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瑪加伯(下) 2 Maccabees
1敖尼雅作大司祭的時候,因他的熱誠和嫉惡的心,聖城安享太平,人民無不奉公守法, 1Therefore when the holy city was inhabited with all peace, and the laws as yet were very well kept, because of the godliness of Onias the high priest, and the hatred his soul had of evil,
2各國君王都尊敬聖所,餽贈珍貴禮品,增添聖殿的光榮; 2It came to pass that even the kings themselves, and the princes esteemed the place worthy of the highest honour, and glorified the temple with very great gifts:
3連亞細亞王色婁苛也以私人的進項,來供給獻祭時所需要的一切費用。 3So that Seleucus king of Asia allowed out of his revenues all the charges belonging to the ministry of the sacrifices.
4但是有一個彼耳加族的息孟,本是聖殿的管理員,為了管理市場的事,與大司祭發生了衝突。 4But one Simon of the tribe of Benjamin, who was appointed overseer of the temple, strove in opposition to the high priest, to bring about some unjust thing in the city.
5他既不能制勝敖尼雅,便投奔到塔爾索人阿頗羅尼那裏,當時他正是切肋敘利亞和腓尼基的總督。 5And when he could not overcome Onias he went to Apollonius the son of Tharseas, who at that time was governor of Celesyria and Phenicia:
6息孟便向他述說耶路撒冷寶庫的財寶富不可言,進款多得無法統計,這一切與祭獻的費用毫無關係,所以可收歸王有。 6And told him, that the treasury in Jerusalem was full of immense sums of money, and the common store was infinite, which did not belong to the account of the sacrifices: and that it was possible to bring all into the king's hands.
7阿頗羅尼朝覲的時候,便把別人給他述說的這項財寶告訴了國王:王遂選派總理大臣赫略多洛,奉命去沒收上述的錢財。 7Now when Apollonius had given the king notice concerning the money that he was told of, he called for Heliodorus, who had the charge over his affairs, and sent him with commission to bring him the foresaid money.
8赫略多洛便立時起程,名義上是為視察切肋敘利亞和腓尼基的各城市,其實是為執行國王的計劃。 8So Heliodorus forthwith began his journey, under a colour of visiting the cities of Celesyria and Phenicia, but indeed to fulfill the king's purpose.
9他到了耶路撒冷,受到大司祭和全城的歡迎,以後便說明他所得到的消息,並說明來意,繼而詢問這些事是否屬實。 9And when he was come to Jerusalem, and had been courteously received in the city by the high priest, he told him what information had been given concerning the money: and declared the cause for which he was come: and asked if these things were so indeed.
10大司祭聲明說:庫內的存款,都是寡婦孤兒所寄存的; 10Then the high priest told him that these were sums deposited, and provisions for the subsistence of the widows and the fatherless.
11還有一部份是位高望重的托彼雅的後裔依爾卡諾所寄存的;至於全庫的財寶,並沒有像邪惡的息孟傳報的那樣多,只有銀子四百『塔冷通』,金子二百『塔冷通』罷了。 11And that some part of that which wicked Simon had given intelligence of, belonged to Hircanus son of Tobias, a man of great dignity: and that the whole was four hundred talents of silver, and two hundred of gold:
12此外,使那些信賴聖所神聖的人受剝削,使這舉世所敬仰的聖殿,與其神聖不可侵犯的尊嚴受到侮辱,是萬萬不可的。 12But that to deceive them who had trusted to the place and temple which is honoured throughout the whole world, for the reverence and holiness of it, was a thing which could not by any means be done.
13但是赫略多洛因為受了王命,堅決主張應將這些財寶收歸國庫。 13But he, by reason of the orders he had received from the king, said that by all means the money must be carried to the king.
14赫略多洛便於指定的日子進去清查這些寶物。這使全城大感憂傷。 14So on the day he had appointed, Heliodorus entered in to order this matter. But there was no small terror throughout the whole city.
15眾司祭都穿上司祭祭服,俯伏在祭台前呼號上天,求存款的立法者,替那些存款的人安全保護這批財寶。 15And the priests prostrated themselves before the altar in their priests' vestments, and called upon him from heaven, who made the law concerning things given to be kept, that he would preserve them safe, for them that had deposited them.
16凡看見大司祭面容的人,沒有不心中悲傷的,因為他的神氣和他面色的改變,都明顯他心靈上的痛苦。 16Now whosoever saw the countenance of the high priest, was wounded in heart: for his face, and the changing of his colour declared the inward sorrow of his mind.
17他驚惶失措與全身戰慄的態度,使人見了就明瞭他內心的憂傷。 17For the man was so compassed with sadness and horror of the body, that it was manifest to them that beheld him, what sorrow he had in his heart.
18居民都成群結隊的從房屋湧出,共同祈禱,因為聖所快要遭受污辱。 18Others also came flocking together out of their houses, praying and making public supplication, because the place was like to come into contempt.
19婦女都苦帶束胸,塞滿了街道,連深居不出的處女,也有的跑到門口,有的爬上牆頭,有的從窗戶向外觀望; 19And the women, girded with haircloth about their breasts, came together in the streets. And the virgins also that were shut up, came forth, some to Onias, and some to the walls, and others looked out of the windows.
