2 Chronicles:Chapter 29


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編年紀(下) 2 Chronicles
1希則克雅登極時年二十五歲,在耶路撒冷作王凡二十九年;他的母親名叫阿彼雅,是則加黎雅的女兒。 1Now Ezechias began to reign, when he was five and twenty years old, and he reigned nine and twenty years in Jerusalem: the name of his mother was Abia, the daughter of Zacharias.
2希則克雅行了上主視為正義的事,完全像他祖先達味所行的一樣。 2And he did that which was pleasing in the sight of the Lord, according to all that David his father had done.
3他作王元年正月,開了上主殿宇的門,再加以修理; 3In the first year and month of his reign he opened the doors of the house of the Lord, and repaired them.
4召司祭和肋未人來,聚集在東面廣場上, 4And he brought the priests and the Levites, and assembled them in the east street.
5對他們說:「肋未人,請聽我的話!現在你們應自潔,好清除上主你們祖先的天主的殿宇,將聖所內的污穢之物除去。 5And he said to them: Hear me, ye Levites, and be sanctified, purify the house of the Lord the God of your fathers, and take away all filth out of the sanctuary.
6因為我們的祖先犯了罪,行了上主我們的天主視為不悅的事,離棄了他,並轉臉不顧上主的居所,以背相向; 6Our fathers have sinned and done evil in the sight of the Lord God, forsaking him: they have turned away their faces from the tabernacle of the Lord, and turned their backs.
7又封閉了廊門,熄滅了燈,未在聖所內給以色列的天主焚香,獻全燔祭。 7They have shut up the doors that were in tile porch, and put out the lamps. and have not burnt incense, nor offered holocausts in the sanctuary of the God of Israel.
8因此,上主的盛怒降於猶大和耶路撒冷,使之成為恐懼、驚駭、恥笑的對象,正如你們親眼所見的。 8Therefore the wrath of the Lord hath been stirred up against Juda and Jerusalem, and he hath delivered them to trouble, and to destruction, and to be hissed at, as you see with your eyes.
9並且我們的祖先因此死於刀下,我們的妻子兒女作了俘虜。 9Behold, our fathers are fallen by the sword, our sons, and our daughters, and wives are led away captives for this wickedness.
10現在,我有意與上主以色列的天主立約,使他的烈怒轉離我們。 10Now therefore I have a mind that we make a covenant with the Lord the God of Israel, and he will turn away the wrath of his indignation from us.
11我的孩子們!現在不要再怠慢,因為上主簡選了你們侍立在他面前,為奉事他,向他焚香。」 11My sons, be not negligent: the Lord hath chosen you to stand before him, and to minister to him, and to worship him, and to burn incense to him.
12於是肋未人起來:刻哈特族中有阿瑪賽的兒子瑪哈特和阿匝黎雅的兒子約厄耳;默辣黎族中有阿貝狄的兒子克士和雅肋肋耳的兒子阿匝黎雅;革爾雄族中有齊瑪的兒子約阿黑和約阿黑的兒子厄登; 12Then the Levites arose, Mahath the son of Amasai, and Joel the son of Azarias, of the sons of Caath: and of the sons of Merari, Cis the son of Abdi, and Azarias the son of Jalaleel. And of the sons of Gerson, Joah the son of Zemma, and Eden the son of Joah.
13厄里匝番子孫中有史默黎和耶烏耳;阿撒夫子孫中有則加黎雅和瑪塔尼雅; 13And of the sons of Elisaphan, Samri, and Jahiel. Also of the sons of Asaph, Zacharias, and Mathanias.
14赫曼子孫中有耶希耳和史米;耶杜通子孫中有舍瑪雅和烏齊耳, 14And of the sons of Heman, Jahiel, and Semei: and of the sons of Idithun, Semeias, and Oziel.
15他們集合自己的弟兄,先行自潔,後照君王的吩咐,根據上主的命令,來清除上主的殿。 15And they gathered together their brethren, and sanctified themselves, and went in according to the commandment of the king, and the precept of the Lord, to purify the house of God.
16司祭進入上主殿宇裏面去清除,將上主殿內所有的污穢之物,移到上主殿宇的院內;肋未人接過來,運到城外的克德龍溪。 16And the priests went into the temple of the Lord to sanctify it, and brought out all the uncleanness that they found within to the entrance of the house of the Lord, and the Levites took it away, and carried it out abroad to the torrent Cedron.
17他們在正月一日開始清除,第八天清除到上主的殿。正月十六日清除完畢。 17And they began to cleanse on the first day of the first month, and on the eighth day of the same month they came into the porch of the temple of the Lord, and they purified the temple in eight days, and on the sixteenth day of the same month they finished what they had begun.
18於是他們去見希則克雅說:「我們已經將上主的殿宇、全燔祭壇、以及壇上所有的器具、供餅桌、以及桌上所有的用具,全部清潔了; 18And they went is to king Ezechias, and said to him: We have sanctified all the house of the Lord, and the altar of holocaust, and the vessels thereof, and the table of proposition with all its vessels,
19並且連阿哈次王在位犯罪時,所丟棄的器具,我們都整理好,也都清潔了;現在都放在上主祭壇前面。」 19And all the furniture of the temple, which king Achaz in his reign had defiled, after his transgression; and behold they are all set forth before the altar of the Lord.
