2 Maccabees:Chapter 10


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瑪加伯(下) 2 Maccabees
1瑪加伯及他的部下在上主領導之下,收復了聖殿和京城。 1But Machabeus, and they that were with him, by the protection of the Lord, recovered the temple and the city again.
2他們把外方人在廣場上建立的一切祭壇,以及廟宇都予以拆毀。 2But he threw down the altars, which the heathens had set up in the streets, as also the temples of the idols.
3潔淨聖殿以後,他們另建立了一座祭壇,然後打石取火,用取來的火重獻中斷了兩年的祭獻,又焚香、點燈、供餅。 3And having purified the temple, they made another altar: and taking fire out of the fiery stones, they offered sacrifices after two years, and set forth incense, and lamps, and the loaves of proposition.
4此後,他們便俯伏在地,祈求上主不要讓他們再遭遇這樣的禍患;如果他們仍再犯罪,求他減輕懲罰,不要再將他們交付與瀆神的野蠻民族。 4And when they had done these things, they besought the Lord, lying prostrate on the ground, that they might no more fall into such evils; but if they should at any time sin, that they might be chastised by him more gently, and not be delivered up to barbarians and blasphemous men.
5正在外邦人玷污聖殿的那記念日,他們舉行了潔殿禮,即「基色婁」月二十五日; 5Now upon the same day that the temple had been polluted by the strangers, on the very same day it was cleansed again, to wit, on the five and twentieth day of the month of Casleu.
6按着舉行帳棚節的儀式,興高采烈地慶祝了八天;回想不久之前,過帳棚節時,還像野獸一樣,藏在山上或洞裏; 6And they kept eight days with joy, after the manner of the feast of the tabernacles, remembering that not long before they had kept the feast of the tabernacles when they were in the mountains, and in dens like wild beasts.
7為此他們都拿着花枝,青枝和棕櫚樹枝,歌頌那位賜他們能順利清潔聖殿的天主; 7Therefore they now, carried boughs, and green branches, and palms for Him that had given them good success in cleansing his place.
8並且大家一致表決,規定猶太全國人民應每年舉行這慶節。 8And they ordained by a common statute, and decree, that all the nation of the Jews should keep those days every year.
9有關安提約古號稱厄丕法乃的結局,已如上述。後編維護宗教的戰爭(10:10-15:37) 9And this was the end of Antiochus that was called the Illustrious.
10現在我們要述說這惡人的兒子,安提約古歐帕托爾在位時所發生的事情,略述所有的戰禍。 10But now we will relate the acts of Eupator the son of that wicked Antiochus, abridging the account of the evils that happened in the wars.
11他登極後,便立了一位名叫里息雅的為國務總理,兼任切肋敘利亞和腓尼基的總督。 11For when he was come to the crown, he appointed over the affairs of his realm one Lysias, general of the army of Phenicia and Syria.
12此時,號稱瑪克龍的仆托肋米,首先對猶太人主持正義,為了他們受的委屈,就盡力和平對待他們; 12For Ptolemee that was called Macer, was determined to be strictly just to the Jews, and especially by reason of the wrong that had been done them, and to deal peaceably with them.
13因此王的一些朋友在歐帕托爾面前控告了他,說他在各方面堪稱為叛臣,因為他曾離棄了非羅默托託他管理的塞浦路斯,而投奔安提約古厄丕法乃。因為他自覺不配居高位,遂服毒自盡。 13But being accused for this to Eupator by his friends, and being oftentimes called traitor, because he had left Cyprus which Philometor had committed to him, and coming over to Antiochus the Illustrious, had revolted also from him, he put an end to his life by poison.
14當哥爾基雅作了那地的總督以後,便招募外方人從軍,利用各種機會同猶太人交戰。 14But Gorgias, who was governor of the holds, taking with him the strangers, often fought against the Jews.
15同時,佔有一些重要堡壘的依杜默雅人,也騷擾猶太人,收留從耶路撒冷逃亡的人,意圖發動戰爭。 15And the Jews that occupied the most commodious hold, received those that were driven out of Jerusalem, and attempted to make war.
16瑪加伯及他的部下,在哀懇祈求天主協助自己作戰以後,就動員攻擊依杜默雅人的堡壘。 16Then they that were with Machabeus, beseeching the Lord by prayers to be their helper, made a strong attack upon the strong holds of the Idumeans:
17他們英勇作戰,佔據了那些據點,把城墻上作戰的人都擊退,凡落在他們手中的,都一概殺盡,殺了不下兩萬人。 17And assaulting them with great force, won the holds, killed them that came in the way, and slew altogether no fewer than twenty thousand.
18有九千多人逃到兩座特別堅固,且貯藏有各種急需物品的堡壘裏。 18And whereas some were fled into very strong towers, having all manner of provision to sustain a siege,
19瑪加伯留下息孟、若瑟、匝刻約和他的軍隊,足夠圍困堡壘,自己便往危急的地方去了。 19Machabeus left Simon and Joseph, and Zacheus, and them that were with them in sufficient number to besiege them, and departed to those expeditions which urged more.
