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得撒洛尼前書 1 Thessalonians
1為此,我們不能再等待,就決意獨自留在雅典, 1For which cause, forbearing no longer, we thought it good to remain at Athens alone:
2而打發我們的弟兄和在基督的福音上,作天主僕人的弟茂德前去,為在信德上堅固鼓勵你們, 2And we sent Timothy, our brother, and the minister of God in the gospel of Christ, to confirm you and exhort you concerning your faith:
3不叫任何人在這些困苦中受到動搖;你們自己原也知道:我們是注定要受苦的, 3That no man should be moved in these tribulations: for yourselves know, that we are appointed thereunto.
4因為我們還在你們那裡的時候,已給你們預言了,我們將遭受磨難;你們看,現在就發生了。 4For even when we were with you, we foretold you that we should suffer tribulations, as also it is come to pass, and you know.
5為此,我既不能再等待,遂派他去探悉你們的信德,怕那誘惑者誘惑了你們,而使我們的勞苦等於白費了。 5For this cause also, I, forbearing no longer, sent to know your faith: lest perhaps he that tempteth should have tempted you, and our labour should be made vain.
6現今,弟茂德從你們那裡回到我們這裡,對你們的信德和愛德,給我們報告了好消息;並說你們時常想念我們,渴望見到我們,就像我們渴望見到你們一樣。 6But now when Timothy came to us from you, and related to us your faith and charity, and that you have a good remembrance of us always, desiring to see us as we also to see you;
7為此,弟兄們,我們在一切磨難困苦中,因了你們的信德,由你們獲得了安慰。 7Therefore we were comforted, brethren, in you, in all our necessity and tribulation, by your faith,
8因為若是你們在主內站立穩定,我們現在就能活下去。 8Because now we live, if you stand in the Lord.
9我們為了你們的原故,在我們的天主前甚為喜樂:對這一切喜樂,我們能怎樣感謝,好為你們稱謝天主呢? 9For what thanks can we return to God for you, in all the joy wherewith we rejoice for you before our God,
10我們惟有黑夜白日懇切祈求,為能見到你們的面,為能彌補你們信德的缺陷。 10Night and day more abundantly praying that we may see your face, and may accomplish those things that are wanting to your faith?
11但願天主我們的父和我們的主耶穌,舖平我們去你們那裡的道路。 11Now God himself and our Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ, direct our way unto you.
12願主使你們彼此間的愛情,和對眾人的愛情增長滿溢,就像我們對你們所有的愛情, 12And may the Lord multiply you, and make you abound in charity towards one another, and towards all men: as we do also towards you,
13好堅固你們的心,使你們在我們的主耶穌同他的眾聖者來臨時,於天主我們的父前,在聖德上無可指摘。 13To confirm your hearts without blame, in holiness, before God and our Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, with all his saints. Amen.

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