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瑪加伯(下) 2 Maccabees
1上面記載的那位密告財寶,出賣祖國的息孟,今又毀謗敖尼雅,說他是陷害赫略多洛和一切凶禍的主謀。1But Simon, of whom we spoke before, and of his country, spoke ill of Onias, as though he had incited Heliodorus to do these things, and had been the promoter of evils:
2他竟將這位造福本城,善理同胞,忠誠守法的人,說成一個陰謀叛徒。2And he presumed to call him a traitor to the kingdom, who provided for the city, and defended his nation, and was zealous for the law of God.
3這仇恨是如此深刻,甚至有些人為息孟的心腹所殺。3But when the enmities proceeded so far, that murders also were committed by some of Simon's friends:
4敖尼雅見到這鬥爭的危險性,而且又見到默乃斯太的兒子,即切肋敘利亞和腓尼基的總督阿頗羅尼,助長息孟為惡,4Onias considering the danger of this contention, and that Apollonius, who was the governor of Celesyria and Phenicia, was outrageous, which increased the malice of Simon, went to the king,
5便去覲見國王;他去並不是為控告自己的同胞,而是為了人民的公私利益,5Not to be an accuser of his countrymen, but with a view to the common good of all the people.
6因為他看得很清楚:若沒有國王的調停,要使問題和平解決,和使息孟停止妄行,是不可能的。6For he saw that, except the king took care, it was impossible that matters should be settled in peace, or that Simon would cease from his folly.
7但是,色婁苛死後,號稱厄丕法乃的安提約古繼位稱王。此時,敖尼雅的弟弟雅松用非法手段,奪取了大司祭的職位。7But after the death of Seleucus, when Antiochus, who was called the Illustrious, had taken possession of the kingdom, Jason the brother of Onias ambitiously sought the high priesthood:
8當他朝見國王時,許給國王三百六十『塔冷通』銀子,和其他進項中的八十『塔冷通』;8And went to the king, promising him three hundred and sixty talents of silver, and out of other revenues fourscore talents.
9此外,如果國王准許他用王的權勢,修建一座體育場和一處青年訓練所,並把耶路撒冷人登記為安提約基雅的公民,他就許下另繳一百五十『塔冷通』。9Besides this he promised also a hundred and fifty more, if he might have license to set him up a place for exercise, and a place for youth, and to entitle them, that were at Jerusalem, Antiochians.
10國王一一應允了。雅松既然得勢,立刻使本國人民希臘化,10Which when the king had granted, and he had gotten the rule into his hands, forthwith he began to bring over his countrymen to the fashion of the heathens.
11並且把諸王因歐頗肋摩的父親若望,而賜予猶太人的特權取消,──這歐頗肋摩就是日後出使與羅馬人締結友好盟約的大使,──把合法的制度廢除,而倡導違法的新風俗。11And abolishing those things, which had been decreed of special favour by the kings in behalf of the Jews, by the means of John the father of that Eupolemus, who went ambassador to Rome to make amity and alliance, he disannulled the lawful ordinances of the citizens, and brought in fashions that were perverse.
12他故意在城堡下建築了運動場,引領貴族少年受體育訓練。12For he had the boldness to set up, under the very castle, a place of exercise, and to put all the choicest youths in brothel houses.
13因了這邪惡而非大司祭的雅松的過度狂妄,希臘文化和外方風俗達到了極點,13Now this was not the beginning, but an increase, and progress of heathenish and foreign manners, through the abominable and unheard of wickedness of Jason, that impious wretch and no priest.
14以致司祭們對祭獻的禮儀已不感興趣,甚至輕慢聖殿,忽略祭獻,一聽到擲鐵餅的訊號,就急忙跑去參加運動場上的違法運動。14Insomuch that the priests were not now occupied about the offices of the altar, but despising the temple and neglecting the sacrifices, hastened to be partakers of the games, and of the unlawful allowance thereof, and of the exercise of the discus.
15他們毫不尊重本國的尊嚴,一心崇拜希臘的光榮。15And setting nought by the honours of their fathers, they esteemed the Grecian glories for the best:
16正是為這些緣故,他們日後陷於惡劣的環境,那些推崇其生活方式和事事取法他們的人,日後反成了他們的仇敵和懲治者,16For the sake of which they incurred a dangerous contention, and followed earnestly their ordinances, and in all things they coveted to be like them, who were their enemies and murderers.
17因為背棄天主的法律,並不是一件小事:這由下面的事實可以證明。17For acting wickedly against the laws of God doth not pass unpunished: but this the time following will declare.
