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撒慕爾紀上 1 Samuel
1上主的約櫃在培肋舍特地方七個月之久。1Now the ark of God was in the land of the Philistines seven months.
2培肋舍特人召集司祭和占卜者說:「我們對上主的約櫃該作什麼?請告訴我們,用什麼方法可將它送回原處?」2And the Philistines called for the priests and the diviners, saying: What shall we do with the ark of the Lord? tell us how we are to send it back to its place? And they said:
3他們回答說:「你們若將以色列天主的約櫃送回,不可空空的將它送回,必須奉上贖罪的禮品:這樣你們纔能痊癒,也會明瞭他的手為什麼沒有離開你們。」3If you send back the ark of the God of Israel, send it not away empty, but render unto him what you owe for sin, and then you shall be healed: and you shall know why his hand departeth not from you.
4他們問說:「我們應奉上什麼贖罪的禮品?」他們回答說:「按照培肋舍特酋長的數目,奉上五個金毒瘡像和五個金鼠像,因為你們所有的人和你們的酋長,都遭遇同樣的災禍。」4They answered: What is it we ought to render unto him for sin? and they answered:
5所以你們應製造你們患的毒瘡像,和損壞你們地方的老鼠的像,應歸光榮於以色列的天主:這樣或許他會對你們,對你們的神和你們的地方放鬆他的手。5According to the number of the provinces of the Philistines you shall make five golden emerods, and five golden mice: for the same plague hath been upon you all, and upon your lords. And you shall make the likeness of your emerods, and the likeness of the mice that have destroyed the land, and you shall give glory to the God of Israel: to see if he will take off his hand from you, and from your gods, and from your land.
6你們為什麼像埃及人和法郎一樣心硬呢?不是上主玩弄了他們以後,埃及人纔放走了他們嗎?6Why do you harden your hearts, as Egypt and Pharao hardened their hearts? did not he, after he was struck, then let them go, and they departed?
7現今,趕快製造一輛新車,牽出兩頭正在哺乳,還沒有負過軛的母牛來,套上這輛新車,把小牛牽回棚裡去;7Now therefore take and make a new cart: and two kine that have calved, on which there hath come no yoke, tie to the cart, and shut up their calves at home.
8然後把上主的約櫃裝在車上,把那奉上作為贖罪禮品的金器,都盛在一匣子內,放在約櫃旁邊,然後讓它去。8And you shall take the ark of the Lord, and lay it on the cart, and the vessels of gold, which you have paid him for sin, you shall put into a little box, at the side thereof: and send it away that it may go.
9但你們應留神:若是約櫃取道往自己的地方去,即往貝特舍默士去,那麼,這大災難,即是上主加給我們的;若不然,我們就知道,不是他的手打擊了我們,而我們所遭遇的是出於偶然。」9And you shall look: and if it go up by the way of his own coasts towards Bethsames, then he hath done us this great evil: but if not, we shall know that it is not his hand hath touched us, but it hath happened by chance.
10人們就這樣作了;牽出兩頭正在哺乳的母牛來,套上那輛新車,將牛犢關在棚裡,10They did therefore in this manner: and taking two kine, that had suckling calves, they yoked them to the cart, and shut up their calves at home.
11把上主的約櫃,以及裝有金老鼠和毒瘡像的匣子,都放在車上。11And they laid the ark of God upon the cart, and the little box that had in it the golden mice and the likeness of the emerods.
12那對母牛直直奔向貝特舍默士的路上走去,一邊走,一邊叫,不偏左也不偏右;培肋舍特的酋長跟在後面,一直到了貝特舍默士的邊境。12And the kine took the straight way that leadeth to Bethsames, and they went along the way, lowing as they went: and turned not aside neither to the right hand nor to the left: and the lords of the Philistines followed them as far as the borders of Bethsames.
13那時,貝特舍默士人正在谷中收割麥子,舉目一看,見是上主的約櫃,就前去歡迎。13Now the Bethsamites were reaping wheat in the valley: and lifting up their eyes they saw the ark, and rejoiced to see it.
14車來到貝特舍默士人約叔亞的莊田,就在那裡停住了。那裡有一塊大石頭,人就將車輛的木頭劈開,把母牛祭獻給上主作全燔祭。14And the cart came into the field of Josue a Bethsamite, and stood there. And there was a great stone, and they cut in pieces the wood of the cart, and laid the kine upon it a holocaust to the Lord.
15肋未人先把上主的約櫃和旁邊盛有金器的匣子搬下來,放在那塊大石上。貝特舍默士人當天給上主獻了全燔祭,宰殺了許多犧牲。15And the Levites took down the ark of God, and the little box that was at the side of it, wherein were the vessels of gold, and they put them upon the great stone. The men also of Bethsames offered holocausts and sacrificed victims that day to the Lord.
16培肋舍特的五位酋長見事已成,當天就回了厄刻龍。16And the five princes of the Philistines saw, and they returned to Accaron the same day.
17以下是培肋舍特人奉獻給上主作為贖罪禮品的金毒瘡像:阿市多得一個,迦薩一個,阿市刻隆一個,加特一個,厄刻龍一個。17And these are the golden emerods, which the Philistines returned for sin to the Lord: For Azotus one, for Gaza one, for Ascalon one, for Geth one, for Accaron one:
18金老鼠也是依照培肋舍特五酋長的城市數目,包括有垣墻的城市和所有的村落。那曾安放過上主約櫃的大石,直到今日還在貝特舍默士人約叔亞的田內,作為見證。18And the golden mice according to the number of the cities of the Philistines, of the five provinces, from the fenced city to the village that was without wall, and to the great Abel (the stone) whereon they set down the ark of the Lord, which was till that day in the field of Josue the Bethsamite.
19當貝特舍默士人看見上主的約櫃時,耶苛尼雅的子孫沒有與他們一起表示歡樂,所以上主擊殺了他們中七十人。百姓就難受,因為上主這樣嚴厲打擊了百姓。19But he slew of the men of Bethsames, because they had seen the ark of the Lord: and he slew of the people seventy men, and fifty thousand of the common people. And the people lamented, because the Lord had smitten the people with a great slaughter.
20於是貝特舍默士人說:「在這神聖的天主上主面前,誰還能站得住?從我們這裡把它送到誰那裡去呢?」20And the men of Bethsames said: Who shall be able to stand before the Lord this holy God? and to whom shall he go up from us?
21他們遂派使者到克黎雅特耶阿陵的居民那裡,對他們說:「培肋舍特人送回了上主的約櫃,你們下來,將它抬上去,放在你們那裡。」21And they sent messengers to the inhabitants of Cariathiarim, saying: The Philistines have brought back the ark of the Lord, come ye down and fetch it up to you.
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