2 Chronicles:Chapter 22


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編年紀(下) 2 Chronicles
1耶路撒冷居民立了約蘭的小兒阿哈齊雅繼位為王,因為與阿剌伯人同來攻營的匪徒,將他的哥哥全都殺了,因此猶大王約蘭的兒子阿哈齊雅即位為王。 1And the inhabitants of Jerusalem made Ochozias his youngest son king in his place: for the rovers of the Arabians, who had broke in upon the camp, had killed all that were his elder brothers. So Ochozias the son of Joram king of Juda reigned.
2阿哈齊雅即位時年二十二歲,在耶路撒冷作王一年;他的母親名叫阿塔里雅,是敖默黎的孫女。 2Ochozias was forty-two years old when he began to reign, and he reigned one year in Jerusalem, and the name of his mother was Athalia the daughter of Amri.
3阿哈齊雅也走了阿哈布家的道路,因為他母親主使他作惡。 3He also walked in the ways of the house of Achab: for his mother pushed him on to do wickedly.
4他行了上主視為惡的事,同阿哈布家一樣,因為自他父親死後,阿哈布家人給他出主意,使他趨於滅亡。 4So he did evil in the sight of the Lord, as the house of Achab did: for they were his counsellors after the death of his father, to his destruction.
5他隨從了他們的計謀,同以色列王阿哈布的兒子耶曷蘭,往辣摩特基肋阿得與阿蘭王哈匝耳交戰;阿蘭人擊傷了耶曷蘭, 5And he walked after their counsels. And he went with Joram the son of Achab king of Israel, to fight against Hazael king of Syria, at Ramoth Galaad: and the Syrians wounded Joram.
6耶曷蘭遂回依次勒耳,治療他在辣摩特與阿蘭在哈匝耳交戰時所受的傷。猶大王約蘭的兒子阿哈齊雅因阿哈布的兒子耶曷蘭患病,就下到依次勒耳去探望他。 6And he returned to be healed in Jezrahel: for he received many wounds in the foresaid battle. And Ochozias the son of Joram king of Juda, went down to visit Joram the son of Achab in Jezrahel where he lay sick.
7阿哈齊雅去看望耶曷蘭反而遇害,這原是出於天主;因為他到了以後,便與耶曷蘭出擊尼默史的孫子耶胡,而耶胡即是上主用油所傅,為消滅阿哈布家的。 7For it was the will of God against Ochozias that he should come to Joram: and when he was come should go out also against Jehu the son of Namsi, whom the Lord had anointed to destroy the house of Achab.
8耶胡討伐阿哈布家時,遇到了猶大的一些首領和事奉阿哈齊雅的姪子們,便將他們殺了; 8So when Jehu was rooting out the house of Achab, he found the princes of Juda, and the sons of the brethren of Ochozias, who served him, and he slew them.
9然後去尋找阿哈齊雅;阿哈齊雅當時藏在撒瑪黎雅,人將他拿住,解到耶胡那裏,耶胡也將他殺了;以後人也埋葬了他,因為人說:「他究竟是那一心尋求上主的約沙法特的孫子。」這樣,阿哈齊雅家中沒有一個人能即位為王。 9And he sought for Ochozias himself, and took him lying hid in Samaria: and when he was brought to him, he killed him, and they buried him: because he was the son of Josaphat, who had sought the Lord with all his heart. And there was no more hope that any one should reign of the race of Ochozias.
10阿哈齊雅的母親阿塔里雅見自己的兒子死了,便起來殲滅了猶大家中所有的王族後裔。 10For Athalia his mother, seeing that her son was dead, rose up, and killed all the royal family of the house of Joram.
11約蘭王的女兒約舍巴,將阿哈齊雅的兒子約阿士由被殺的太子中偷了出來,將他和他的乳母藏在聖殿的寢室裏。約舍巴──約蘭王的女兒,約雅達大司祭的妻子,阿哈齊雅的姊妹──就這樣藏匿了約阿士,沒有被阿塔里雅殺害。 11But Josabeth the king's daughter took Joas the son of Ochozias, and stole him from among the king's sons that were slain. And she hid him with his nurse in a bedchamber: now Josabeth that hid him, was daughter of king Joram, wife of Joiada the high priest, and sister of Ochozias, and therefore Athalia did not kill him.
12約阿士與她們在天主殿內隱藏了六年,當時由阿塔里雅主持國政。 12And he was with them hid in the house of God six years, during which Athalia reigned over the land.




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