18在提洛舉行五年一次的運動大會的時候,國王也親自到場,18Now when the game that was used every fifth year was kept at Tyre, the king being present,
19無廉恥的雅松派了幾個入安提約基雅籍的人,代表耶路撒冷去作觀察員,又叫他們帶三百銀錢去祭獻赫辣克肋神。但是帶錢的人以為用這些錢購辦祭物不甚相宜,所以留下作了別的費用。19The wicked Jason sent from Jerusalem sinful men to carry three hundred didrachmas of silver for the sacrifice of Hercules; but the bearers thereof desired it might not be bestowed on the sacrifices, because it was not necessary, but might be deputed for other charges.
20雖然按主使者的意思,這錢是為祭獻赫辣克肋用的,帶錢的人卻用來建造了三層槳的戰船。20So the money was appointed by him that sent it to the sacrifice of Hercules: but because of them that carried it was employed for the making of galleys.
21當安提約古打發默乃斯太的兒子阿頗羅尼去埃及,參與非羅默托王登極的盛典時,知道了埃及王是他的政敵,所以為自衛起見,就去了約培,然後來到了耶路撒冷。21Now when Apollonius the son of Mnestheus was sent into Egypt to treat with the nobles of king Philometor, and Antiochus understood that he was wholly excluded from the affairs of the kingdom, consulting his own interest, he departed thence and came to Joppe, and from thence to Jerusalem:
22安提約古受到雅松及全國人民的熱烈歡迎,在火炬歡呼中進了城。隨後他又領兵到了腓尼基。22Where he was received in a, magnificent manner by Jason, and the city, and came in with torch lights, and with praises, and from thence he returned with his army into Phenicia.
23三年以後,雅松打發上述息孟的兄弟默乃勞把錢送交國王,並請王解決備忘錄上的幾件重要事項。23Three years afterwards Jason sent Menelaus, brother of the aforesaid Simon, to carry money to the king, and to bring answers from him concerning certain necessary affairs.
24默乃勞先使人在國王跟前推薦自己,後又奉承他,自裝有權勢,又許給他比雅松還多的三百『塔冷通』,於是獲得大司祭的職位。24But he being recommended to the king, when he had magnified the appearance of his power, got the high priesthood for himself, by offering more than Jason by three hundred talents of silver.
25他領到國王的委任狀,就回到耶路撒冷。但他絕不相稱大司祭的職位,暴燥如虐王,狂怒似野獸。25So having received the king's mandate, he returned bringing nothing worthy of the high priesthood: but having the mind of a cruel tyrant, and the rage of a savage beast.
26如此,以前曾推翻自己哥哥的雅松,今也被人推翻,被迫逃到阿孟人的地方去。26Then Jason, who had undermined his own brother, being himself undermined, was driven out a fugitive into the country of the Ammonites.
27默乃勞固然得到高位,但許給國王的錢卻未繳納,27So Menelaus got the principality: but as for the money he had promised to the king he took no care, when Sostratus the governor of the castle called for it.
28城堡的司令兼主管稅務的索斯塔托卻不斷催他繳納,於是二人同被國王傳召。28For to him appertained the gathering of the taxes: wherefore they were both called before the king.
29默乃勞便委託自己的兄弟里息瑪苛代理大司祭的職務,索斯塔托委託塞浦路斯的軍官克辣特為代理。29And Menelaus was removed from the priesthood, Lysimachus his brother succeeding: and Sostratus was made governor of the Cyprians.
30正當此時,塔爾索和瑪羅兩城的人民,因為國王把他們這兩座城當作禮品,送給自己的嬪妃安提約基,而群起叛亂。30When these things were in doing, it fell out that they of Tharsus and Mallos raised a sedition, because they were given for a gift to Antiochis, the king's concubine.
31國王急速去平亂,委託他的大官安多尼苛為代理。31The king therefore went in all haste to appease them, leaving Andronicus, one of his nobles, for his deputy.
32默乃勞乘此良機,由聖殿中偷去一些金器,送給安多尼苛,也把一些金器賣給提洛和其附近的城邑。32Then Menelaus supposing that he had found a convenient time, having stolen certain vessels of gold out of the temple, gave them to Andronicus, and others he had sold at Tyre, and in the neighbouring cities.
33此時,隱退到安提約基雅附近的達夫乃避難所去的敖尼雅,聽到這些確實消息,就責斥默乃勞,33Which when Onias understood most certainly, he reproved him, keeping himself in a safe place at Antioch beside Daphne.