20希則克雅清晨起來,召集城內的首領,上到上主殿內。 20And king Ezechias rising early, assembled all the rulers of the city, and went up into the house of the Lord:
21人們帶來了七隻牛犢,七隻公綿羊和七隻羔羊;此外,還有七隻公山羊,為國家,為聖殿,為猶大作為贖罪祭;王遂吩咐亞郎的子孫司祭奉獻在上主的祭壇上。 21And they offered together seven bullocks, and seven rams, and seven lambs, and seven he goats for sin, for the kingdom, for the sanctuary, for Juda: and he spoke to the priests the sons of Aaron, to offer them upon the altar of the Lord.
22祭殺了牛犢,司祭將血取來,灑在祭壇上;祭殺了綿羊,將血灑在祭壇上;祭殺了羔羊,也將血灑在祭壇上。 22Therefore they killed the bullocks, and the priests took the blood, and poured it upon the altar; they killed also the rams, and their blood they poured also upon the altar, and they killed the lambs, and poured the blood upon the altar.
23最後,將獻作贖罪祭的公山羊,牽到君王和會眾面前,他們將手按在公山羊身上, 23And they brought the he goats for sin before the king, and the whole multitude, and they laid their hand upon them:
24司祭宰殺了,將血獻在祭壇上,作為贖罪祭,為以色列民眾贖罪,因為君王曾吩咐過:全燔祭和贖罪祭,應為以色列民眾奉獻。 24And the priests immolated them, and sprinkled their blood before the altar for an expiation of all Israel: for the king had commanded that the holocaust and the sin offering should be made for all Israel.
25王又派定肋未人用鈸、瑟和琴,在上主殿內奏樂,有如達味、王的先見者加得和先知納堂所吩咐的,亦即上主藉先知所吩咐的。 25And he set the Levites in the house of the Lord with cymbals, and psalteries, and harps according to the regulation of David the king, and of Gad the seer, and of Nathan the prophet: for it was the commandment of the Lord by the hand of his prophets.
26於是肋未人拿着達味的樂器,司祭拿着號筒,一起站着。 26And the Levites stood, with the instruments of David, and the priests with trumpets.
27希則克雅遂下令在祭壇上獻全燔祭。全燔祭開始時,頌揚上主的歌聲和號聲,也在以色列王達味的樂器伴奏下,隨之開始。 27And Ezechias commanded that they should offer holocausts upon the altar: and when the holocausts were offered, they began to sing praises to the Lord, and to sound with trumpets, and divers instruments which David the king of Israel had prepared.
28同時全會眾跪拜,唱歌的唱歌,吹號的吹號,這樣直到全燔祭獻完為止。 28And all the multitude adored, and the singers, and the trumpeters, were in their office till the holocaust was finished.
29獻完了祭,君王和所有同他在場的人,都屈膝跪拜。 29And when the oblation was ended, the king, and all that were with him bowed down and adored.
30此後,希則克雅王和眾首領,又吩咐肋未人用達味和先見者阿撒夫的詩詞,讚頌上主。他們便歡樂地讚頌了上主,隨即俯首朝拜。 30And Ezechias and the princes commanded the Levites to praise the Lord with the words of David, and Asaph the seer: and they praised him with great joy, and bowing the knee adored.
31希則克雅又吩咐說:「你們既然奉獻了自己與上主,請近前來,將感恩祭祭物,送入上主殿內。」會眾便將感恩祭祭物,以及甘心獻的全燔祭獻上。 31And Ezechias added, and said: You have filled your hands to the Lord, come and offer victims, and praises in the house of the Lord. And all the multitude offered victims, and praises, and holocausts with a devout mind.
32會眾所獻的全燔祭犧牲總數為:牛犢七十隻,公山羊一百隻,羔羊二百隻,全獻給上主作全燔祭。 32And the number of the holocausts which the multitude offered, was seventy bullocks, a hundred rams, and two hundred lambs.
33還有祝聖的牲畜:牛犢六百隻,羊三千隻。 33And they consecrated to the Lord six hundred oxen, and three thousand sheep.
34由於司祭太少,不能剝盡全燔祭犧牲的皮,所以他們的弟兄肋未人前來協助,直到工作作完,直到司祭自潔完畢,因為肋未人自潔的誠心勝過司祭。 34But the priests were few, and were not enough to flay the holocausts: wherefore the Levites their brethren helped them, till the work was ended, and priests were sanctified, for the Levites are sanctified with an easier rite than the priests.
35此外,還有許多全燔祭、和平祭、脂油,及與全燔祭同奠的酒,等待處理。這樣,上主殿內的禮儀就全恢復了。 35So there were many holocausts, and the fat of peace offerings, and the libations of holocausts: and the service of the house of the Lord was completed.
36希則克雅和全民眾都很快樂,因為天主為人民準備,使此事迅速完成。 36And Ezechias, and all the people rejoiced because the ministry of the Lord was accomplished. For the resolution of doing this thing was taken suddenly.




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