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瑪加伯(下) 2 Maccabees
1耶路撒冷和猶太全境的猶太兄弟,祝僑居埃及的猶太兄弟安好!並祝和平幸福! 1To the brethren the Jews that are throughout Egypt, the brethren, the Jews that are in Jerusalem, and in the land of Judea, send health, and good peace.
2願天主主記念他與自己的忠僕亞巴郎、依撒格、雅各伯所立的盟約,賜你們滿享幸福! 2May God be gracious to you, and remember his covenant that he made with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, his faithful servants:
3願他使你們全心崇拜天主,誠心樂意承行他的旨意! 3And give you all a heart to worship him, and to do his will with a great heart, and a willing mind.
4願他使你們瞭解他的法律和規誡,並賜你們平安! 4May he open your heart in his law, and in his commandments, and send you peace.
5願他俯允你們的祈禱,憐恤你們,在患難中不離棄你們! 5May he hear your prayers, and be reconciled unto you, and never forsake you in the evil time.
6現在我們在這裏為你們祈禱。 6And now here we are praying for you.
7在一六九年,德默特琉為王時,我們猶太人曾給你們寫信說:「自從雅松和他的同黨出賣聖地和國家以來,在這些年中,我們遭受了很大的痛苦。 7When Demetrius reigned, in the year one hundred and sixty-nine, we Jews wrote to you, in the trouble, and violence, that came upon us in those years, after Jason withdrew himself from the holy land, and from the kingdom.
8當時他們曾燒燬了殿門,傾流了無辜者的血,那時我們只有祈求上主,也獲得垂允;我們遂奉獻了犧牲和素祭,也點上燈,供上餅。」 8They burnt the gate, and shed innocent blood: then we prayed to the Lord, and were heard, and we offered sacrifices, and fine flour, and lighted the lamps, and set forth the loaves.
9現在,盼望你們也過「基色婁」月的帳棚節。書于一八八年。」 9And now celebrate ye the days of Scenopegia in the month of Casleu.
10耶路撒冷和猶太的居民,長老院和猶大,祝仆托肋米王的太傅阿黎斯托步羅──他原是受傅為司祭的後代──並祝一切僑居在埃及的猶太人平安健康! 10In the year one hundred and eighty-eight, the people that is at Jerusalem, and in Judea, and the senate, and Judas, to Aristobolus, the preceptor of king Ptolemee, who is of the stock of the anointed priests, and to the Jews that are in Egypt, health and welfare.
11我們這些被天主從大難中拯救出來的人,應深深感謝天主,因為是他陪伴我們攻打君王, 11Having been delivered by God out of great dangers, we give him great thanks, forasmuch as we have been in war with such a king.
12是他驅遂了進攻聖城的敵人。 12For he made numbers of men swarm out of Persia that have fought against us, and the holy city.
13當敵人的魁首率領那所向無敵的軍隊到了波斯時,竟在納納雅廟內,被納納雅女神的司祭設計誘殺,剁為肉泥。 13For when the leader himself was in Persia, and with him a very great army, he fell in the temple of Nanea, being deceived by the counsel of the priests of Nanea.
14起初,安提約古託言要娶納納雅女神為妻,與隨同他的朋友來到此地,想以取妝奩的名義,獲得廟內大批珍寶。 14For Antiochus, with his friends, came to the place as though he would marry her, and that he might receive great sums of money under the title of a dowry.
15納納雅廟的司祭把寶物陳列出來,安提約古便帶着少數隨員走進廟院;安提約古一進門,他們就把廟門關上, 15And when the priests of Nanea had set it forth, and he with a small company had entered into the compass of the temple, they shut the temple,
16接着,打開天花板上的密門,拋下石塊,將魁首打死,把他和隨從他的人切成塊,把他們的頭拋給站在外邊的人。── 16When Antiochus was come in: and opening a secret entrance of the temple, they cast stones and slew the leader, and them that were with him, and hewed them in pieces, and cutting off their heads they threw them forth.
17願我們的天主在這一切事上受讚美,因為他把惡人置於死地。 17Blessed be God in all things, who hath delivered up the wicked.
18「基色婁」月二十五日,我們將要舉行潔殿禮,我們認為必須通知你們,叫你們也過帳棚節和火節,這火節是為紀念乃赫米雅重修聖殿和祭壇以後,獻祭時所出現的火。 18Therefore whereas we purpose to keep the purification of the temple on the five and twentieth day of the month of Casleu, we thought it necessary to signify it to you: that you also may keep the day of Scenopegia, and the day of the fire, that was given when Nehemias offered sacrifice, after the temple and the altar was built.