20大家都向上天舉手哀禱。 20And all holding up their hands towards heaven, made supplication.
21看見群眾一起伏地哀求,與大司祭的焦心不安,委實令人可憐。 21For the expectation of the mixed multitude, and of the high priest who was in an agony, would have moved any one to pity.
22正當人民呼求全能的天主,保護存款的人所寄存的財寶絕對安全時, 22And these indeed called upon almighty God, to preserve the things that had been committed to them, safe and sure for those that had committed them.
23赫略多洛就來執行他所決定的事。 23But Heliodorus executed that which he had resolved on, himself being present in the same place with his guard about the treasury.
24當他與衛兵走近寶庫的時候,眾神和全能的主忽然大顯異像,使那些擅入聖殿的人,受到天主威能的打擊,驚惶失措,不省人事, 24But the spirit of the almighty God gave a great evidence of his presence, so that all that had presumed to obey him, falling down by the power of God, were struck with fainting and dread.
25因為在他們眼前出現了一匹配備華麗的駿馬,上面騎着一位威嚴可怕的騎士,疾馳衝來,前蹄亂踏赫略多洛,騎馬的人身穿金黃的鎧甲。 25For there appeared to them a horse with a terrible rider upon him, adorned with a very rich covering: and he ran fiercely and struck Heliodorus with his fore feet, and he that sat upon him seemed to have armour of gold.
26同時又出現了兩位英勇的少年,光榮體面,穿戴華麗,立在赫略多洛的兩旁,鞭打不停,使他身受重傷。 26Moreover there appeared two other young men beautiful and strong, bright and glorious, and in comely apparel: who stood by him, on either side, and scourged him without ceasing with many stripes.
27赫略多洛忽然倒在地上,昏迷不省。人將他扶起,放在床上, 27And Heliodorus suddenly fell to the ground, and they took him up covered with great darkness, and having put him into a litter they carried him out.
28這即是方才帶着大批侍從和衛士來到寶庫的人,現在卻無能為力,為人抬出,公然承認了這是天主的大能。 28So he that came with many servants, and all his guard into the aforesaid treasury, was carried out, no one being able to help him, the manifest power of God being known.
29正當這人受天主大能的打擊,啞口失聲,絕望無救的時候, 29And he indeed by the power of God lay speechless, and without all hope of recovery.
30猶太人卻同聲讚頌上主,因為上主光榮了自己的聖所;方才還充滿着恐怖驚慌的聖殿,如今卻因全能上主的顯現,充滿了歡喜快樂。 30But they praised the Lord because he had glorified his place: and the temple, that a little before was full of fear and trouble, when the almighty Lord appeared, was filled with joy and gladness.
31赫略多洛的同僚便急忙懇請敖尼雅哀求至高者,使這奄奄待斃的人重獲生命。 31Then some of the friends of Heliodorus forthwith begged of Onias, that he would call upon the most High to grant him his life, who was ready to give up the ghost.
32大司祭害怕國王懷疑猶太人對赫略多洛下了毒手,所以就為這人獻祭祈求痊癒。 32So the high priest considering that the king might perhaps suspect that some mischief had been done to Heliodorus by the Jews, offered a sacrifice of health for the recovery of the man.
33當大司祭奉獻贖罪祭時,那兩位少年又顯現給赫略多洛,他們仍穿着同樣的服裝,站在他跟前說:「你應多謝大司祭敖尼雅,因為上主為了他纔賞你活命。 33And when the high priest was praying, the same young men in the same clothing stood by Heliodorus, and said to him: Give thanks to Onias the priest: because for his sake the Lord hath granted thee life.
34你這被上天鞭打的人,該向一切人宣揚天主的大能。」他們說完這話,就不見了。 34And thou having been scourged by God, declare unto all men the great works and the power of God. And having spoken thus, they appeared no more.
35於是赫略多洛向上主獻了犧牲,且向保全自己生命的上主許下大願,和顏悅色地辭別敖尼雅,以後便率領部下回到國王那裏。 35So Heliodorus after he had offered a sacrifice to God, and made great vows to him, that had granted him life, and given thanks to Onias, taking his troops with him, returned to the king.
36他並向一切人作證,他親眼見了偉大的天主的作為。 36And he testified to all men the works of the great God, which he had seen with his own eyes.
37國王問赫略多洛,下次派遣誰去耶路撒冷更相宜呢?他回答說: 37And when the king asked Heliodorus, who might be a fit man to be sent yet once more to Jerusalem, he said:
38「你若有仇人或叛國之徒,可以派他到那裏去,即使他能逃生,也必飽受一頓毒打,纔能回來見你;那裏確實有天主的能力, 38If thou hast any enemy or traitor to thy kingdom, send him thither, and thou shalt receive him again scourged, if so be he escape: for there is undoubtedly in that place a certain power of God.
39因為那住在天上的,是那地方的看守者和保護者,故此,凡存惡意去的,必遭受痛打和殺害。」 39For he that hath his dwelling in the heavens, is the visitor, and protector of that place, and he striketh and destroyeth them that come to do evil to it.
40關於赫略多洛及保護聖庫的事,就是如此。 40And the things concerning Heliodorus, and the keeping of the treasury fell out in this manner.




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