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列王紀(下) 2 Kings
1猶大王約沙法特十八年,阿哈布的兒子耶曷蘭在撒瑪黎雅登極作以色列王,在位凡十二年。1And Joram the son of Achab reigned over Israel in Samaria in the eighteenth year of Josaphat king of Juda. And he reigned twelve years.
2他行了上主視為惡的事,不過還不像他的父親和母親那樣壞,因為他除去了他父親所立的巴耳神柱,2And he did evil before the Lord, but not like his father and his mother: for he took away the statues of Baal, which his father had made.
3只是對乃巴特的兒子雅洛貝罕使以色列陷於罪過的事,仍戀戀不捨,從未脫離。3Nevertheless he stuck to the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nabat, who made Israel to sin, nor did he depart from them.
4摩阿布王默沙原是一個以畜牧為業的人,他經常以十萬隻羔羊和十萬隻公山羊毛,向以色列王進貢;4Now Mesa, king of Moab, nourished many sheep, and he paid to the king of Israel a hundred thousand lambs, and a hundred thousand rams with their fleeces.
5但在阿哈布死後,摩阿布王便背叛了以色列王。5And when Achab was dead, he broke the league which he had made with the king of Israel.
6那時,耶曷蘭王從撒瑪黎雅出來,檢閱全以色列人,6And king Joram went out that day from Samaria, and mustered all Israel.
7以後派使者去見猶大王約沙法特說:「摩阿布王背叛了我,你願意同我一起去攻打摩阿布嗎?」約沙法特說:「願意去;你怎樣,我也怎樣;我的人民就如同是你的人民,我的馬就如同是你的馬。」7And he sent to Josaphat king of Juda, saying: The king of Moab is revolted from me, come with me against him to battle. And he answered: I will come up: he that is mine, is thine: my people, thy people: and my horses, thy horses.
8約沙法特接著問說:「我們從那條路上去?」耶曷蘭答說:「從厄東曠野那條路。」8And he said: Which way shall we go up? But he answered: By the desert of Edom.
9於是以色列王、猶大王和厄東王出發,繞道而行,七天以後,軍隊和隨行的一大隊牲畜沒有水喝。9So the king of Israel, and the king of Juda, and the king of Edom went, and they fetched a compass of seven days' journey, and there was no water for the army, and for the beasts, that followed them.
10以色列王說:「哎!上主召集這三個王子,原是將他們交在摩阿布手中啊!」10And the king of Israel said: Alas, alas, alas, the Lord hath gathered us three kings together, to deliver us into the hands of Moab!
11約沙法特問說:「這裡有沒有一位上主的先知,我們可以託他求問上主?」以色列王的一個臣僕回答說:「這裡有沙法特的兒子厄里叟,就是常在厄里亞手上倒水的那一位。」11And Josaphat said: Is there not here a prophet of the Lord, that we may beseech the Lord by him? And one of the servants of the king of Israel answered: Here is Eliseus the son of Saphat, who poured water on the hands of Elias.
12約沙法特說:「他必有上主的話。」以色列王、約沙法特和厄東王,於是一同下去見他。12And Josaphat said: The word of the Lord is with him. And the king of Israel, and Josaphat king of Juda, and the king of Edom went down to him.
13厄里叟對以色列王說:「我和你有什麼關係?你去找你父親和你母親的先知罷!」以色列王說:「不要這樣說!上主召集了這三個王子,原是要將他們交於摩阿布手中啊!」13And Eliseus said to the king of Israel: What have I to do with thee? go to the prophets of thy father, and thy mother. And the king of Israel said to him: Why hath the Lord gathered together these three kings, to deliver them into the hands of Moab?
14厄里叟說:「我指著我所服事的永生萬軍的上主起誓:我如果不是為了猶大王約沙法特的情面,我決不看你,也不睬你。14And Eliseus said to him: As the Lord of hosts liveth, in whose sight I stand, if I did not reverence the face of Josaphat king of Juda, I would not have hearkened to thee, nor looked on thee.
15現在,你們給我叫一個彈琴的人來。」原來每逢樂師彈琴的時候,上主的手就臨到他身上。15But now bring me hither a minstrel. And when the minstrel played, the hand of the Lord came upon him, and he said:
16厄里叟說:「上主這樣說:你們在這山谷中遍挖壕溝,16Thus saith the Lord: Make the channel of this torrent full of ditches.
17因為上主這樣說:你們不見風,也不見雨,這山谷中卻要充滿了水,使你們、你們的軍隊和牲畜都有水喝。17For thus saith the Lord: You shall not see wind, nor rain: and yet this channel shall be filled with waters, and you shall drink, you and your families, and your beasts.
18這在上主看來還是小事,他還要將摩阿布交在你們手中,18And this is a small thing in the sight of the Lord: moreover he will deliver also Moab into your hands.
19使你們攻破所有設防的城市,砍倒所有的好樹,杜塞所有的水泉,用石頭毀壞所有的良田。」19And you shall destroy every fenced city, and every choice city, and shall cut down every fruitful tree, and shall stop up all the springs of waters, and every goodly field you shall cover with stones.
20果然,早上正獻祭的時候,從厄東方面來了大水,遍地滿了水。20And it came to pass in the morning, when the sacrifices used to be offered, that behold, water came by the way of Edom, and the country was filled with water.
21全摩阿布人一聽說三個王子前來進攻,就召集了所有能佩帶武器的人,把守邊界。21And all the Moabites hearing that the kings were come up to fight against them, gathered together all that were girded with a belt upon them, and stood in the borders.
22第二天早晨,日光照在水上,摩阿布人起來,看見對面的水紅得像血,22And they rose early in the morning, and the sun being now up, and shining upon the waters, the Moabites saw the waters over against them red, like blood,
23遂說:「這是血!一定是那三個王子彼此混戰,互相殘殺。摩阿布人,起來,前去奪取財物!」23And they said: It is the blood of the sword: the kings have fought among themselves, and they have killed one another: go now, Moab, to the spoils.
24及至他們到了以色列營地,以色列人即奮起迎敵,摩阿布人從他們面前逃走,他們就乘勢追趕,擊殺摩阿布人,24And they went into the camp of Israel: but Israel rising up defeated Moab, who fled before them. And they being conquerors, went and smote Moab.
25破壞了他們的城市,個個用石頭拋滿了他們的良田,杜塞了所有的水泉,砍倒了各種好樹;只剩下克爾赫勒斯城,拋石頭的人仍包圍攻擊那城。25And they destroyed the cities: and they filled every goodly field, every man casting his stone: and they stopt up all the springs of waters: and cut down all the trees that bore fruit, so that brick walls only remained: and the city was beset by the slingers, and a great part thereof destroyed.
26摩阿布王見戰事激烈,難以敵抗,就帶領七百人,手持刀劍,企圖突圍,往投阿蘭王,卻沒有成功;26And when the king of Moab saw this, to wit, that the enemies had prevailed, he took with him seven hundred men that drew the sword, to break in upon the king of Edom: but they could not.
27於是將那要繼承自己位的長子叫來,在城墻上祭殺了,作為全燔祭。這事使天主向以色列人大發忿怒;他們便離開摩阿布王,各自回了本地。27Then he took his eldest son that should have reigned in his stead, and offered him for a burnt offering upon the wall: and there was great indignation in Israel, and presently they departed from him, and returned into their own country.

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