20但是息孟的部隊貪財,受了堡壘中一些人的賄賂,收得七萬「達瑪」,而讓他們一些人逃走了。 20Now they that were with Simon, being led with covetousness, were persuaded for the sake of money by some that were in the towers: and taking seventy thousand didrachmas, let some of them escape.
21瑪加伯一知道這事,就召集軍民的軍長,斥責他們為銀錢出賣自己的兄弟,把與自己交戰的敵人放走, 21But when it was told Machabeus what was done, he assembled the rulers of the people, and accused those men that they had sold their brethren for money, having let their adversaries escape.
22因此把這些叛徒處死,並立時進攻這兩座堡壘。 22So he put these traitors to death, and forthwith took the two towers.
23戰事在他的手中進行的很是順利,在這兩個堡壘裏,又殺了兩萬多人。 23And having good success in arms and in all things he took in hand, he slew more than twenty thousand in the two holds.
24從前被猶太人打敗的提摩太,又聚集一大批外方士兵,並招募不少來自亞細亞的騎兵,想用武力去佔領猶太。 24But Timotheus who before had been overcome by the Jews, having called together a multitude of foreign troops, and assembled horsemen out of Asia, came as though he would take Judea by force of arms.
25但他快來近時,瑪加伯和他的部下都頭上撒土,腰束苦帶,懇求天主, 25But Machabeus and they that were with him, when he drew near, prayed to the Lord, sprinkling earth upon their heads and girding their loins with haircloth,
26跪伏在祭壇的前階上,懇求天主向他們大發慈悲,按着法律所宣示的,與他們的仇人為仇,與他們的敵人為敵。 26And lying prostrate at the foot of the altar, besought him to be merciful to them, and to be an enemy to their enemies, and an adversary to their adversaries, as the law saith.
27祈禱完畢,就拿起武器出發,走到離城相當遠的地方,靠近敵人,就停住了。 27And so after prayer taking their arms, they went forth further from the city, and when they were come very near the enemies they rested.
28天一破曉,兩軍交鋒:這一方,不是依靠兵力,而是依靠天主,作為成功和勝利的保證;另一方卻只仗自己的勇氣,而來作戰。 28But as soon as the sun was risen both sides joined battle: the one part having with their valour the Lord for a surety of victory and success: but the other side making their rage their leader in battle.
29戰爭正在激烈進行時,敵人看見從天上降下五個光輝燦爛的人,騎着金轡的馬,走在猶太人的前面, 29But when they were in the heat of the engagement there appeared to the enemies from heaven five men upon horses, comely with golden bridles, conducting the Jews:
30把瑪加伯圍在中央,用自己的盔甲掩護他,使他不受傷害;然後向敵人放射箭矢和雷電,使他們目眩惶惑,秩序大亂。 30Two of whom took Machabeus between them, and covered him on every side with their arms, and kept him safe: but cast darts and fireballs against the enemy, so that they fell down, being both confounded with blindness, and filled with trouble.
31結果,殺死步兵二萬五百,騎兵六百; 31And there were slain twenty thousand five hundred, and six hundred horsemen.
32提摩太只得逃到一座凱勒阿管轄的,名叫革則爾最穩固的堡壘裏去。 32But Timotheus fled into Gazara a strong hold, where Chereas was governor.
33瑪加伯與他的部下,四天奮勇圍攻這堅固的堡壘。 33Then Machabeus, and they that were with him, cheerfully laid siege to the fortress four days.
34裏面的人,仗着地勢險要,狂傲謾罵,口出惡言。 34But they that were within, trusting to the strength of the place, blasphemed exceedingly, and cast forth abominable words.
35至第五天破曉時分,瑪加伯軍中有二十個少年,被這些謾罵激得怒火如焚,於是奮勇越墻而上,咆哮如野獸,逢人便殺。 35But when the fifth day appeared, twenty young men of them that were with Machabeus, inflamed in their minds because of the blasphemy, approached manfully to the wall, and pushing forward with fierce courage got up upon it.
36同時,有別的一些人,也越墻而上,四面襲擊裏面的人,又放火燒樓,燃起烈火,把謾罵的人活活地燒死。另有一些人卻衝破城門,讓其餘的軍隊進去,迅速地把城市佔領, 36Moreover others also getting up after them, went to set fire to the towers and the gates, and to burn the blasphemers alive.
37殺了藏在蓄水池中的提摩太和他的兄弟凱勒阿與阿頗羅法乃。 37And having for two days together pillaged and sacked the fortress, they killed Timotheus, who was found hid in a certain place: they slew also his brother Chereas, and Apollophanes.
38戰後他們詠詩唱歌,讚美上主,因為他對以色列特降鴻恩,使他們獲得了勝利。 38And when this was done, they blessed the Lord with hymns and thanksgiving, who had done great things in Israel, and given them the victory.




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