊塗,洋洋得意,妙想天開, 34But thou, O wicked and of all men most flagitious, be not lifted up without cause with vain hopes, whilst thou art raging against his servants.
35因為你逃脫不了全能全知天主的審判。 35For thou hast not yet escaped the judgment of the almighty God, who beholdeth all things.
36我哥哥們既忍受了暫時的苦痛,如今他們按照天主的盟約,得到了永生,你卻因着天主的審判,將受你驕傲應得的刑罰, 36For my brethren, having now undergone a short pain, are under the covenant of eternal life: but thou by the judgment of God shalt receive just punishment for thy pride.
37我要如同我哥哥們一樣,甘心為祖宗的法律,捨棄我的肉身和生命,求上主早日憐恤我們的百姓,並用苦難與災禍,迫使你承認他是唯一的天主。 37But I, like my brethren, offer up my life and my body for the laws of our fathers: calling upon God to be speedily merciful to our nation, and that thou by torments and stripes mayst confess that he alone is God.
38願全能者向我們全族所發的義怒,在我和我哥哥們身上,就此止息。」 38But in me and in my brethren the wrath of the Almighty, which hath justly been brought upon all our nation, shall cease.
39國王難以忍受他的凌辱,於是勃然大怒,加給他的刑罰比對別的更兇殘。 39Then the king being incensed with anger, raged against him more cruelly than all the rest, taking it grievously that he was mocked.
40這樣,這個純潔的少年一心依靠上主,走入了另一世界。 40So this man also died undefiled, wholly trusting in the Lord.
41兒子們相繼致命,最後母親也致了命。 41And last of all after the sons the mother also was consumed.
42以上所述,足以叫人明瞭當時關於吃祭品和因此而掀起的慘酷的刑罰。 42But now there is enough said of the sacrifices, and of the excessive cruelties.




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