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編年紀(下) 2 Chronicles
1雅洛貝罕王十八年,阿彼雅登極作猶大王,1In the eighteenth year of king Jeroboam, Abia reigned over Juda.
2在耶路撒冷作王三年,他母親名叫瑪阿加,是基貝亞人烏黎耳的女兒。阿彼雅與雅洛貝罕之間不斷發生戰爭。2Three years he reigned in Jerusalem, and his mother's name was Michaia, the daughter of Uriel of Gabaa: and there was war between Abia and Jeroboam.
3當時阿彼雅統率四十萬英勇的精兵出戰,雅洛貝罕率領八十萬健壯的精兵列陣出迎。3And when Abia had begun battle, and had with him four hundred thousand most valiant and chosen men, Jeroboam put his army in array against him, eight hundred thousand men, who were also chosen and most valiant for war.
4阿彼雅立在厄弗辣因山地的責瑪辣因山崗上說:「雅洛貝罕和全以色列人,請聽我的話:4And Abia stood upon mount Semeron, which was in Ephraim, and said: Hear me, O Jeroboam, and all Israel:
5上主以色列的天主,曾立鹽約,將以色列王位永遠賜予達味和他的子孫,莫非你們不知道嗎?5Do you not know that the Lord God of Israel gave to David the kingdom over Israel for ever, to him and to his sons by a covenant of salt?
6無奈達味的兒子撒羅滿的一個僕人,乃巴特的兒子雅洛貝罕起來背叛了他的主人。6And Jeroboam the son of Nabat, the servant of Solomon the son of David, rose up: and rebelled against his lord.
7遂有一些無賴匪徒聚集起來,跟隨他攻擊撒羅滿的兒子勒哈貝罕;勒哈貝罕當年尚年輕脆弱,不能抵禦他們。7And there were gathered to him vain men, and children of Belial: and they prevailed against Roboam the son of Solomon: for Roboam was unexperienced, and of a fearful heart, and could not resist them.
8現在,你們企圖反抗達味子孫佔有的上主的國家,因為你們人數眾多,在你們中間且有雅洛貝罕製作的金牛作為你們的神。8And now you say that you are able to withstand the kingdom of the Lord, which he possesseth by the sons of David, and you have a great multitude of people, and golden calves, which Jeroboam hath made you for gods.
9你們不是驅逐了上主的司祭,亞郎的子孫和肋未人依照列邦民族的習慣,為自己另立了司祭嗎?任可一個人,只要牽一隻公牛犢和七隻公綿羊前去,自行祝聖,便可作那本不是神的司祭。9And you have cast out the priests of the Lord, the sons of Aaron, and the Levites: and you have made you priests, like all the nations of the earth: whosoever cometh and consecrateth his hand with a bullock of the herd, and with seven rams, is made a priest of those who are no gods.
10至於我們,上主是我們的天主,我們沒有離棄過他;事奉上主的司祭仍是亞郎的子孫,肋未人仍各盡己責,10But the Lord is our God, whom we forsake not, and the priests who minister to the Lord are the sons of Aaron, and the Levites are in their order.
11每日早晚向上主獻全燔祭,焚香,在清潔的桌子上陳設供餅,每晚點燃金燈台上的金燈。我們如此遵守了上主我們天主的職守,你們反而離棄了他。11And they offer holocausts to the Lord, every day, morning and evening, and incense made according to the ordinance of the law, and the leaves are set forth on a most clean table, and there is with us the golden candlestick, and the lamps thereof, to be lighted always in the evening: for we keep the precepts of the Lord our God, whom you have forsaken.
12但天主與我們在一起,作我們的前導;他的司祭手持警號,就要鳴號向你們進攻。以色列子民,你們不可與上主你們祖先的天主交戰!你們決不會勝利!」12Therefore God is the leader in our army, and his priests who sound with trumpets, and resound against you: O children of Israel, fight not against the Lord the God of your fathers, for it is not good for you.
13但是,雅洛貝罕卻使伏兵繞到猶大背後,這樣以色列人在猶大人前面,伏兵在他們背後。13While he spoke these things, Jeroboam caused an ambushment to come about behind him. And while he stood facing the enemies, he encompassed Juda. who perceived it not, with his army.
14猶大人一轉身,見自己前後受敵,便呼籲上主,司祭們吹起號角,14And when Juda looked back, they saw the battle coming upon them both before and behind, and they cried to the Lord: and the priests began to sound with the trumpets.
15猶大人就高聲吶喊。當猶大人吶喊時,天主在阿彼雅和猶大人前擊潰了雅洛貝罕和全以色列人。15And all the men of Juda shouted: and behold when they shouted, God terrified Jeroboam, and all Israel that stood against Abia and Juda.
16以色列人便由猶大前逃走,天主將他們交在猶大人手中。16And the children of Israel fled before Juda, and the Lord delivered them into their hand.
17阿彼雅和他的軍隊對以色列大加殺戮,以色列被殺,喪亡的精兵有五十萬。17And Abia and his people slew them with a great slaughter, and there fell wounded of Israel five hundred thousand valiant men.
18這一次以色列子民大敗,猶大子民獲得大勝,因為他們依靠了上主他們祖先的天主。18And the children of Israel were brought down, at that time, and the children of Juda were exceedingly strengthened, because they had trusted in the Lord the God of their fathers.
19阿彼雅追擊雅洛貝罕,奪取了他的幾座城:貝特耳及所屬村鎮,耶沙納及所屬村鎮,厄斐龍及所屬村鎮。19And Abia pursued after Jeroboam, and took cities from him, Bethel and her daughters, and Jesana with her daughters, Ephron also and her daughters.
20阿彼雅在時,雅洛貝罕再沒有強盛起來;此後,上主打擊了他,他便去了世。20And Jeroboam was not able to resist any more, in the days of Abia: and the Lord struck him, and he died.
21阿彼雅日漸強盛,娶了十四個妻妾,生了二十二個兒子,十六個女兒。21But Abia, being strengthened in his kingdom, took fourteen wives: and begot two and twenty sons, and sixteen daughters.
22阿彼雅其餘的事蹟和他的言行,都記載在先見者依多傳記上。22And the rest of the acts of Abia, and of his ways and works, are written diligently in the book of Addo the prophet.

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