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列王紀(下) 2 Kings
1約阿士即位時,纔七歲; 1In the seventh year of Jehu Joas began to reign: and he reigned forty years in Jerusalem. The name of his mother was Sebia of Bersabee.
2他在耶胡第七年即位為王,在耶路撒冷作王凡四十年。他的母親名叫漆彼雅,是貝爾舍巴人。 2And Joas did that which was right before the Lord all the days that Joiada the priest taught him.
3約阿士在司祭約雅達教導他期間,行了上主視為正義的事, 3But yet he took not away the high places: for the people still sacrificed and burnt incense in the high places.
4只是沒有廢除高丘,人民仍在高丘上焚香獻祭。 4And Joas said to the priests: O All the money of the sanctified things, which is brought into the temple of the Lord by those that pass, which is offered for the price of a soul, and which of their own accord, and of their own free heart they bring into the temple of the Lord:
5約阿士對司祭們說:「凡人向上主的殿繳納作獻儀的錢,不論是人丁贖金,或樂意捐獻於上主殿中的錢, 5Let the priests take it according to their order, and repair the house, wheresoever they shall see any thing that wanteth repairing.
6司祭們都可以接收,每人也可向相識的人去勸捐;但司祭們應該修理聖殿需要修理的破壞之處。」 6Now till the three and twentieth year of king Joas, the priests did not make the repairs of the temple.
7但是,直到約阿士王第二十三年,司祭尚未修理聖殿的破壞之處。 7And king Joas called Joiada the high priest and the priests, saying to them: Why do you not repair the temple? Take you therefore money no more according to your order, but restore it for the repairing of the temple.
8於是約阿士王將約雅達大司祭和其他司祭召來,問他們說:「你們為什麼不修理聖殿破壞之處?現在你們不要再向相識的人收錢了;應把所有的錢交出,用來修理聖殿的破壞之處。」 8And the priests were forbidden to take any more money of the people, and to make the repairs of the house.
9司祭們就同意不再向人民收錢,也不再負責修理聖殿的破壞之處。 9And Joiada the high priest took a chest and bored a hole in the top, and set it by the altar at the right hand of them that came into the house of the Lord, and the priests that kept the doors put therein all the money that was brought to the temple of the Lord.
10司祭約雅達於是拿來一個箱子,箱子上面開了一個口,安放在祭壇旁邊,即在上主聖殿入口的右邊,守門的司祭將所有獻於上主聖殿的銀錢,放入箱內。 10And when they saw that there was very much money in the chest, the king's scribe and the high priest came up, and poured it out, and counted the money that was found in the house of the Lord:
11幾時看見箱內的錢夠多了,君王的秘書和大司祭就上來,把錢倒出,數點上主殿內所有的銀錢。 11And they gave it out by number and measure into the hands of them that were over the builders of the house of the Lord: and they laid it out to the carpenters, and the masons that wrought in the house of the Lord,
12他們將秤好了的錢,交給上主殿內監工的管理員,由他們發給在上主殿內工作的木匠和建築工人, 12And made the repairs: and to them that cut stones, and to buy timber, and stones, to be hewed, that the repairs of the house of the Lord might be completely finished, and wheresoever there was need of expenses to uphold the house.
13泥水匠和石匠,或購買木料和鑿刻好的石頭,用來修補上主殿內的破壞之處;總之,用來作為修理聖殿的費用。 13But there were not made of the same money for the temple of the Lord, bowls, or fleshhooks, or censers, or trumpets, or any vessel of gold and silver, of the money that was brought into the temple of the Lord.
14進獻於上主殿內的銀錢,並沒有用來製造上主殿內的銀盆、燭剪、盤子、號筒,或任何金銀器皿, 14For it was given to them that did the work, that the temple of the Lord might be repaired.
15只是將銀錢交給工作人員,用來修理上主的殿。 15And they reckoned not with the men that received the money to distribute it to the workmen, but they bestowed it faithfully.
16也並不需要向那些經手收錢付給工人的人算賬,因為他們作事忠信可靠。 16But the money for trespass, and the money for sins, they brought not into the temple of the Lord, because it was for the priests.
17至於獻作贖過祭和贖罪祭的錢,不歸於上主的殿,全歸於司祭。 17Then Hazael king of Syria went up and fought against Geth, and took it and set his face to go up to Jerusalem.
18那時,阿蘭王哈匝耳上來攻打加特,也攻下了,準備進攻耶路撒冷。 18Wherefore Joas king of Juda took all the sanctified things, which Josaphat, and Joram, and Ochozias his fathers the kings of Juda had dedicated to holy uses, and which he himself had offered: and all the silver that could be found in the treasures of the temple of the Lord, and in the king's palace: and sent it to Hazael king of Syria, and he went off from Jerusalem.
19猶大王約阿士就將他祖先猶大王約沙法特、約蘭和阿哈齊雅所奉獻的聖物,同他自己奉獻的聖物,以及上主聖殿和王宮的府庫內貯藏的金子,全部取出來,送給了阿蘭王哈匝耳;哈匝耳就離開了耶路撒冷。 19And the rest of the acts of Joas, and all that he did, are they not written in the book of the words of the days of the kings of Juda?
20約阿士其餘的事蹟,他行的一切,都記載在猶大列王實錄上。 20And his servants arose, and conspired among themselves, and slew Joas in the house of Mello in the descent of Sella.
21約阿士的臣僕起來結黨謀反,在約阿士下到米羅宮時,將他殺死; 21For Josachar the son of Semaath, and Jozabad the son of Somer his servant struck him, and he died: and they buried him with his fathers in the city of David, and Amasias his son reigned in his stead.
22殺他的是他的臣僕史默阿特的兒子約匝加爾和芍默爾的兒子約匝巴得。他死後,人將他葬在達味城,與祖先埋在一起;他的兒子阿瑪責雅繼位為王。 22




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