2 Chronicles:Chapter 8


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編年紀(下) 2 Chronicles
1撒羅滿建造上主的殿和自己的王宮歷時二十年;二十年過後, 1And at the end of twenty years after Solomon had built the house of the Lord and his own house:
2撒羅滿又重建了希蘭還給他的城邑,令以色列子民住在那裏。 2He built the cities which Hiram had given to Solomon, and caused the children of Israel to dwell there.
3此後,撒羅滿到了哈瑪特祚巴,征服了那地。 3He went also into Emath Suba, and possessed it.
4又修建了在曠野裏的塔德摩爾,在哈瑪特四周修築了貯藏城。 4And he built Palmira in the desert, and he built other strong cities in Emath.
5又建築了上貝特曷龍和下貝特曷龍,作為有牆有門有閂的設防城。 5And he built Beth-horon the upper, and Beth-horon the nether, walled cities with Rates and bars and locks.
6又建築了巴阿拉特和所屬於撒羅滿的貯藏城,以及一切屯車城和騎兵城;凡撒羅滿願意在耶路撒冷、黎巴嫩以及他所管轄的境內所要建設的,都已建設了。 6Balaath also and all the strong cities that were Solomon's, and all the cities of the chariots, and the cities of the horsemen. All that Solomon had a mind, and designed, he built in Jerusalem and in Libanus, and in all the land of his dominion.
7至於其餘的人民,即那些不屬以色列的赫特人、阿摩黎人、培黎齊人、希威人和耶步斯人, 7All the people that were left of the Hethites, and the Amorrhites, and the Pherezites, and the Hevites, and the Jebusites, that were not of the stock of Israel:
8以色列子民沒有消滅,而他們凡留在此地的子孫,撒羅滿都徵來充作苦役,直到今天仍是如此。 8Of their children, and of the posterity, whom the children of Israel had not slain, Solomon made to be the tributaries, unto this day.
9撒羅滿並沒有使以色列子民為他的工作擔任苦役,因為他們是他的戰士、將官、戰車長和騎兵長。 9But of the children of Israel he set none to serve in the king's works: for they were men of war, and chief captains, and rulers of his chariots and horsemen.
10撒羅滿的監察官,共有二百五十人,監管百姓。 10And all the chief captains of king Solomon's army were two hundred and fifty, who taught the people.
11撒羅滿又將法郎的女兒,從達味城搬到為她建築的宮中,因為他說:「我的妻子,也不可住在以色列王達味的宮中,因為上主的約櫃所到的地方是聖地。」 11And he removed the daughter of Pharao from the city of David, to the house which he had built for her. For the king said: My wife shall not dwell in the house of David king of Israel, for it is sanctified: because the ark of the Lord came into it.
12那時撒羅滿在上主的祭壇上,即他在東廊前所築的祭壇上,向上主獻了全燔祭; 12Then Solomon offered holocausts to the Lord upon the altar of the Lord which he had built before the porch,
13並按梅瑟的吩咐,在安息日、新月和每年的三個節期:無酵節、七七節和帳棚節,奉獻每日應獻的祭品。 13That every day an offering might be made on it according to the ordinance of Moses, in the sabbaths, and on the new moons, and on the festival days three times a year, that is to say, in the feast of unleavened bread, and in the feast of weeks, and in the feast of tabernacles.
14他又照他父親達味的規定,為司祭派定了班次,各盡其職;又規定了肋未人的任務,令他們負責讚頌;照每日的定例,在司祭前服務;又派定了門丁,按照他們的班次守衛各門,因為天主的人達味是如此命令的。 14And he appointed according to the order of David his father the offices of the priests in their ministries: and the Levites in their order to give praise, and minister before the priests according to the duty of every day: and the porters in their divisions by gate and gate: for so David the man of God had commanded.
15君王對司祭和肋未人所吩咐的任何職務,以及管理府庫的事,他們都沒有違抗。 15And the priests and Levites departed not from the king's commandments, as to any thing that he had commanded, and as to the keeping of the treasures.
16由上主的殿奠基之日起,以迄完成,撒羅滿的一切工作完備無缺;上主的殿於是告成。 16Solomon had all charges prepared, from the day that he founded the house of the Lord, until the day wherein he finished it.
17此後,撒羅滿往厄東地,到了濱海的厄茲雍革貝爾及厄拉特。 17Then Solomon went to Asiongaber, and to Ailath, on the coast of the Red Sea, which is in the land of Edom.
18希蘭派遣自己的臣僕給他送來了船隻和善於航海的人;他們與撒羅滿的僕人同往敖非爾去,從那裏裝載了黃金四百五十『塔冷通』,運到撒羅滿王那裏。 18And Hiram sent him ships by the hands of his servants, and skillful mariners, and they went with Solomon's servants to Ophir, and they took thence four hundred and fifty talents of gold, and brought it to king Solomon.




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