2 Corinthians:Chapter 8


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格林多後書 2 Corinthians
1弟兄們!如今我們願意告訴你們:天主在馬其頓各教會所施與的恩惠, 1Now we make known unto you, brethren, the grace of God, that hath been given in the churches of Macedonia.
2就是他們在患難頻繁的試探中所充滿的喜樂,和他們極度的貧困所湧出的豐厚慷慨。 2That in much experience of tribulation, they have had abundance of joy; and their very deep poverty hath abounded unto the riches of their simplicity.
3我可以作證:他們是盡了力量,甚至超過了力量,自動的捐輸, 3For according to their power (I bear them witness), and beyond their power, they were willing.
4再三懇求我們准他們分享供應聖徒的恩惠。 4With much entreaty begging of us the grace and communication of the ministry that is done toward the saints.
5他們所作的,不但如我們所盼望的,而且按照天主的旨意,把自己先奉獻給主,也獻給了我們; 5And not as we hoped, but they gave their own selves first to the Lord, then to us by the will of God:
6因此,我們請求弟鐸,他既然開始了這慈善的事,也在你們中予以完成。 6Insomuch, that we desired Titus, that as he had begun, so also he would finish among you this same grace.
7就如你們在一切事上,在信德、語言、知識和各種熱情上,並在我們所交於你們的愛情上,超群出眾,這樣也要在這慈善事上超群出眾。 7That as in all things you abound in faith, and word, and knowledge, and all carefulness; moreover also in your charity towards us, so in this grace also you may abound.
8我說這話並不是出命,而是藉別人的熱情來試驗你們愛情的真誠, 8I speak not as commanding; but by the carefulness of others, approving also the good disposition of your charity.
9因為你們知道我們的主耶穌基督的恩賜:他本是富有的,為了你們卻成了貧困的,好使你們因著他的貧困而成為富有的。 9For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that being rich he became poor, for your sakes; that through his poverty you might be rich.
10我在這事上只給你們貢獻意見,因為這樣更適合於你們,因為你們從去年不但已開始實行了,而且還是出於自願。 10And herein I give my advice; for this is profitable for you, who have begun not only to do, but also to be willing, a year ago.
11所以如今,請完成你們所實行的事罷!好使你們怎樣甘心情願,也怎樣照所有的予以完成, 11Now therefore perform ye it also in deed; that as your mind is forward to be willing, so it may be also to perform, out of that which you have.
12因為只要有甘心情願在,蒙受悅納是照所有的,不是照所無的。 12For if the will be forward, it is accepted according to that which a man hath, not according to that which he hath not.
13這不是說要使別人輕鬆,叫你們為難;而是說要出於均勻: 13For I mean not that others should be eased, and you burthened, but by an equality.
14在現今的時候,你們的富裕彌補了他們的缺乏,好使他們的富裕也彌補你們的缺乏,這樣就有了均勻, 14In this present time let your abundance supply their want, that their abundance also may supply your want, that there may be an equality,
15正如所記載的:『多收的沒有剩餘,少收的也沒有不足。』 15As it is written: He that had much, had nothing over; and he that had little, had no want.
16感謝天主,把我對你們所有的同樣熱情賜在弟鐸的心裡, 16And thanks be to God, who hath given the same carefulness for you in the heart of Titus.
17因為他接受了我們的請求,而且因他更為關心,便自動地起身往你們那裡去了。 17For indeed he accepted the exhortation; but being more careful, of his own will he went unto you.
18同時,我也打發了一位弟兄和他同去,這人在宣講福音上所受的讚美傳遍了各教會── 18We have sent also with him the brother, whose praise is in the gospel through all the churches.
19不但如此,而且各教會也派定了他在這恩惠上作我們的旅伴,我們經管這事是為主的光榮,並為表現我們的好心── 19And not that only, but he was also ordained by the churches companion of our travels, for this grace, which is administered by us, to the glory of the Lord, and our determined will:
20我們這樣防範,是為避免有人在我們所經管的這巨款上來毀謗我們, 20Avoiding this, lest any man should blame us in this abundance which is administered by us.
21因為我們不但在主面前關心我們的美名,而且也在人的面前。 21For we forecast what may be good not only before God, but also before men.
22我們還打發了一位弟兄與他們同去,我們在許多事上,屢次證驗過他是熱情的;如今他因對你們大有信心,當然更加熱情了。 22And we have sent with them our brother also, whom we have often proved diligent in many things; but now much more diligent, with much confidence in you,
23論到弟鐸,他是我的同伴,為你們也是我的助手;論到我們的那兩位弟兄,他們是教會的使者,是基督的光榮; 23Either for Titus, who is my companion and fellow labourer towards you, or our brethren, the apostles of the churches, the glory of Christ.
24所以你們要在眾教會前,向他們證實你們的愛情,和我們對你們所有的誇耀。 24Wherefore shew ye to them, in the sight of the churches, the evidence of your charity, and of our boasting on your behalf.

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