34因此他把安多尼苛叫到一邊,煽動他去殺敖尼雅。安多尼苛來到敖尼雅那裡,伸出右手假裝向他起誓,使他相信。敖尼雅雖然猶豫,仍相信了,遂從避難所走出。安多尼苛竟然不顧道義,就地殺了他。34Whereupon Menelaus coming to Andronicus, desired him to kill Onias. And he went to Onias, and gave him his right hand with an oath, and (though he were suspected by him) persuaded him to come forth out of the sanctuary, and immediately slew him, without any regard to justice.
35為此,不但猶太,連別的外方人對屈殺這人,都忿忿不平,懷恨在心。35For which cause not only the Jews, but also the other nations, conceived indignation, and were much grieved for the unjust murder of so great a man.
36及至國王從基里基雅回來,京城的猶太人,連一些希臘人,都來到王前,控訴敖尼雅死得冤枉。36And when the king was come back from the places of Cilicia, the Jews that were at Antioch, and also the Greeks went to him: complaining of the unjust murder of Onias.
37安提約古心中也很難受,深表哀憐,回想死者的賢能端莊,不禁淚下。37Antiochus therefore was grieved in his mind for Onias, and being moved to pity, shed tears, remembering the sobriety and modesty of the deceased.
38國王一時怒火大起,命人即刻脫去安多尼苛的紫紅袍,將他的衣服撕爛,領他遊城示眾,直到他對敖尼雅行兇地方,就在那裡,將這兇手從世上剷除;如此,上主使他受到應得的懲罰。38And being inflamed to anger, he commanded Andronicus to be stripped of his purple, and to be led about through all the city: and that in the same place wherein he had committed the impiety against Onias, the sacrilegious wretch should be put to death, the Lord repaying him his deserved punishment.
39里息瑪苛由於默乃勞的贊助,在城內犯了許多盜賣聖物的褻聖罪過。這事一傳出去,民眾都公然來攻擊里息瑪苛;那時有許多金器已被盜賣給各方。39Now when many sacrileges had been committed by Lysimachus in the temple by the counsel of Menelaus, and the rumour of it was spread abroad, the multitude gathered themselves together against Lysimachus, a great quantity of gold being already carried away.
40里息瑪苛見群眾怒形於色,起來反抗他,即武裝了大約三千人,以暴力對付,並以年老而愚妄未減的奧辣諾為首領。40Wherefore the multitude making an insurrection, and their minds being filled with anger, Lysimachus armed about three thousand men, and began to use violence, one Tyrannus being captain, a man far gone both in age, and in madness.
41眾人見里息瑪苛派人來攻打,有的拾取石塊,有的手拿棍棒,有的就地抓起灰土,一起向里息瑪苛的部下亂衝過去;41But when they perceived the attempt of Lysimachus, some caught up stones, some strong clubs: and some threw ashes upon Lysimachus,
42如此,他的部下有許多被打傷了,也有一些被打死,其餘的都逃散了;連褻賣聖器的人也被殺死在聖庫的近旁。42And many of them were wounded, and some struck down to the ground, but all were put to flight: and as for the sacrilegious fellow himself, they slew him beside the treasury.
43關於這事,人民都抱怨默乃勞。43Now concerning these matters, an accusation was laid against Menelaus.
44當國王來到提洛時,長老院便派遣三人到君王跟前伸訴。44And when the king was come to Tyre, three men were sent from the ancients to plead the cause before him.
45默乃勞明知自己已失敗,遂許給多黎默乃的兒子仆托肋米大批金銀,託他向國王代為說情。45But Menelaus being convicted, promised Ptolemee to give him much money to persuade the king to favour him.
46仆托肋米便引國王來到廊下,假意乘涼,乘機使他改變了心意,46So Ptolemee went to the king in a certain court where he was, as it were to cool himself, and brought him to be of another mind:
47於是國王釋放了罪魁禍首默乃勞,撤消了一切的控訴,反而把這幾個可憐的人處死。這幾個人,假使向叔提雅人伸訴的話,一定會被判無罪釋放。47So Menelaus who was guilty of all the evil, was acquitted by him of the accusations: and those poor men, who, if they had pleaded their cause even before Scythians, should have been judged innocent, were condemned to death.
48這些保護聖城、百姓和聖器的人,反倒很快的受到這樣不公平的懲罰。48Thus they that prosecuted the cause for the city, and for the people, and the sacred vessels, did soon suffer unjust punishment.
49因此有些提洛人,為了表示痛恨這種惡行,自願為這些犧牲者舉行隆重的喪禮。49Wherefore even the Tyrians being moved with indignation, were liberal towards their burial.
50因為有權勢的人貪污,默乃勞仍能保持原位,仍然怙惡不悛,時時處處加害本國人。50And so through the covetousness of them that were in power, Menelaus continued in authority, increasing in malice to the betraying of the citizens.

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