19因為當我們的祖先被擄往波斯去的時候,有幾位虔誠的司祭,取了祭壇上的火,暗藏在一個旱井的穴中,把它封好,不讓人察覺這個地方。 19For when our fathers were led into Persia, the priests that then were worshippers of God took privately the fire from the altar, and hid it in a valley where there was a deep pit without water, and there they kept it safe, so that the place was unknown to all men.
20過了相當長的歲月,天主願意的時候到了,乃赫米雅便被波斯王遣回故鄉;於是他命昔日藏火的司祭的子孫去找火;但是,當他們給我們說沒有找到那火,只找到一些濃厚的液體時,乃赫米雅便叫他們汲出,給他帶來。 20But when many years had passed, and it pleased God that Nehemias should be sent by the king of Persia, he sent some of the posterity of those priests that had hid it, to seek for the fire: and as they told us, they found no fire, but thick water.
21獻祭的一切都準備好,乃赫米雅便命司祭把那液體灑在木柴上面所放的犧牲上。 21Then he bade them draw it up, and bring it to him: and the priest Nehemias commanded the sacrifices that were laid on, to be sprinkled with the same water, both the wood, and the things that were laid upon it.
22剛灑上沒有好久,忽然為雲彩遮蔽的太陽,射出光來,這時忽然發出烈火,眾人都驚奇不已。 22And when this was done, and the time came that the sun shone out, which before was in a cloud, there was a great fire kindled, so that all wondered.
23祭物焚燒時,司祭都一起祈禱,眾人也都與司祭們一起祈禱;約納堂領禱,其餘的人都一同隨聲應和,乃赫米雅也在內。 23And all the priests made prayer, while the sacrifice was consuming, Jonathan beginning, and the rest answering.
24禱文如下:「上主,上主天主,萬物的創造者!你是可敬畏的、大能的、公義的、仁慈的。惟有你是君王,惟有你是聖善, 24And the prayer of Nehemias was after this manner: O Lord God, Creator of all things, dreadful and strong, just and merciful, who alone art the good king,
25惟有你好施捨,惟有你是公義、全能和永恒的!是你從一切患難中拯救了以色列,是你選擇了我們的祖先,聖化了他們。 25Who alone art gracious, who alone art just, and almighty, and eternal, who deliverest Israel from all evil, who didst choose the fathers and didst sanctify them:
26求你收納你全以色列人所奉獻的祭獻,保存和祝聖你的產業! 26Receive the sacrifice for all thy people Israel, and preserve thy own portion, and sanctify it.
27求你把我們四散漂流的人聚集起來,使那些在異民中的奴隸重獲自由,眷顧那些被人輕視和憎惡的,使外方人知道你是我們的天主! 27Gather together our scattered people, deliver them that are slaves to the Gentiles, and look upon them that are despised and abhorred: that the Gentiles may know that thou art our God.
28求你懲罰那些欺壓和傲慢侮辱我們的人! 28Punish them that oppress us, and that treat us injuriously with pride.
29求你按梅瑟的話,將你的百姓栽植在你的聖地裏!」 29Establish thy people in thy holy place, as Moses hath spoken.
30接着,司祭們輪流歌唱聖詠。 30And the priests sung hymns till the sacrifice was consumed.
31祭品焚燒完畢,乃赫米雅就下令把剩下的液體倒在大石上, 31And when the sacrifice was consumed, Nehemias commanded the water that was left to be poured out upon the great stones.
32剛一倒下,便立刻發出火焰,而這火焰被祭壇上發出來的火光吸收了。 32Which being done, there was kindled a flame from them: but it was consumed by the light that shined from the altar.
33這事一傳出去,就有人報告波斯王說:在被俘的司祭們藏火的地方發現了液體,乃赫米雅和他的同伴用這液體聖潔了祭品。 33And when this matter became public, it was told to the king of Persia, that in the place where the priests that were led away, had hid the fire, there appeared water, with which Nehemias and they that were with him had purified the sacrifices.
34這事證實以後,王命人將那地方修上圍牆,視為聖地。 34And the king considering, and diligently examining the matter, made a temple for it, that he might prove what had happened.
35王遂與得他歡心的人彼此餽送禮物。 35And when he had proved it, he gave the priests many goods, and divers presents, and he took and distributed them to them with his own hand.
36乃赫米雅和他的同伴稱這液體為「乃弗塔爾」,即潔淨之意,可是人多稱之為「乃弗泰」。 36And Nehemias called this place Nephthar, which is interpreted purification. But many call it Nephi.




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